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  • Minolta Dimage Scan Dual film scanner and compatible SCSI card

    Hi Roger Bad luck about the overload! Do you only want to use the SCSI card with your scanner, or have you plans in the future to add any other devices to the SCSI card?...
    Last Post: 19 Oct 2001 9:32AM
    by Will
  • Minolta D lens & Dynax 5

    The Dynax 5 should be used with D encoded lenses to ensure full functionality of features, this does primarily mean the ADI flash metering. It is not as critical as the D...
    Last Post: 17 Oct 2001 10:13AM
    by Pete
  • Olympus mju II (Stylus Epic in US) 38 - 170

    It sounds as though your camera is exhbiting pincushion distortion. While this is quite common in compact zoom lenses, it should not be at the level where it ruins photos...
    In Taking photos by Kalpakis | Last Post | Unread
    Last Post: 15 Oct 2001 9:44AM
    by Will
  • Zeiss Ikon Icarex

    Hello, I have two questions that maybe someone out there can help with. 1. Does anyone know if the 25mm f4 Carl Zeiss Distagon was ever produced in Icarex bayonet mount? ...
    Last Post: 12 Oct 2001 10:52AM
    by Andy Radcliffe
  • Printers and there colour printing arghhhhhhh

    Hiya, there are several solutions available for your problem. Firstly, if you are opening the photos in an image editing program before printing them, you could go int...
    In Digital cameras by Lucinda | Last Post | Unread
    Last Post: 9 Oct 2001 1:07PM
    by Will
  • F90X

    Ive known this to happen occaisonally on my F80 but even more so on some of the EOS cameras and usually on program mode. What I have found is the value in the viewfinder ...
    In Taking photos by chute55uk | Last Post | Unread
    Last Post: 7 Oct 2001 5:45PM
    by judder

  • Clangers!

    Andy, Great story, you intrepid explorer you! You must be very good at sign language or something. Rather disturbing that they kept the photos of your sis were they lam...
    In Taking photos by Katie | Last Post | Unread
    Last Post: 5 Oct 2001 2:18PM
    by Katie
  • Printing Digital Files

    I've just had some of these done, direct from scanned photos using a Nikon Coolscan, and they were too contrasty and unsharp, yet the same images printed using an Epson i...
    In Digital Imaging by spiller | Last Post | Unread
    Last Post: 4 Oct 2001 8:50AM
    by Pete
  • Monitor/Printer

    Although the full version of Photoshop has a decent gamma program to calibrate the monitor to the printer, the colour space of the RGB monitor and CMYK printer are differ...
    In Computers by hardwick | Last Post | Unread
    Last Post: 2 Oct 2001 11:14PM
    by Big Bri
  • Just found the site, been into piccie taking for a lot of years,

    At some stage I'd like a critique area but that's still a long way down my wish list for the site. For now post some pics on the gallery section and ask readers to feedba...
    Last Post: 1 Oct 2001 7:27PM
    by Pete
  • Secondhand forum

    Hi, thanks for your suggestion. We have added a temporary forum for secondhand equipment, and aim to add a dedicated classifieds section in the future.
    In Digital cameras by Big Bri | Last Post | Unread
    Last Post: 1 Oct 2001 12:19PM
    by Will
  • Hardware-type stuff

    Cheers for the advice, both of you, i've just found a place near london bridge that seems to do dupes for a pound a go, and jessops have said they'll give me my money bac...
    In Taking photos by fullerton | Last Post | Unread
    Last Post: 30 Sep 2001 12:21PM
    by fullerton
  • Slide duplicators

    To be honest they are a bit hit or miss. Most of the reults I obtained were dissapointing. If you really need dupes done then it's best to get a specialist to do this. It...
    In Taking photos by jelly | Last Post | Unread
    Last Post: 29 Sep 2001 10:14PM
    by Snoop
  • Dreamphotos Site

    Thanks Andy!... I'm just about to go and have a look at yours!
    In Taking photos by Snoop | Last Post | Unread
    Last Post: 27 Sep 2001 11:08PM
    by Snoop
  • Digital photography

    Photoshop Elements is a great option now, it has all the most important Photoshop tools in a great interface. I think it sells for under 100 and for what you get, that i...
    Last Post: 22 Aug 2001 4:50PM
    by bbdigital
  • Printing Digital Photos

    To get a print size divide the camera pixels by the recommended printer resolution. Printers refer to pixels per inch (ppi) so you'll have to do a quick conversion to get...
    Last Post: 8 Aug 2001 1:28AM
    by Pete
  • Digital Misty Filter

    This is easy, create a copy in Photoshop layers. add the effect or any effect you want. Add a layer mask and mask away the bit you want clear. If you use a soft ed...
    In Digital Imaging by pigbag | Last Post | Unread
    Last Post: 8 Aug 2001 1:28AM
    by bbdigital
  • Patterns on digital images

    How can you avoid the patterns that appear when using a digital camera to photograph a building.The pattern apear usually on the roof tiles or sometimes on the brickwork.
    Last Post: 8 Aug 2001 1:28AM
    by chrismonk
  • Bronica RF-645

    The website is great - there is so much to read and so many new ideas to put into practise. I was very interested to read the piece on the Bronica RF645 in the latest edi...
    In Digital cameras by anon | Last Post | Unread
    Last Post: 8 Aug 2001 1:28AM
    by anon