Frequently Asked Questions - User Accounts / Portfolios

How do I close my Account?

We're sorry that you're thinking of leaving us!

You can close your account by going to 'My Settings' and clicking on 'Account Information'. At the bottom right, next to the 'Save changes' button you will see the 'Close account' link.

Closing your account will leave you unable to log in to it, and it will no longer be visible to others on site. The data will still be preserved, just in case you change your mind at a later date.

However if you would like to destroy your account and have everything removed from the site irreversibly, please submit a report and our team will be able to assist. Please think carefully before you request this! It will not be possible to recover your old profile at any point in the future once this action has been taken.
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How can I add or change my user portfolio photo?

Go to "My Settings" by clicking on the link on the right in your portfolio.

Click on 'Profile Information' and scroll down, where you will find the options to add or change your profile header, profile picture and avatar (images used next to comments and as your logged in icon).
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How do I change my Password?

Simply go to this page and fill out the form to change your password. This form can be found in My Settings under 'Change Password'
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What is an Album?

An Album is a feature of your portfolio that enables you to group together a collection of your images.
It is similar to (but not the same as) the Showcase feature available to e2 members.
So you could perhaps put together a collection of your favourite macro shots, or perhaps landscapes or anything you like.
Each member has one Album available (15 for e2 members) that you can use however you like.
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How do I create an Album?

From your Profile click on 'Photos'.
You will be taken to the Albums page where there is a box that says 'Add user album' below existing albums.

Click the button and you will be taken to the album creation screen. Fill in the title and description fields - you can also decide if the album is public or private.

Just a couple of things to be aware of.
Albums can be Public or Private. If you set an album to Private then nobody will be able to see the images it contains even though they are in the Gallery and your Portfolio, they will be marked as private and not displayed anywhere on the site.

If you remove images from a Private Album it is possible that they will remain hidden in the Gallery and your Portfolio! Make the album Public first before removing images.
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How do I disable Portfolio comments?

From the profile drop down, go to 'My Settings' and click on the 'Manage what other visitors can see and actions they can take' tab.

The third option down allows you to turn off profile comments by clicking 'not shown'.
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What is an avatar?

The avatar is a small image that is used throughout the site, and more so in the forums, to identify you. You can change it in your settings on your portfolio. Sometimes however, when you upload a new one, it might take a while to update and appear due to browser caching.

In order to change your avatar, go to 'My Settings' > 'Profile Information' and scroll down to 'Add or change your avatar'.
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How do I change my portfolio page to display my Showcase rather than my latest uploads?

We have created a completely new range of customisation in your profile. Click on the My Settings tab while you're in your profile and then the Website options. From there scroll down to the Plus member options and set 'Show Showcase' to Yes to display the Showcase or to No to display your latest photos. Alternatively you can click here
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What is a PM and how do I use them?

PM stands for Private Message. They can be used to send and receive messages between yourself and other members on ePz.

To send a PM navigate to the portfolio of the person you wish to send a message to.

Once on their portfolio page click on the "Send Message" link under their username/description text.

When you have a new PM an envelope symbol will appear at the top right of the menu bar when you're logged in. To see old messages, hover over 'Profile' and drop down to 'My messages'.
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How do I add a photo to the top of my Portfolio page?

This is a Plus member feature.

You can add a header photo to your portfolio page by going to my settings > Profile information and scrolling down to 'Add or change your profile header picture.

All images must be:

  • JPEG format (.jpg at the end)

  • RGB format (not CMYK)

  • No larger than 770x150 pixels in size

  • No adult or explicit material

  • No advertising material

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How do I change the email address for my account?

To change your email address follow the following steps:

1. Log into your account
2. Go to My Settings
3. Click on 'Account Information' and you'll see the email address field.
4. Change the address as necessary and make sure to click 'Save Changes'.
5. We will send you a confirmation email to your new email address. Log into your email account and click the link in the email. It may take 5-10 minutes before you receive the email.
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