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40d, first opinion. not good.

mini670 17 176 United Kingdom
16 Nov 2007 5:46PM
I got a 40d the other week.
aye its a nice camera, much larger than my previous 350d and some controls different, taking time to adapt and make alterations as fast as i could with the 350d. took a fair few photos but aint had time to process them yet, more so wait for this slow computer have the power to do so, lol.

Seems to produce soft images imo, the 350d did equal if not better! Both with 10-20mm lens.

Its complete b*****ks how canon have gone and messed up with the firmware on the later batches. My raws simply will not open. So i had to download a little app made by some clever photographer which corrects the problem. a lot of messing about for something which a major worldwide company should have noticed. Why on earth canon could not release a quick fix firmware version i do not know, if a single photographer can find the problem then all Canons many employees should have a fix in a few hours. It serioulsy p||||d me off did that.

Come on Canon sort yourselves out, its ridiculous!!!
strawman 18 22.2k 16 United Kingdom
16 Nov 2007 5:57PM
Firmware update for the 40D? What is wrong with the firmware. Do you mean it has a different RAW file, then yes it does but the camera comes with RAW converter software.

The 40D shoots with a 14 bit depth, the previous ones 12bit, it would be silly to throw away this advance.

Do you mean adobe has to have an update, then yes that is true but it is not Canon's fault. and its a tiny issue any way.
strawman 18 22.2k 16 United Kingdom
16 Nov 2007 6:01PM
As a second thought, if you are using Adobe to translate the RAW files I agree with the comments on soft, if you use DPP that comes with the camera then I find I am sharpening the final image far less.

this also would appear to be true of images processes through the C1 version 4 B.
mini670 17 176 United Kingdom
16 Nov 2007 6:02PM
nah wont work in lightroom.
a dude on DPreview created a little program to change the RAW header or something. cant really be having to learn a new converter, taken me long enough with rawshooter and lightroom (still a long way off the control now)

as to bit depth, does it really make that much difference?
mini670 17 176 United Kingdom
16 Nov 2007 6:04PM
may give it a go then. how comes lightroom produces a less sharp image.
with rawshooter and lightroom, i always left sharpening at zero and did the work in PS instead
strawman 18 22.2k 16 United Kingdom
16 Nov 2007 6:10PM
Forum,s on DPREVIEW shudders. The original home of miss information, I go there sometimes for sport with the fanboys. By the way it is not the firmware that is your problem.

It does work in lightroom, I have processed images from a 40D using it. you probably need to download the latest version. Version 1.2 supported it and 1.3 is out now I believe. If your version of lightroom does not directly support the 40D then that is probably why the images are bad.

DPP being designed for Canon by Canon etc uses the Picture styles info, and I guess it processes the image, as they all do, and pop's in its own transfer function and sharpening. I used to give processed images a 100% USM but its down to @ 50% with the new camera.

14 bit depth, well if you want to extract the extra shadow detail it allows you access to then its handy. In short it measures light to a much finer resolution than the older cameras.
mini670 17 176 United Kingdom
16 Nov 2007 6:15PM
cheers mate,

the first 40ds came out with 1.0.3, raws worked fine in LR. mine is 1.0.4 and wont work in LR. I have LR version 1.2 .

on another not about picture styles. Do the picture styles have effect on the raws when not processed by DPP. With the 350d i did not want the camera messing with my image so shot in RAW and any picture styles, sharpening, contrast, saturation etc did not take effect in rawshooter.
strawman 18 22.2k 16 United Kingdom
16 Nov 2007 6:22PM
I do not know, to be honest they only affect the starting point, you can override the setting in the RAW editor, so no harm in setting them. I set mine to landscape, and left it.

My camera is firmware version 1.0.3 but there is no mention of 1.0.4 update on the Canon web site when I looked. There are updates to the tools.
strawman 18 22.2k 16 United Kingdom
16 Nov 2007 6:44PM
LOL sounds like version 1.0.5 is on the card then. I wonder what 1.0.4 does? Is it a decent auto ISO range update, or the ability to autofocus in live view, or the ability to use the direct print button for something else, ora minor bug fix, that needs fixing Smile
strawman 18 22.2k 16 United Kingdom
16 Nov 2007 6:51PM
Download ACR version 4.3 and it will read your RAW files with no need for the conversion program, or so I am told.

Thanks for the reminder to go look for software updates, it looks like DPP has some new features.
mini670 17 176 United Kingdom
16 Nov 2007 7:02PM
cheers dude.

here are some images taken on the 40d straight from the camera. Had to half pix dimension to allow the upload. No sharpening at all. Look soft to me.

iso400, f5, 0.8s, evaluative

iso100, f7, 3.2s evaluative
cambirder 17 7.2k England
16 Nov 2007 7:07PM
Sorry but no pictures at those links.

I assume you were on a tripod with mirror lock-up at those speeds!
cambirder 17 7.2k England
16 Nov 2007 7:15PM
Can see the pictures now, but they are very low res.

Could you do it again, but rather than resizing, do a selective crop so we can view @ 100%
p3asa 15 676 Scotland
16 Nov 2007 8:04PM
Here is some info here on the firmware update.
That would really p*ss me off if I had just bought the 40D with 1.0.4

stuwhitt Plus
17 1.4k United Kingdom
16 Nov 2007 8:30PM

That would really p*ss me off if I had just bought the 40D with 1.0.4


Why surely its a simple matter of updating the firmware

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