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300D/350D for work camera

KatieR 17 6.2k 6
17 Mar 2005 6:39AM
Some colleagues of mine are in the market to buy a DSLR in order to take photos for their World Heritage Site bid document. The images will be put into a document which will be professionally designed and printed by the on-site design team - they usually produce good stuff. By the nature of the site, I assume that photos will be of rural landscape, house and grounds etc, but there may be close-ups and portraits, I guess. After looking at the prices of the cameras, they worked out that it would be cheaper to buy a DSLR than hiring a pro for a shoot.

I told them that the 300D has been a very popular camera, that the results I have seen on here are generally good and that the price is now very attractive - they didn't actually ask my opinion, but they accidentally let on that they had been looking at one in Jessops!

The chap who will take the photos is an amateur photographer, I don't know how skilful he is but I think he has been taking pics for a while and has Canon EOS cameras and lenses already. I don't feel it's fair to question him about his abilities, so I thought I could just give him some information, "in case he was not aware". I think he would take that without thinking I was casting nasturtiums.

So, do you think they are on the right track with this? Will they be able to achieve "high quality" results for a glossy brochure with the 300D(or 350D). I would feel bad not having asked your opinions considering I know how many of you have used them.

Any thoughts welcome
KatieR 17 6.2k 6
17 Mar 2005 6:51AM
It's going to be a 350D "because it's a good camera", I have been told. Something else you might know, we only have USB 1.0 on our laptops (no USB on desktops at all) - how long do files take to download?
keithh 17 25.8k 33 Wallis And Futuna
17 Mar 2005 6:54AM
I still have a couple of machines that use USB 1.0 and a gig of files takes about 6mins.
UserDeleted 18 3.6k
17 Mar 2005 6:55AM

Presuming the document is A4, and the images won't be used at > A3 (ie a DPS) then the 300/350D will provide sufficient quality for the work, although for landscapes probably not the resolution you would get with a professionally drum-scanned MF slide.

Quote:After looking at the prices of the cameras, they worked out that it would be cheaper to buy a DSLR than hiring a pro for a shoot

Yep probably - but they are not packing the camera with the document they are using the images taken through it ! Smile

You know what I'm getting at - I wish them all the best....

KatieR 17 6.2k 6
17 Mar 2005 6:58AM
Keith - thanks, that's better than I thought.

Mike - I think they'll be ok, then. I did want to make the point about how for landscapes MF is often preferred, but I didn't get that far.

I tried to enter into a bit more discussion about what exactly they were going to do with the images, but I think I got told to mind my own business!!

Only trying to help!!
mattw 17 5.2k 10 United Kingdom
17 Mar 2005 8:02AM
Is the 350D good enouph? Yes (probbally).
Is the 300D good enough? Yes (definately).

The 300D will deliver great pictures upto A3 (maybe even bigger). On paper, the 350D should be slightly better still, but I haven't seen what it can do yet.


Edit: has the lens been concidered at all?
KatieR 17 6.2k 6
17 Mar 2005 8:38AM
Matt - good question. The boss man said that the chap doing the pics "had all the lenses", i.s. he has Canon kit himself already. I brought up the issue of the 1.6x focal length effect and mentioned that I had not heard good reports of the kit lens, just so they knew.

I just have that sneaking suspicion that someone just wants to play with a nice new DSLR and this seems to be a good way of getting one, rather than finding the best way to get the best images ...

Ah well, everyone gets a glint in their eyes over a new bit of kit now and again!



[and how many times can I use the word "just" in one post?]
keithh 17 25.8k 33 Wallis And Futuna
17 Mar 2005 8:42AM
Just once?
KatieR 17 6.2k 6
17 Mar 2005 8:48AM
Oh dear, if that is my allowance, I somewhat overspent.
Westers 16 3.9k 1 Burkina Faso
17 Mar 2005 9:06AM
If it was me (which it isn't) I'd be asking myself how much do I stand to lose if the images let the bid down. If we're talking a big money deal for the business you're in, and the photos are going to influence the outcome then I think they are quite possibly barking mad Smile
mattw 17 5.2k 10 United Kingdom
17 Mar 2005 9:10AM
If the photographer knows what he is doing, you can get good results from the 300D - but the wide angle lens issue is one to concider. The Sigma 18-55 has many friends on here, and is probbly better than the Canon kit lens. Some shops will sell the 300/350D with the sigma lens instead.

If shooting from a tripod, with the lens stopped well down, it should be OK.

ziggy Plus
19 204 England
17 Mar 2005 11:16AM
I agree with westers. You are selling an idea; who can give you the best interpretation of that idea?. At the end of the day, the camera is a box with a hole in it; choose the right person to stand (or sit or lie down ) behind it. Wish you luck.
shooter 18 105 Canada
17 Mar 2005 1:57PM
I agree, the camera is nearly irrelevant. It's like wondering if buying a Stradivarious will make you be able to play like a symphony musician, and thus be able to land a record contract or world tour.

The goal is to win a WHS site bid. The way to achieve that is through photos that communicate well, with a message. That has everything to do with the way the instrument (camera) is played, and little to do with the instrument/camera itself.

Hire a musician, or at the very least a good music teacher, so to speak. The instrument is secondary.
itinerario 17 42 Netherlands
21 Mar 2005 7:14AM
I have a similar dilemma myself: the 300D with a Sigma 18-125 lens and the 350D with the kit lens are sold for about the same price in some internet shops. I wonder what would be the best buy for a travel photographer like me.

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