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40d, first opinion. not good.

p3asa 15 676 Scotland
16 Nov 2007 8:44PM
Yeah no problem when the new firmware is released but until then it just seems to be a bodge job if you use Lightroom.

strawman 18 22.2k 16 United Kingdom
16 Nov 2007 9:13PM

Quote:Download ACR version 4.3 and it will read your RAW files with no need for the conversion program, or so I am told.
It is already fixed.
mini670 17 176 United Kingdom
16 Nov 2007 9:30PM

just want it to work in lightroom really with no fannying around.

the photos are resized to half on the longest dimension and saved for web (90 quality). for some reason the webspace thing i use will not let me upload files larger than 1mb. if anyone knows of somewhere that is free i can upload a full res image if you like.
strawman 18 22.2k 16 United Kingdom
16 Nov 2007 9:56PM
You could always do what I did with a lens test, cut 500x500 pixel sized images out of the file. I have some out of the 40D just straight to TIFF from RAW, but through DPP. The same process in Lightroom did produce soft results.
cambirder 17 7.2k England
16 Nov 2007 11:57PM

Quote:if anyone knows of somewhere that is free i can upload a full res image if you like.

You can upload files up to 100mb an MediaFire so you could give us the RAW file to have a look at.
jondf 15 2.8k
17 Nov 2007 1:56AM
All this amuses me to a degree having decided to go for a 5d rather than exchanging my 30d for a 40d. That said, softness is a known issue with the 30d although the jury's out as to whether it's the body or the kit lenses....or both :-O
strawman 18 22.2k 16 United Kingdom
17 Nov 2007 10:05AM
Jon it amuses me to think you have spent nearly twice the money to get a slower camera and a small increase in image quality :-0 You have my sympathy. Smile

And upgrading from 30D to 40D is paying a lot for the next increment. I would not have bought the 40D or 5D in your shoes, I would have waited to see what the 5D update using the 40D features was like. As you are keen on upgrading you will probably make the 5d MKII jump.

So getting the one upmanship bit out of the way and having established you are prepared to pay more lets talk seriously. I am of course pulling your leg, I think the 5D does produce the better images, but depending on your end uses, it may be a tiny difference. But I also know you can get good images out of the humble 300D as well, and the 40D is better than the 300D Smile

Take the softness. This site has pointed out that the new Sony produces softer images than the 40D. Does that make the Sony a disaster, or is it just that you need to play with the processing or camer settings? Softness of dSLR images has been talked about for ages.

On the 40D slip it into Landscape picture style and it turns up the sharpening applied. Process the files in DPP not an Adobe RAW converter and the images pop out a bit sharper with more punch. Does this prove anything other than the need to manage your process?

Its only about finding which settings to work on and you are off. Does the 5D produce better images, yes, but not nearly twice as good. and at what print size does it matter?

Like everything we all decide on our point to jump off the paying more curve and we all know that the more you pay the less you get. I have some images from my 300D going on display next week at 16x12. Resolution is good and they look fine. I know my 40D images will go bigger now I am getting used to its files.

I came to the realisation that all I needed was a faster more robust 300D with lower high ISO noise. Resolution, well that was a nice to have.

So I find that with the 40D sharpness is just a matter of process control.
jondf 15 2.8k
17 Nov 2007 11:36AM
Touche' John! Had a feeling my post might generate a caustic outburst Smile

The 5d overseas price bundled with a 24-105L was too tempting to resist. And possession of a few prime non-eos lenses whilst not being an action snapper did help matters along. All that needs to happen now is for me to learn to take photographs Grin
cambirder 17 7.2k England
17 Nov 2007 1:07PM

Quote:That said, softness is a known issue with the 30d although the jury's out as to whether it's the body or the kit lenses....or both :-O

I think the jury came to the conclusion that, its down to user error. I've seen this complaint leveled at nearly every DSLR since I got a 300D. Lots of people moaned about the softness of that camera, but once you mastered PP a little bit it became clear that this was more a problem with lack of skills than anything to do with the camera.

Sure there are individual cameras that have faults, but there is no overall softness problem on any DSLR.
Carabosse 18 41.8k 270 England
17 Nov 2007 1:13PM

Quote:softness is a known issue with the 30d

It's a known issue with every DSLR on the market, i.e. it's meant to be that way. Wink
Just Jas Plus
19 26.4k 1 England
17 Nov 2007 1:31PM
Some of the later prosumer cameras have less sharpening inside the camera software, as they strive to imitate the DSLR. In order to give more control tp the user.

Some then complain about the apparent lack of sharpness as they move from earlier models.

mini670 17 176 United Kingdom
17 Nov 2007 6:00PM
uploading the 2 files at 100% onto

taking aages though.
KatieR 17 6.2k 6
17 Nov 2007 6:11PM
I've no doubt it's really frustrating - I am still learning how to get the best from my 30D after a year. The good thing is that the image quality is gradually improving, so I know it's not the camera! (dammit!)

Have you been able to take identical shots in the same light with both cameras or do you no longer have your 350D?

As cambirder says, a 100% crop would be helpful.
mini670 17 176 United Kingdom
17 Nov 2007 6:33PM
i could take better shots on the 350 imo under the same conditions.

i always use miiror lock and 3sec timer.

nearly there with the upload now
mini670 17 176 United Kingdom
17 Nov 2007 7:16PM

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