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2nd Annual Rowardennan Meet November 2/3/4/5/ 2006


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daviewat 19 4.1k Scotland
7 Jan 2006 11:40AM
Sounds fine Andy !!!!!!!! he he he Smile)will check out fireworks place as well.

I will put you down for now anyway you do have the 4 nights to choose from Smile))

Col you are on stand by list. i have to give it a good month or 2 for last years folks to see this and reply to me. But I am sure it will be fine.

Anthony 21 5.7k 17 United Kingdom
7 Jan 2006 1:05PM
Dave, please add me to the reserve list too. I was really upset I could not make it last year, but with time to plan, it'll work.

So, if thats ok, put me down for 1 reserve, cheers mate.

ajm 19 232
7 Jan 2006 2:13PM

Count Lorraine and Myself in again. I will check with Adrian, I'm sure he would be up for it, provided he gets a non-snoring room :o).

As for a get together earlier this year, I am up for that again, Millarochy, crack of 10, just need a date now, I'll draw a line in the sand at Sat 4th March :o)

That remins me, are you still needing prints sent over from last year - if so, I will do one each from myself and Lorraine.


KenTaylor 18 3.1k 2 United Kingdom
7 Jan 2006 2:37PM
I also missed last year so will make my pitch again in Feb sometime.
daviewat 19 4.1k Scotland
7 Jan 2006 10:45PM
Cheers Adam, yes please regarding prints Smile))) I have also put Adrian down for a space until I hear different.

Ok Ken / anthony on reserve list.


deathraceking 19 578
7 Jan 2006 11:42PM
Hi Dave, if you're taking names for the reserve list count me in for the Friday night and probably the Saturday. I will make it this year...
daviewat 19 4.1k Scotland
7 Jan 2006 11:45PM
OK Adam that will be fine. As said before the cost is 30.00 a head and it is up to you then if you stay all 4 nights or not. I have to do it like this for not only ease but I have to book and and pay for all 4 nights as one booking at the hostel.

daviewat 19 4.1k Scotland
9 Jan 2006 1:07AM
Just a little nudge !!!!!!!!!!!!!! he he

csurry 21 9.2k 92
9 Jan 2006 1:14AM
Hoping to make it Dave, but January is a bit early for me to commit to something in November, I can't plan a week ahead let alone months Wink
conrad 18 10.9k 116
9 Jan 2006 1:14AM
Sterling for some fireworks in Stirling - sounds fitting! Wink

daviewat 19 4.1k Scotland
9 Jan 2006 1:17AM
I actually have your name down Cheryl !!!!! so just let me know as soon as you know yourself.


I want a shot of that D2X anyway so you best try hard Smile)))))))

Also I was blethering to a couple of the National Park rangers and they will be happy to take small groups out for more rarer wildlife shots including, ssshhhh Ospreys Smile)

wotashot 19 2.2k
9 Jan 2006 2:58AM
Stick me down again Dave, was a cracker last year.

Must remember to get a shot or 5 of you in that kilt this time.... could have made a bloody fortune,

Jamie Smile
daviewat 19 4.1k Scotland
9 Jan 2006 3:00AM
LOL Jamie

Gives you loads of time to sort a lift out !!!!! or you may even have your own car by then ???


wotashot 19 2.2k
9 Jan 2006 8:06AM
If i'm not driving by then then something has gone seriously wrong, im gonna be putting in for my theory tomorow,

Fingers crossed,

Carabosse Plus
20 43.7k 270 England
9 Jan 2006 8:14AM
Good luck to you, Jamie! Passing my test when I was 17 was one of the most important 'exams' I've ever done (so far as I am concerned, Car = Freedom).

BTW, Dave I am a "possible maybe" for this event. Will have to see whether I am fit enough for a Scottish winter. I've visted Scotland several times but only in summer months!