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Frequently Asked Questions - ePHOTOzine features

What does an ePHOTOzine Moderator do?

ePHOTOzine moderators help in almost all aspects of the ePHOTOzine community. They are volunteers and their main objective is to keep everyone happy and make the site run smoothly, so we ask that you respect them.

All moderators get emails informing them when someone has submitted a Problem/Suggestion report form (link at the bottom of every page) to ePHOTOzine.

They have access to various extra administration functions, which allow them to carry out the tasks outlined below.


Edit the topic: To correct spelling, remove capitals and making topic suitably descriptive.

Lock topic: When discussions might be getting out of hand or the topic has already been discussed.

Move topic: When a forum message has been entered into the wrong category.

Delete topic and all messages: When a topic definitely doesn't belong on the site, e.g. Spam, profanity, duplicate posting etc.

Edit message: To correct spelling, remove capitals, removing swearing and, usually only on the instruction of members, remove or change detail taking out email address, making links work etc.

Delete individual messages: When it's treading dangerous ground ie Abusive etc and the whole topic doesn't need to go or when a duplicate post has been made by accident.

Prevent abuse: By adding messages to diffuse a potential flare-up.


Edit title and description of photo: To correct spelling, remove capitals.

Change category: For example moving a photo of a duck from Landscape to Nature.

Turn Adult classification on or off: Making sure adult photos are marked and accidentally marked ones are unmarked.

Edit comment: To correct spelling, remove capitals, removing swearing and, only on the instruction of members, remove or change detail taking out email address, making links work etc.

Make a comment inactive: When it's treading on dangerous ground ie Abusive etc, or when a duplicate post has been made by accident.

Make a photo inactive: If it's a duplicate, contains offensive, illegal or copyrighted material.

Prevent abuse: By adding comments to diffuse a potential flare-up.
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Beware of classified Ad scammers

There are a number of crooks out to rip you off. These are popular across the internet and have been targeting our classified ads sellers.

If you get a response to your advert and follow it up to get a reply that asks you to accept a cheque for a higher value than the item it's fraud. Do not respond, forward the email to the police.

Another clue is when the email request for details has the item you're selling place in brackets. Or when they ask for the price and it's stated in the ad. Avoid these too.

We have an article here that goes into more depth about classified advert scamming
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What is a Moderator?

A moderator is a member who we have allowed extra administration functions to help us resolve problems and perform routine tasks on the site. They are part of the team and have (Site Moderator) at the side of their username.

They are volunteers, giving large amounts of their own personal time to help keep the site running smoothly. We ask you to respect their actions and if you should ever have any complaints about a moderator you should send a report here.
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How do I become an ePHOTOzine Moderator?

In short, you are invited. We have enough moderators at the moment, but if we need or want more, we'll put an announcement in the ePHOTOzine Discussion forum and contact those who we feel are suitable.

Moderators do not have to be e2 members or long-standing members.

Please, don't email or post a thread offering to become a moderator until you see an announcement in the forums.
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Do you accept editorial submissions?

Yes, but we do not have a freelance budget to pay for these. People usually contribute articles and tests for one of three reasons:

If you feel you get plenty out of the site and want to contribute back.

If you are a professional and want to help promote your business.

If you are wanting to progress a career in writing and use us as a "first published" option to strengthen your CV.

If you fit into the above, or have another reason please feel free to email your suggestions and we will consider them for ePHOTOzine.

Features should be between 1000-1500 words using Verdana or Arial font at a size of 12 point.
Please supply as Microsoft Word or RTF.
Please caption pictures using a separate paragraph in the area within the article that they will appear. Head the caption with the exact file name of the picture so that I know which picture it refers to.

We do not pay for photographic submissions either. You can post pictures to our gallery or, if you are a professional, add a small portfolio of six photos with an article or interview about yourself in our professional portfolio section.
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Why can only UK members enter a competition sometimes?

As we are UK based, we work closely with UK companies to donate prizes for the competitions. UK companies often have internal restrictions on who they can supply to. If they specify that only UK members can win prizes we therefore have to abide by their decision as sponsor. One way around this is for the overseas winner to provide a UK address where the prize can be delivered. The overseas member could then arrange shipping from the UK address to the winner's overseas address. If you don't have a contact in the UK to accept the prize you could communicate with one of our UK members who you have become friends with to do so on your behalf.
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How do I Report Problems, Errors and Abuse or make a Suggestion?

If you need to report a problem, error or abuse or make a suggestion you can do so by either using the Report Problem/Suggestion option from ePHOTOzine section the top menu drop-down or use the Report Problem/Suggestion link at the bottom of every page.

This alerts the staff and moderators to the problem and they will take action as soon as possible.
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The site is running slow, what can I do?

If the site is running slow for you then if you could follow these instructions first before submitting a report then that would help.

1. Clear your browser cache - often this simple step can help your browser and the speed of your browsing. Click here to see some instructions on how to do that

2. Upgrade your browser. Look around see if there is a newer version. Often going to the about tab in your browser prompts it to check for a new version.

3. Upgrade your version of flash , this might also be a problem.

4. Disable any plugins that you might have - they might be causing a problem and then if the problem is resolved turn them on one by one to find the one causing the problem.

5. Try a different browser. It might be that your browser has some problems so another browser might help fix the problem. 2 good and easy to install browsers are firefox and google chrome. Both are free and might help.

6. Is anyone else using the Internet - if you are sharing the Internet with someone else e.g someone in the house using the Wi-Fi connection - this might be causing slow speeds.

7. Run any antivirus you have and make sure it's uptodate. It might be there isn't a problem but best to rule it out.

8. Once you have done these the problem is probably outside of your machine but you could still try and restart your router - often there is just a button on the side which will do this.

9. So the next step is to see the path between your computer and the site. To do this your need to run a program called tracert which shows to steps your computer takes to get to the server. Here is how to run it
Save those results for later as well as you might need them.
This shows the path your computer takes to get our machine (the command you need to run is tracert if it looks slow with large numbers like above 100 for each jump or perhaps some connection timed out warnings.
This show there is a problem with the connection. If this is the case then you can wait and the problem should be sorted, check your ISP's site sometimes there is a status and someone might be looking into the fault. Finally leave a report with them and give them the tracert as that might help.

10. So all steps have failed - now give us a report. If you could tell us the steps that you have already taken as well as the tracert report then that will help us find the problem. Information like the pages it occurs on is also very helpful.

Thanks in advance for your patience and help.
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Why do ad blockers prevent features on ePHOTOzine from working correctly?

Ad blockers scan through a page and block/hide images, links and other elements they believe are ads. Sometimes they block code which isn't related to an ad. This is when ad blockers can stop important features from working correctly. Furthermore, ad blockers can delay webpages from loading while they scan the page's code. Because of this, users using ad blockers may experience slower page loads.

If a feature is not working correctly, and you are using an ad blocker, we recommend that you disable your ad blocker on ePHOTOzine to see if the feature starts working.
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