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Gallery Section FAQs

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Questions list

You will find here the entries concerning Gallery Section, ordered by helpfulness.
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(1) The critique should provide the poster of the photo, or anyone reading the critique, with significant ideas on how to improve their photography. Minor suggestions do not necessarily make it appropriate to us the Mark as Constructive Critique link.
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How can I get my exif data to appear automatically?

You can either upload the photo directly without choosing the save for web option. So just 'save as' and choose JPEG or if you have Photoshop CS3 or above then there are options to 'save for web' and keep the exif data. To do this choose 'All' from the Metadata drop down

You are not required to resize your photos to upload them to the ePHOTOzine gallery. In fact, we strongly recommend that you upload the full size version of your photo as our system will automatically resize your photo for you as long as your photo meets the following criteria:
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Under every photo there is a "Vote" button apart from photos with the critique option. The reason for this is that the users who upload these photos are looking for comments stating what is good about the photo and what they can improve upon.
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Back in the old days ePHOTOzine used to have no limit for the number of images a user could upload. This meant that some users were uploading three or four images a day. In the "gallery" the images are organised 16 to a page.
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1 Upload your edited photo as normal.
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A unique view is different to the normal view figure.
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With 2000+ images added to ePHOTOzine every week, the images that you upload
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From your Portfolio page (or via the gallery), click on your photo you would like to delete and open it.
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You can only upload a modification on another photo where this has been allowed.
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If you see a photography you like and want to keep up to date with what they upload, you can make them a favourite. Just click on Add to Favourites from their portfolio page.
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What is an RC and how do I get one?

An RC is short for Reader's Choice and is awarded automatically to any Photo that reaches 30 votes.

Some images uploaded may not be suitable for viewing by the younger members of this site, or some members may not wish to view such images.
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Challenge – Guide to ratings
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Why can't I upload more than one photo?

We only allow 1 photo per day to the Main Gallery so everyone gets a good chance of comments on their pics. e2 members are able to upload 500mbs of photos to their portfolio per month using the multi-uploader. While free members are allowed 50mb.

The first thing to check is that a filter is not applied thus stopping you from viewing the picture that you have uploaded into another category. In order to overcome this uncheck all the filters and press the the 'Apply Filter Button'. Hopefully this should show your picture however if it does not read on.
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What is "Add to Shortlist" option for?

This option is for adding the photo to your user award shortlist. The shortlist allows you to keep a small list of photos that you might give your award to.

Yes you can. It isn't a requirement to participate and if you wish to opt out this can be done from your portfolio settings page.
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1. The photo must be taken, processed and uploaded before 9:00pm (one hour).
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It's difficult to be specific. The site is generally at its busiest between the hours of 4:00pm and 8:00pm UK time, and usually busy from 8:00am to 12:00pm. This does vary from day to day.
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We introduced this with the intention of solving an annoying problem for many members - where other members have been deleting and re-uploading several times a day. This practice is really a back door route around our 'one upload a day' limit which is in place for the good of everyone and our server.
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Why is my Reader Choice not showing?

Photos that are selected as Readers' Choice Awards are added to the Readers Choice page in the order that they were uploaded, not when they receive the award.

So if your photo has been on ePHOTOzine for a few weeks or more it may be several pages back on the awards section.

How to use the Gallery filter?

You can browse your favourite subjects and exclude ones you do not want to view. Tick the boxes to select categories you want to view. The duration column, on the right, will show all the photos in your selected categories for the time frame you select. "Set All to Yes" selects all categories. "Set All to No" deselects all categories. When you have made your choice click the "Apply Filter" button

I upload a photo but it doesn't appear to have a large size?

We don't upsize images as this will result in very poor quality. If your photo doesn't have a large size, this will be because you uploaded a photo which is no bigger than 600x600 pixels. We recommend uploading the full resolution version of your photo.

Our idea is to rate a comment/critique, like the mark as helpful option in the forums.
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With the photo open hover over the 'Photo Options' and select Hide Photo from the drop down list. Click yes to confirm you want to hide the photo. A green box pops up at the top of your page to say your photo is hidden and a link to where it's been hidden. All hidden images are saved in one place 'My Hidden Photos'
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Why have X number of people said they like my photo, but I can only see Y comments. Is there an error?

It's not an error. Many visitors don't have time or feel compelled to leave a comment, but they can still click to say they like a photo without commenting.

The number next to the blue heart only represents how many people have clicked to say they like your photo. It bears no relation to the number of comments made.

Can I advertise my product or service in the Gallery?

We don't like people advertising their interests on our gallery without contacting us first. Such material will be removed.

Why has the number of comments I've made changed?

From time to time, we purge our database of data relating to photos that have been deleted.

When this happens, all associated comments are deleted, as there's no point storing comments for a photo that doesn't exist.

When this happens, the number of comments you've made will decrease. This is nothing to worry about.

Why does my photo have more clicks than comments?

Not everyone has time/wants to comment. A click is a sign of appreciation, a comment takes longer to add and, because of this, the click number may be higher.

The one hour challenge is a fun competition to get your creative juices flowing and has been running since March 2004 following an idea introduced by Warb and Syneasthesia.
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It's only a fun competition, but we have a few rules to make it fair.
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How do I upload?

You can upload a photo by going to this page here
When you upload you need to fill in a photo title, the image field and at least one category - camera exif data is extracted automatically.

The image will be automatically resized for you

Or you can resize before uploading - to do this click here to read our article on image resizing

Some photos have a large option why is that?

These photos have been uploaded by e2 members at 1000x1000 pixels in size.

What is the Before and After gallery?

This is part of the Version Gallery - an e2 member feature that can be used as a learning tool and also a showcase for your digital skills. The Before and After Gallery allows e2 members to upload their edited "after" photo as normal, but also allows the original "before" and intermediate pictures to be uploaded under the same photo. Members can then hover over each version to compare results.

ePHOTOzine has an e2-only option which allows the e2 member to hide the voters names from other members.
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Why do my uploaded images look dull and flat compared to other images?

This can happen if you use Adobe RGB (1998) colour space.

Make sure that you convert your image to sRGB before you upload for best results.