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Frequently Asked Questions - Gallery Section

When is appropriate to use the 'Mark as Constructive Critique' link on a comment?

(1) The critique should provide the poster of the photo, or anyone reading the critique, with significant ideas on how to improve their photography. Minor suggestions do not necessarily make it appropriate to us the Mark as Constructive Critique link.

(2) This does not mean the critique has to be lengthy. A few words accompanied by a modification can be equally helpful, but only if the modifier has explained the "why" and "how"..

(3) It should stand out from other critiques, e.g. merely complimentary ones and ones containing only minor suggestions

(4) It should explore composition, lighting, style and execution - as appropriate. Subject matter comes after these aspects.

(5) Critique does not necessarily mean critical. You can draw attention to good aspects of the photo in such a way as to help anyone reading to improve their own work. This will always mean going well beyond merely pointing out these aspects and admiring them. (This will often be a much more difficult task than suggesting how to improve the photo.)
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How can I get my exif data to appear automatically?

There are a couple of ways to make sure you save all the metadata with your image.

When saving from your computer, make sure you use 'Save as'. When saving from Photoshop, go to file > Save for web and devices. On the right under the image information you will see a dropdown for Metadata. Click on the dropdown and you can choose to keep all data or just copyright and contact information.
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How do I prepare my photo for uploading to ePHOTOzine?

You are not required to resize your photos to upload them to the ePHOTOzine gallery. In fact, we strongly recommend that you upload the full size version of your photo as our system will automatically resize your photo for you as long as your photo meets the following criteria:

1. The file must be a JPEG file (.jpg or .jpeg)
2. The photo must be in RGB format (not CMYK)

Note that if you use Adobe RGB (1998) colour space rather than sRGB it will result in a loss in density and contrast.
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What does vote mean?

Under every photo there is a green "Vote" button apart from photos with the critique option. The reason for this is that the users who upload these photos are looking for comments stating what is good about the photo and what they can improve upon.

Clicking the vote button will add one to the photo's votes. If you want to you can add a comment as well by filling the 'Add a comment' box at the bottom.

This is not a mandatory requirement, and you can just view and move on if you want to!

Please do not vote on a photo just because the person voted on yours. This is seen as fishing for clicks and is not good site etiquette.

You shouldn't vote on a photo just because you like the person. Votes should indicate high quality and not friendship!
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What is the upload limit and why is there one?

ePHOTOzine used to have no limit for the number of images a user could upload. This meant that some users were uploading three or four images a day.

With no upload limit, members' images were disappearing to the fourth or fifth page within minutes of uploading and they stood no chance of being seen and commented upon.

Thus, the upload limit was introduced. Currently the limit is one image per user per day. This ensures that every member that uploads an image gets a fair crack at getting their images seen and commented upon in the gallery.
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How do I use the Version gallery?

1 Upload your edited photo as normal.

2 Go to the gallery and view your uploaded photo.

3 Underneath the photo click the 'Options' button which will bring up the menu for that photo.

4 Click on Manage/upload versions and follow the instructions.
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What is a Unique View?

A unique view is different to the normal view figure.
The view figure shows how many times your photo has been viewed, but this could be made up of several views by the same person on the same day which may not be a true indicator of how many people view your photo.

A unique view is registered only once per viewer in a 24 hour period, so if the same person views your photo 10 or even 100 times during 24 hours it is only counted as one unique view.
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Why am I getting so few Votes/Comments?

With 2000+ images added to ePHOTOzine every week, the images that you upload
will drop down the gallery page very quickly. This means that other members that only have a few minutes to browse the gallery may only view images on the first page. Consequently, your image (although it may be VERY good) may get missed by the majority of viewers.

Something that you can do to help yourself (and other members) is to spend a little time (regularly, not just when you upload an image!) leaving constructive and helpful comments on other members' images in the gallery. Many members that receive a comment will go and have a quick look at your profile and comment on one or two of your images.
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How do I delete a photo from my portfolio/gallery?

From your Portfolio page (or via the gallery), click on your photo you would like to delete and open it.

Below the image there should be a cog with the word 'Options' next to it. Click on this and the Photo Options menu will appear. The second one down is the 'delete photo' option.

When you delete a photo you will also lose any comments and any votes or awards that it had.
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How do I upload a Modification?

You can only upload a modification on another photo where this has been allowed.

Allowing modifications is a Plus member option, but non Plus members may also upload modifications.

Modifiable photos can be found by hovering over 'Photos' in the main menu, clicking 'The Galleries' and then using the drop down next to the upload button to select 'Modifiable'. This will display all images in the gallery that allow modifications.

When you have found a photo that you wish to upload a modification for, open the photo (large version if available), right click on the photo and save it.

Complete your modification and resize it as follows:
- JPEG format (.jpg at the end)
- RGB format (not CMYK)
- Resized to under 100Kb* in file size (400Kb* for e2 members)
- No larger than 600x600 pixels in size

When you have completed the modification click 'Modifications' underneath the photo you wish to modify and then click 'Upload Modification' and follow the instructions.
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How do I use the Following: Photos feature?

If you see a photograph you like and want to keep up to date with what that member uploads, you can 'follow' them. Just click the 'Follow' button next to their username below any of their images.

Each photographer you make into a favourite appears on your 'Connections Photos' page (accessed from your profile). They're listed in a grid with the thumbnail of the latest picture they've uploaded.

Underneath the photo is the date and time it was uploaded and the user name of the photographer. Below that is a tick box and, if set, a message icon

Click on the photo and you are taken straight to that photographer's image.
Click on the name and you go to their portfolio.

There's a drop down list at the top of the page
Here you select one of the following actions:
- Remove Selected
- Set Notifications for Selected
- Remove Notifications for Selected
- Set All Notifications
- Remove All Notifications

If you tick a box under a photographer (or several boxes under several photographers) and then choose one of the options with "Selected" in the title it will do whatever that option says just to those photographers that are ticked.

The "All" options make the setting to every photographer on your list.

So, for example, if you want to receive notifications when three photographers upload you would tick each of those and select "Set Notifications for Selected" And click on "Go" You will then see the envelope icon appear next to the tick box of those three photographers.

If you then decide that you want to stop receiving notifications from one of those three you would click on the tick box and select "Remove Notifications for Selected". You would then have just two photographers whose notifications are received.

Receiving email notifications is a great way to keep track of your favourites.
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What is an RC and how do I get one?

An RC is short for Reader's Choice and is awarded automatically to any Photo that reaches 30 votes.
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What is an Adult tag and when do I need to use it?

Some images uploaded may not be suitable for viewing by the younger members of this site, or some members may not wish to view such images.

Also not all images are "Work Friendly" meaning that some people view the site from work and there could be a strict policy in force on the type of images people are allowed to view.

To enable the safe and enjoyable viewing of the Gallery by all members it is necessary that some images have the Adult tag added to them at the time of upload to prevent them being seen by everyone. The adult tag can be activated at the time of upload. The drop down can be found in the 'Photo

Here is a guide of when you need to use the Adult tag:

Image contains female or male genitalia.

Image contains breasts with nipples showing.

Image contains scenes of violence.

Image contains scenes of a shocking nature.

If you are unsure if your image needs the Adult tag the best thing to do is to add it.
You can submit a report asking us to check if it was necessary.
If it was not needed it will be removed.

Images uploaded without the Adult tag when it is needed will have the tag added.

Do not rely on your images being tagged for you as it is possible that they will be deleted if not tagged.

If you consistently upload images without tagging them when required you risk being issued with a warning.

Important: We do not accept pornographic images and reserve the right to delete such material. Adult tagged images are subject to regular reviews and if you find your image deleted it will have been deemed inappropriate for this site.
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What are the guidelines for comments in the ePHOTOzine Readers Choice Gallery?


  • Be polite and respectful in your comments. Insulting comments will be deleted.

  • Remember: you are trying to help and encourage your fellow ePhotozine members.

  • Avoid misunderstanding: nuances of speech and facial expressions cannot come over in writing.

  • Do not use the copy & paste technique to flood the gallery with meaningless comments.

  • The original poster may contact you to seek clarification on your comments. Feel free to add any further comments or suggestions on the poster's photo.

Before you comment

Study the image and form an opinion of what does or does not appeal to you, both technically and aesthetically.

Identify technical qualities that appeal or do not appeal:

  • focus

  • camera shake

  • contrast

  • colour (including colour casts)

  • lighting

  • exposure

  • digital �noise�, artefacts etc.

  • depth of field

  • background

  • composition

  • choice of lens

Do the same with the aesthetic qualities: assess any emotional response you get from the picture. Say what is your response and try to explain why the image evokes that response:

  • Is the eye led in or around the pic?

  • Is there a discernible subject?

  • Good balance between subject and background?

  • Any parts of the subject lost unintentionally?

  • Could crop be better?

  • If there's a horizon is it level?


  • Begin your comments with what you like about the photo.

  • Then go on to what you think needs improvement - offering suggestions as to how the photo can be improved. Give reasons as necessary.

  • Do not argue the validity of another member's comments on the photo or get into a debate on the critique.

  • There is nothing wrong with saying "Nice pic" but say exactly why you think it is nice - be specific on the technical and aesthetic qualities which appeal.

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What is the 'Shortlist' button for?

This option is for adding the photo to your user award shortlist. The shortlist allows you to keep a small list of photos that you might give your award to.
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Why can't I upload more than one photo?

We only allow 1 photo upload per day to the Main Gallery so everyone gets a good chance of comments on their pictures.
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How does the Constructive Critique on comments feature work?

Our idea is to rate a comment/critique, like the mark as helpful option in the forums.
To avoid any form of bias/friendly ratings we have made it so that the helpful comments have to be approved before they go live.
It may sound complicated, but it's really easy. Here's how it works:

  • A photo is uploaded.

  • A number of comments are made.

  • One or more comments stand out as being particularly constructive critique/helpful.

  • The owner of the photo, or a member browsing (including Moderator or Critique Team) can mark them as constructive.

  • This then goes into a holding area for approval.

  • The Critique Team and Moderator Team have access to the comments waiting for approval and can then either approve or reject.

  • If rejected the comment cannot be submitted again.

  • Once approved posts get a green panel like they do in the forum.

  • Owner of useful critique/comment gets a point.

Points add up and can be viewed on a member's portfolio with a small icon next to the how long you've been a member star.

A blue icon appears by anyone's name where 1- 24 critiques have been marked helpful. This changes to yellow for 25 to 49 helpful critiques, silver for 50-99 and gold for 100+.

This will hopefully encourage plenty of worthwhile comments and also make it easier for those wanting to learn as they will be able to look at a photo and instantly see helpful comments.

To ensure we don't end up with thousands of comments to review, if anyone abuses the system by marking everything as helpful they will lose the option to submit comments as helpful in the future, so only use it on comments/critique that really are helpful.

See also the FAQ When is appropriate to use the 'Mark as Constructive Critique' link on a comment?
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I would like critique on my images. How can I request this?

Critique can be a great way for those new to photography to gain helpful feedback on images from members on site that wish to provide constructive criticism to help other members improve their images.

If you would like to enable critique on an image, this can be done at the point of upload.

When you click the 'Upload a photo' button, scroll down to 'Photo Options' and tick the 'Critique Requested' button. This will let members know that you'd like some feedback on a photo.
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What is the best time of day to upload a photo?

It's difficult to be specific. The site is generally at its busiest between the hours of 4:00pm and 8:00pm UK time, and usually busy from 8:00am to 12:00pm. This does vary from day to day.

The busiest days are Monday and Wednesday with Tuesday and Thursday close behind. Friday drops a little, as does Sunday. Saturday is the quietest day.

If you post at a busy time your photo will soon disappear off the first page of the gallery. If you post when it's quiet not many people will be around to click or comment. There's no ideal time to maximise the potential of your image being viewed and commented on.

If you give good feedback on other members' work that will often help you get feedback in return.
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Why is there a two photo uploaded and deletion limit?

We introduced this with the intention of solving an annoying problem for many members - where other members have been deleting and re-uploading several times a day. This practice is really a backdoor route around our 'one upload a day' limit which is in place for the good of everyone and our server.

All members can upload one photo each day. If there is a problem with the photo, you can delete it and re-upload it again but you can only do this twice.

If you just need to alter the description or title, send a Problem/Suggestion report form and one of the team will make the changes for you.

After you have deleted that one photo, you can only upload and delete one more photo that day. However, you will be able to delete, individually, all previous photos ever uploaded.
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Why is my photo that received a Reader's Choice award not showing?

Photos that are selected for Reader's Choice Awards are added to the Readers Choice page in the order that they were uploaded, not when they receive the award.

So if your photo has been on ePHOTOzine for a few weeks or more it may be several pages back in the gallery.
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How do I use the Gallery filter?

When in the Photo Gallery, you can filter down the photos you see by typing keywords into the 'Filter' box.

Click on the 'Filter' button to display the filter options. The drop-down on the left-hand side allows you to choose a specific gallery to filter.

Type your required tags into the field and then click 'Apply' to see matching images.
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I uploaded a photo but it looks really small on site. Why is this?

We don't upsize images as this will result in very poor quality. If your photo appears small, this will be because you uploaded a photo which is no bigger than 600x600 pixels. We recommend uploading the full resolution version of your photo.
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Can I advertise my product or service in the Gallery?

Please don't post advertisement images about products or services in the gallery. Any images we deem to be such will be removed.

If you are interested in advertising your product or service please contact us.
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Why has the number of comments I've made changed?

From time to time, we purge our database of data relating to photos that have been deleted.

When this happens, all associated comments are deleted, as there's no point storing comments for a photo that doesn't exist.

When this happens, the number of comments you've made will decrease. This is nothing to worry about.
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Why does my photo have more clicks than comments?

Not everyone has time/wants to comment. A click is a sign of appreciation, a comment takes longer to add and, because of this, the click number may be higher.
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How do I upload an image?

To upload an image, click on the cloud symbol with an arrow in it on the menu bar, next to your profile name.

You need to be logged in and have an account with us to upload an image.
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Why can / can't I see the voters on some pictures and not others?

ePHOTOzine has an Plus-only option which allows the Plus member to hide the voters names on their photos from other members.

It is a bit of a complex option, however this is how it works:

- Non Plus members cannot see voters/views on any photo.
- Plus members can see voters/views on any photo
- Plus members can enable the option to hide their voters/views from all members (including other Plus members)

This option can be configured by going to Profile > My Settings > Manage what other visitors can see and what actions they can take.
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Why do my uploaded images look dull and flat compared to other images?

This can happen if you use Adobe RGB (1998) colour space.

Make sure that you convert your image to sRGB before you upload for best results.
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