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100% customer dissatisfaction

agoreira 17 6.0k Wales
25 Aug 2005 12:08AM
"I was actually forced to use Jessops by my insurance company when I had my gadget bag stolen in a burgulary. "

This happened to my sister as well. She was given vouchers to the value of the claim, which could only be exchanged at Jessops. I got them to knock 65 off a compact, but they would not do a price match with these, no surprise there. So we paid cash, and kept the vouchers for something else.
JJGEE 15 7.8k 18 England
25 Aug 2005 12:13AM

Quote:I was actually forced to use Jessops by my insurance company

This appears to be a strange restriction.

Did you know this when you took out the policy - what would have happened if Jessop's did not sell the item you wanted to replace?
chriswebb 16 893 United Kingdom
25 Aug 2005 12:46AM
Most major household insurers have agreements like this with photographic/furniture/electrical/carpet etc. retailers. The retailers get lots of business with little overhead, and the insurers get a big discount for putting loads of business their way.
Fujiconvert 16 1.3k England
25 Aug 2005 8:37AM
You are not obliged to use any company that the insurance company wants you to even though they like to imply that you do.
You have the right to go to any firm you want to.
grom 16 239
25 Aug 2005 9:09AM
Jessops are now sadly little more than Argos when it comes to photography
pf 17 51 United Kingdom
25 Aug 2005 9:18AM
I took a film in last year and it came back very pale /no colours etc... when I complained the 'cashier' told me it was the wasy I had taken them I explained that I had other photos back from elsewhere andthey were fine - eventually she agreed to process them again - after a short sharp letter to Jessops on her attitude, I recived 2 vouchers for free processing - needless to say I will only use them for my digital prints -as if they **** those up I still have the original ones!

On a lighter note though - I won a competition 18mths ago for a Nikon 5700 - and the prize was from Jessops - so I shouldn't complain really ;o)
timwilson 15 181 United Kingdom
25 Aug 2005 9:29AM
Just to play Devils advocate - I don't think Jessops as a whole have anything to do with individual cases like these. It's the staff at that particular store that seem to have messed up. It's like me saying that because my local postie delivered my mail next door by accident, that the entire of Royal Mail is useless... Ok.. bad example :o)

grom 16 239
25 Aug 2005 9:34AM
point taken,it does vary from store to store,had a straight swop fo a polarizer that the glass fell out/no receipt/no problem
SuziBlue 18 16.2k 10 Scotland
1 Sep 2005 9:14AM
Hmmm well I'm not best pleased right now. In fact I'm hopping. Ordered some prints from photobox - all fine and dandy. But I needed them delivered for definite today, so used their contract courier service. Guaranteed next day delivery with signature and everything.

Next day. In my office ALL DAY. And I mean, ALL DAY. Have left it twice to go to the bathroom with a sticker left on the door to say back in 5 mins.

It's now 6 p.m. No prints. Checked the package tracker earlier today. Nothing. This afternoon was told by the courier company that they were still definitely on the way. Checked package tracker. Nothing. Nada.

Checked the tracker at 5.10 p.m. - lo and behold it's been updated and the package was apparently delivered somewhere else in the hospital (who knows where) this morning. Couldn't have been stores because they don't accept private staff deliveries. No record of where, just a surname (who??) and no-one has contacted me to let me know a package has been delivered - despite my FULL ADDRESS AND DEPARTMENT DETAILS ON THE LABEL ...

Rang courier company. Said she would ring straight back. That was 45 minutes ago.

Not pleased. Have written email of complaint to courier company and have copied in photobox.com.


debbiehardy 16 363 United Kingdom
1 Sep 2005 1:22PM
Suzi - I once paid 25 for guaranteed next day delivery before 9am for some special photos needed for a funeral.

Postman took them to No. 25 (right number) but completely the wrong street name. No - one in so returned to base.

Me - frantic for the cards rang to chase them up. Royal Mail sent them round in a car, but as it was for a funeral we were to upset to claim back the 25 quid.
SuziBlue 18 16.2k 10 Scotland
2 Sep 2005 12:47AM
Nightmare, Debbie. Who on earth can you trust to deliver .. without breaking the bank ..

Still no email from the courier company - or photobox, for that matter ..
agoreira 17 6.0k Wales
2 Sep 2005 1:25AM
"Postman took them to No. 25 (right number) but completely the wrong street name. No - one in so returned to base."

Same happened to me, waited in all day for special delivery, nothing arrived. Contacted firm, who said that they had tried to deliver, but noboby was home, so they left a note to this effect. I explained that I had not been out of the house all day, that no note had been delivered, turns out they had tried to deliver to ***** Terrace, instead of ***** View! :-(
chriswebb 16 893 United Kingdom
2 Sep 2005 1:27AM
Well I haven't heard from Jessops and it is now 10 days. Going to write a stroppy letter to their chief executive this weekend.
SuziBlue 18 16.2k 10 Scotland
2 Sep 2005 1:31AM
... and the Royal Mail parcel delivery people who rush to your door, stick a note through it that says they tried but no-one was home, and drive off again in a cloud of dust without ONCE ringing the doorbell .. when you've been sat on the other side of the door waiting for a delivery ..

breathe ..... and relax ...
digicammad 17 22.0k 39 United Kingdom
2 Sep 2005 1:36AM
our posties have been excellent so maybe they are just afraid of ringing at your door Suzi!

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