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100% customer dissatisfaction

chriswebb 16 893 United Kingdom
24 Aug 2005 10:04AM
I have only used Jessops three times in recent years. The first was about 3 years ago when I had a colour print film developed and for no reason whatsoever they didn't print half of the negatives. The second time they ruined a slide film by processing it as a colour negative film, which I was very displeased about as they were of an important one-off event. And the other day, for some stupid reason, I took 2 rolls of XP2 to them for d&p and they have now gone and lost them. They claim to be looking into it and say they will contact me within 7 days, but I don't really hold out much hope of ever seeing them. I would write their managing director a stiff letter if I thought he could give a toss. How anybody can be so completely and utterly incompetent is beyond belief.
chicorastas 16 91 France
24 Aug 2005 10:23AM
I can only sympathise. I've never found a use for Jessops - tended to use mail based D&P services ( Peak are excellent) and I know some people don't trust the post but I never lost anything, maybe I just got lucky.
Did they compensate you for mucking up your slide film?
I am a bit curious that given your past experiences with them you that you used them this time.
chriswebb 16 893 United Kingdom
24 Aug 2005 10:53AM
Just being lazy, it was pouring with rain and I happened to be passing Jessops anyway. Well there was no way they could **** it up three times in a row was there?

They didn't charge for the slide film and I was able to get some moderately acceptable images by scanning the film, although they were very blue and low in contrast. They were of the unveiling of a memorial to the RAF squadron my Father served with during the war, and included a very low flypast by the BBMF, much lower than they can get away with at airshows, so I was not pleased.

I tend not to take things too seriously these days, or to expect much competence from anybody, but this made me really angry. If I had a cricket bat I would be tempted to drive up to Leicester and batter the chairman round the head with it. This really has pissed me off that much.

I got rid of all my darkroom stuff ages ago but I am going to go out tomorrow and get the bits and pieces I need to develop films (not from Jessops obviously) so I don't have to risk trusting them to anybody else. Aside from that it is a lot cheaper and quicker.
strawman 16 22.2k 16 United Kingdom
24 Aug 2005 11:01AM
Should have gone digital...Smile :0)

Jessops vary like all stores. I have experienced the range of service from them. Some of it has been very good.
agoreira 17 6.0k Wales
24 Aug 2005 11:05AM
" I've never found a use for Jessops - tended to use mail based D&P services ( Peak are excellent) and I know some people don't trust the post but I never lost anything, maybe I just got lucky."

I used Peak online service, but lately the upload had refused to work for me. I e-mailed them , and they said that this was affecting a lot of people, but they cannot find out what is causing it! They offered to set me up a folder that I could ftp to, but reckon new software should be out in a few weeks which will fix the problem. Like you, all my photos are done online, mainly Photobox now, and I have never lost any either. Even if they did, it would not be a huge loss, with Photobox the photos are on their server, just reorder another set.
elowes 16 2.8k United Kingdom
24 Aug 2005 11:53AM
One thing that always casues me some effort to understand is how film photographers who, (present company excepted) deride digital, then take their film to Jessops, Boots, Safeway etc for the cheap, and as a result, not such good quality processing.

I refrain from saying you get what you pay for. OopsSmile
chriswebb 16 893 United Kingdom
24 Aug 2005 12:08PM
You are quite right, it is my fault for taking them there. Even so, I think I have a right to expect them to actually print all my negatives, stick them in the correct chemicals or give me back the right photographs.
elowes 16 2.8k United Kingdom
24 Aug 2005 12:18PM
When my last was born I was in the habit of buying cheap slide film and getting it processed un-mounted (money was a real issue in those days). I took photos after the birth. They came back with holes burnt in them!

Got the grand compensation of a free film and processing. Needless to say I used the film but not the processing.

I had a tour of Kodak back in the 70's. When you looked at the production line it was always a wonder as to how they were able to keep track of films. I was told by an employee that their loss numbers where really quite high but as they were processing millions of films the percentage rate was low.
chriswebb 16 893 United Kingdom
24 Aug 2005 12:28PM

Quote:They came back with holes burnt in them!

I had to read that three times just to make sure I hadn't read it wrongly! COMPLETELY baffling, although perhaps someone knows of a logical explanation.

As I mentioned I am going to do my own b&w again now, but for slides I am going to print out a card with my name, address and phone number on to photograph at the start of each film.
Photogeek 15 605 6 Wales
24 Aug 2005 1:08PM
I was actually forced to use Jessops by my insurance company when I had my gadget bag stolen in a burgulary. After providing a complete list of the kit I had in it, and being informed that the Insurance dept would be in touch to discuss suitable replacements I was contacted by the local branch to say my replacement stuff was in stock . . . . When I collected it, stuff was missing, some stuff was different, when I complained to the manager I was told that that was what they had been sent and to take it up witht the insurance dept. AS a consequence I missed having a camera at my sons 3rd birthday.

A very stiff letter was written to the Chairman explaining the situation, and just where I would be going to get my photograhic equipment in future. Two days after posting the letter I had a call from the finance director explaining just what they were going to do to put it right. Result, a satisfied customer, who has gone back and bought from there on many occaisions.

With most organisations it is only when you complain to someone with the authority to do something that something gets done.


lighty 18 223 United Kingdom
24 Aug 2005 1:28PM
Yep,understand how you feel, I too have had this happen to me recently, two important Velvia rolls gone into the wrong chemicals.
As you are probably aware they normally have a disclaimer against these type of problems but and its a big but, going into the wrong chemicals is in my mind TOTAL NEGLIGENCE on their part and I would believe that most courts in the land would side with us (a trading shop is expected to deliver proper customer service)
At the end of the day though it does not bring your films back does it? The BAS---DS
elowes 16 2.8k United Kingdom
24 Aug 2005 2:03PM
Holes burnt into them as in placed into a too hot drying situation.
tull 17 181 United Kingdom
24 Aug 2005 2:53PM
Just washed my hands of Jessops they never have anything in stock,I've just brought a new lense with them which they said would take 5-7 days but infact took 2 weeks and when I got it home I found it to be faulty.
I have got my money back and from now on will be taking my buisness else where.
Good luck but I think you are right you've seen the last of them films which is utterly disgusting.

andytvcams 18 10.4k 1 United Kingdom
24 Aug 2005 2:57PM
Same here,more interested in selling two quids worth of film than selling me a lens.
kevan 18 447
24 Aug 2005 11:15PM
I guess like most places like this, it all depends on the quality of the staff. On the rare occasion I use print film, I always take it to the Jessops store in Southampton where their processing is the best I've had from any high street store or mail order.

On one occasion I had some prints done on the one hour service and one of the prints had a tiny white dust spec on which I may well not have noticed. They had tried to remove it using a blower-brush and re-printed a couple of times but failed so they pointed it out and said if I wanted I could bring the negs back in and they would re-wash and print the neg again.

As for slide processing, I also use Peak and find them excellent. I've never had anything go missing and they turn the films around very quickly.


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