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2nd Annual Rowardennan Meet November 2/3/4/5/ 2006


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Big Bri 21 16.7k United Kingdom
2 Nov 2006 6:09AM
Talked the wife into letting me drive to the station and she'll pick the car up later - got me 15 minutes longer in bed Smile

Setting off in...23 minutes
daviewat 19 4.1k Scotland
2 Nov 2006 6:13AM
Smile)))))))) Grand

I`m just setting off now Smile).

Well thats me here !!!!!! Smile)))

See u later

Paul_Barr 18 544 Scotland
2 Nov 2006 6:28AM
Just leaving. Should be at Balmaha in 20 minutes :o)
daviewat 19 4.1k Scotland
2 Nov 2006 6:29AM
Paul are you coming up here today as well ???

I can see from my bedroom window down the loch to the Balmaha area and at least there is a nice sunrise Smile)

dpemberton 18 25
2 Nov 2006 7:43AM

I'll probably be arriving quite late as I won't be leaving Manchester till late afternoon so put the key under the mat !!

See you later

colin 18 697 5 Scotland
2 Nov 2006 8:26AM
Where's everybody going???
stevieb 18 3.0k 2 Panama
2 Nov 2006 8:54AM
Colin...can't tell's a secret.

Just defrosting the car....and then it's Northbound!
ACarr 17 16
2 Nov 2006 8:59AM

I will be across sometime this afternoon I am hoping, stopping in stirling for a wee while as I do, but should be there bout the back of 6ish I hope, see you all then.

ruralscotland 18 1.3k
2 Nov 2006 9:27AM
Heading off from Beauly around 11.30ish so should be down for around 4pm, get unpacked have a yap and off to Hotel for dinner!

sut68 19 2.0k 77 England
2 Nov 2006 9:29AM
Boo hoo, and here's me stuck here for another bloody day & a half ... can't wait though!!
fauxtography 17 6.6k 36
2 Nov 2006 10:30AM
just setting off now... see ya soon! yay
Paul_Barr 18 544 Scotland
2 Nov 2006 10:37AM
We are here already :o)
TeresaH 17 1.1k United Kingdom
2 Nov 2006 10:41AM
Those who are interested in the walk up Ben Lomond I propose we set off up the Ptarmigan route. From what I've read, the tourist path up is pretty boring and the views are better from the Ptarmigan route.

From the summit we then descend back down the tourist path. I have an OS map 1:50 which should be fine and also a walk in my book describing the way up the Ptarmigan route.

I will be arriving around about midnight tonight.


PS: Also found this link re the walk:
jester 17 32
2 Nov 2006 12:18PM
I'm sad Sad As I've mentioned to Dave I'm not going to be able to make it this weekend. Family stuff I'm afraid and my cams gone back to Canon for warranty repairs this week... BooHoo, gonna miss the fireworks!

Angie, I'll pm you the details for the winner of the prize I put into the raffle.

Have an excellent time one and all and I will see you sometime soon (Edinburgh meet sounds promising!).
Wish you a wonderful time and may the sun rise in all it's colourful glory!


sut68 19 2.0k 77 England
2 Nov 2006 12:26PM
... weekend is now starting to look in doubt!! I hope not as I could really do with the break - and the chance to meet up with you guys, but the way things are going at the moment, I can't see me getting an early dart tomorrow to enable me to get there in reasonable time to make good use of the weekend.

Will have to wait and see :-(((