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Frequently Asked Questions - Terms & Conditions

Why do you ban certain images?

We ban/delete very few images on ePHOTOzine and when we do we exercise the right as publishers to censor images we feel either cross the line of decency or infringe copyright.

Crossing the line of decency
This usually refers to photos showing abuse or extreme nudity. While we may not find the photos personally distasteful our view represent what we feel is a majority opinion. Basically, if the photograph would be seen in a newsstand non-top-shelf magazine it is likely to be safe on ePHOTOzine. If it's in a top-shelf pornographic magazine it may not be welcome on ePHOTOzine and may be deleted.
Photos showing animals being purposely harmed or child abuse/child nudity may also be deleted.
There is a broad line where the photo becomes indecent so when the images are on this line there could be a small amount of inconsistency with our decision as we have a number of moderators and team making that snap decision.

Images that infringe copyright

We will delete any photographs that we know breaks copyright (including photographs that include money) Or any image that is reported as breaking copyright. This includes images that have been created from several photographs of which some parts are not owned by the image poster/creator. If you have taken someone else's image to use in your montage please say so in the caption when uploading.
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