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100% customer dissatisfaction

SuziBlue 17 16.2k 10 Scotland
2 Sep 2005 1:47AM
fnar fnarrrr Grin

Perhaps they think I'll wrestle them to the floor and raid their postal vans .. hehe

It's dire round here. Mention the above to most anyone in this area and they'll give the same story .. and then you have to trudge off to the depot (because you don't want to risk it happening again by arranging another delivery date) .. and then they can't find it ..

Sometimes I think it would be quicker to walk somewhere and deliver or pick it up in person .. I could have walked to photobox by now and picked up my pix and been home admiring them (or not .. lol)
strawman 16 22.1k 16 United Kingdom
2 Sep 2005 1:59AM
My postie is great, he even rang the door at 8pm to deliver one once. He said he noticed a few parcels the other day and guessed it was a birthday present so brought it back later that night. Service well worth a bottle of wine at Christmas. Smile
SuziBlue 17 16.2k 10 Scotland
2 Sep 2005 2:33AM
Wow John - that's what I call going the extra mile. Not very common anymore.
Boyd 17 11.2k 11 Wales
2 Sep 2005 2:39AM
Well John's wife is very pretty and John was supposed to be working until ten that night...

strawman 16 22.1k 16 United Kingdom
2 Sep 2005 3:06AM
Boyd my wife will be very happy to hear you say that.

Suzie the advantage and disadvantage of a small place. There is a good chance you know each other a bit so sometimes people feel motivate to be nice. On those days you remember why its good to live in a small place.
SuziBlue 17 16.2k 10 Scotland
2 Sep 2005 3:19AM
John you're absolutely right, of course. This being a huge metropolis where hardly anyone knows anyone else and the posties seem to change from week to week (we even had scandals last Christmas of posties hiding looted mail in bags behind trees ..), I guess that 'who cares, not me' attitude will be common.

Time I moved to a remote cave Smile
macroman 17 15.3k England
2 Sep 2005 3:56AM
Always write a polite, but forceful letter to the MD. marked private & personal, with details problems and dates.

You'd be surprised how many a**es get kicked, and things usually get sorted out very quickly in my experience
SuziBlue 17 16.2k 10 Scotland
2 Sep 2005 8:43AM
Well after a false start photobox have reacted impeccably and said they'll reissue the pix and refund the courier charge. I really appreciate that, although the exhibition is tomorrow, so I guess I won't get them in time for that. I hope they drag the courier firm over the coals though, because I guess I'm not the only one this happens to.

I rang the courier service (time to name and shame now - Initial CityLink) earlier and was treated to a barrage of rudeness and blame from the girl on the end of the phone, i.e. (1)it was Photobox's fault so I should complain to them, (2)I should have known that the couriers would not be able to walk through a hospital .. (eh??), and (3)the girls I spoke to the day before didn't know that the couriers didn't deliver to departments as they were new, which is why I wasn't told the package had been delivered somewhere else (I didn't follow that one either). Then she said I should just go and pick it up from the stores department. I said, ermmm that was the purpose of booking an overnight courier for yesterday, as I wasn't going to be around until later today and therefore wouldn't be in the hospital. Anyway, to cut a long story, Head Office in Sunbury on Thames are now looking into it and I look forward to a letter of apology some time soon. And I think that young lady may be in for some retraining.

(She said - lol!! - 'couriers can't walk through hospitals! everyone knows they deliver to stores. You work in a hospital, you should know that ..'
chuckle Imagine a kidney taken to stores .. or a vital piece of equipment .. or an important set of X-rays ..

The person I spoke to at Head Office said that was NOT true at all and that couriers had no reason NOT to walk through a hospital to find a department, and no reason not to come and get my signature rather than hoik it somewhere else. She's investigating the whole thing and I shall be writing to the MD.

Mind you, who do we blame for bad customer care? The trainers for not keeping an eye on customer care standards? The people who pay crap wages for telestaff? the managers of the telestaff for not managing better? the person themselves for not being committed to what they do? tough one .. a mix of all I reckon ..
GlennH 15 1.9k 1 France
2 Sep 2005 9:50AM
As a former postman I'd guess it to be very unlikely that any courier would wander around a hospital looking for a department and precise addressee, however inefficient that might sound. It's just not practical, especially if he/she is carrying a load of other time-sensitive material to deliver elsewhere. It would be quite normal to deliver goods to a mailroom or reception.
SuziBlue 17 16.2k 10 Scotland
2 Sep 2005 10:40AM
We often have couriers delivering stuff.. sometimes they'll be asked to go to a certain point like main reception or to the enquiries desk, depending on what they're delivering, but often they are told where to come and have contact numbers to guide them in. If we know when they're coming we can meet them and sign for it there and then but if you have no idea when they're coming that's impossible. He had my contact number and the arrangement was that he would ring and I would take it from there.

The other point is that even if a courier does deliver to a central spot, someone will ring you to let you know it's arrived, surely, and the website tracker would be updated ...??? Not a peep from anyone ..

Anyway what's done is done and I have no pics for tomorrow unless the ones photobox are sending get to me early in the post. I could get them reprinted nearby but that would be an arm and a leg, especially with a quick service within the day .. plus getting them prepared afterwards etc ..

Taught me a lesson ..

... take up flower arranging ... on the other hand perhaps not
Just Jas Plus
18 26.3k 1 England
2 Sep 2005 4:19PM

Quote:so maybe they are just afraid of ringing at your door Suzi!

A bit ungallant, Ian! Which honourable knight will fly the insulted lady's chiffon scarf from his lance and do battle to defend her honour?

SuziBlue 17 16.2k 10 Scotland
3 Sep 2005 1:44AM
oooo Jas! A knight in shining armour! No chiffon scarves in the vicinity though - I've got a wet dishcloth, will that do?

Actually all you have to say to Ian is 'you are NOT sveeping zat floor accurately' and he goes to jelly ...


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