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24" iMac

28 Sep 2008 9:29AM
I'm looking at buying a 24" iMac any one on the site use one, and what do you think.
Mike Gray 16 382 United Kingdom
28 Sep 2008 9:42AM
Got to admit was a big thing for me to jump from windows to Apple, but once i did i wont go back. The all in one units are great bits of kit, no clutter or messy wires, but i spent a few more pounds and went all the way for the Mac pro and don't regret it as i had a good 24" samsung screen.
Go down to your nearest Apple store and have a play the staff are just superb and i will tell you now money worth spending on something for me thats simple and just works straight out of the box.
GaryR 14 1.3k England
28 Sep 2008 10:23AM
Had one for about 2 months. I would say they are a superb bit of kit. The image quality is excellent and everything seems to work exactly how they should. The speed is fantastic as well. I had never used apple prior to getting this, but I doubt I would go back to windows.

Buy one you won't regret it.

MadTrace 16 268 United Kingdom
28 Sep 2008 10:49AM
I love mine, again taking the leap is daunting but If you have an apple store near you; you can go to as many training sessions as you want free, I won't go back i love my 24" imac. Once you get you will understand.
wasper 15 533 1 Ireland
28 Sep 2008 11:07AM
I love mine & it's great for photoshop & watching films too. Go for it.
Once you get a Mac, you'll never go back.
CRAIGR2 14 23 United Kingdom
28 Sep 2008 12:31PM
Wasper is right you wont go back ! ive been a switcher for 6 years now and trust me theres no place like mac!
skydivemike 16 47 Northern Ireland
28 Sep 2008 5:16PM
Yes the same goes for me the best bit of kit on the market. A bit daunting at 1st but you go back to PC.

wasper 15 533 1 Ireland
28 Sep 2008 6:18PM

Quote:Quote:A bit daunting at 1st but you go back to PC.Yeah I did when the McNovelty wore off

I was wondering when you'll turn up here to write your usual MacbashingSmile
Geoffphoto 15 13.5k United Kingdom
28 Sep 2008 6:23PM
What's a PC ?? Smile
JJGEE 16 7.9k 18 England
28 Sep 2008 7:16PM

Quote:again taking the leap is daunting

Why ?

I use a Windows OS at work and when I bought my first "Home" computer a 17" iMac G5 ( Power PC not Intel ) back in 2004 I did not find it daunting at all.

The only mistake I made was believing I needed the Mac Version of Microsoft Office.
Unless it is absolutely critical that you need to do loads of work with Word, Excel & Powerpoint I suggest Apple's iWork Suite of Pages, Numbers & Keynote will suffice.
sjteague 13 147 1 Wales
28 Sep 2008 8:02PM
To be honest while I liked my PowerMac they are expensive for what you get, mines getting on a bit now (os tiger was my last OS for it).

Looking at the spec's on amazon for a imac 24" (comes at a grand) it seems quite low spec(ie graphics card) and while it's not a huge problem as lets be honest not many people see them as gamer machines Wink - but you can get a far superior PC for the money (it's the Apple experience I know I do get it ;0) ).

OSX is ok but I do wonder why people rave over it? I used many unix versions (such as irix, unix, linux(ish ;0) ) etc) - OS X did crash underload, not as secure as you would think and I found OSX Tiger slowed down like the rest (I did like ilife though).

I have no idea if the new OSX is better than Tiger, so the points above may not be valid anymore.

As a package they are quite nice though, if it was me I would get a used G5 dual - discontinued in 2006 I know, fast as heck, aluminum case looks great and a true power machine and no doubt for 350 you can get one loaded (though I'd look in to future software support for the PPC line)

I neither love or hate Macs and I had one for years and for the money they ask I would think long and hard, but then again I don't need it to look pretty ( just fast >Smile )

It's just my opinion and after the "McNovelty -lol" you may wonder whats the fuss or think it's the dog's bo****ks
tomcat 15 6.4k 15 United Kingdom
28 Sep 2008 9:06PM

Quote:What's a PC ??

Something that when it goes wrong you can rip to bits and sort it out Wink

User_Removed 15 4.9k England
28 Sep 2008 9:15PM to bits......

No puns please Adrian..... this is a serious topic Smile
Geoffphoto 15 13.5k United Kingdom
28 Sep 2008 9:17PM

Quote:Something that when it goes wrong you can rip to bits and sort it out

WHAT - they go wrong !! - must be for Canon users then !!!!
stolzy 15 3.8k 7
29 Sep 2008 8:43AM
Remember that what you buy when you get a mac is the (superior) operating system rather than the hardware - that is why Macs are more expensive.

Macs work the way personal computers should work.

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