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40d software.. Any Good

49er 15 564
9 Feb 2008 1:51PM
I am going to get a 40d next week (maybe) as a back to my 1dMKIIn... now I understand Capture One LE does not read/process the RAW on the 40d..( which is what I use for my MKIIn) I have PSCS2 and understand that does not either..(am I right) I have Capture One 4 which i understand does read/process 40d RAW, but I have tried using it with my MKIIN and find all my images are grainy at the end of it, even if I do not do any adjustments and convert to tiff. I Know it will be me as I am crap at computer stuff. I need to be physically shown..Smile Now until I get a certain person (she knows who that is) to help me with that I was wondering if the software supplied with the 40d does a good job in processing the files? I am off to Mexico in 2 weeks and do not want to take it and find I have no way of Processing the RAW when I get back.

Sorry I took an age to get to the point, but wanted to save suggestions about Capture etc..

Thanks in advance
cameracat 17 8.6k 61 Norfolk Island
9 Feb 2008 2:18PM
Well look at it this way, Canon went to a great deal of expense in R & D to produce the 40D, They also spent considerable resourses on the software they provide with it......!

How bad can it be.......Smile

Worst case scenario you use it to convert your 40D RAW's to 16 bit TIFF's.......Then over to CS...!

Easy really......Smile
Just Jas 19 26.3k 1 England
9 Feb 2008 2:35PM
Gosh! I'm glad I keep my photography simple these days! Wink
cambirder 17 7.2k England
9 Feb 2008 2:42PM
Release 4.0.1 does support the 40D
Hugeknot 16 1.2k 2 Iceland
9 Feb 2008 3:52PM
I use the 40D software for RAW conversion and it is very good... no, excellent!

The 14bit RAW files have such a lot of leverage.

I heard that you can also use Lightroom 2, but why bother as the new canon 'Digital Photo Professional' does a marvelous job.
49er 15 564
9 Feb 2008 6:43PM
Thanks very much...everyone
tomcat 15 6.4k 15 United Kingdom
9 Feb 2008 8:14PM
Try ACD Pro 2 Tongue

elowes 17 2.8k United Kingdom
9 Feb 2008 8:25PM
I use the Canon Digital Photo Pro to process Raw files (had to after buying a mac!!). I had never tried it before but I find it excellent. It is free with the camera and does the job. Work flow is perhaps a bit slower than some but better than Photoshop CS2 which I used before.

I presume the 40D will come with an updated version of this.
Superficial 14 147
10 Feb 2008 1:01PM
I'm sure Abode will update Adobe Camera Raw (The photoshop raw plugin) for the 40D soon. Some people have said that if you install the latest ACR plugin ( ), it'll work with the 40D, others have said it won't so I don't know the answer there. Use the CS3 instructions even if you have CS2.

I'm surprised it works in Lightroom but not Photoshop. This would suggest that Adobe has the technology but hasn't implemented it into Photoshop. Perhaps they are trying to force people to buy Lightroom in addition to Photoshop.
49er 15 564
10 Feb 2008 4:55PM
Thanks again. Off to get a 40d and will try the supplied software.. and see how I get on.

strawman 17 22.2k 16 United Kingdom
10 Feb 2008 5:14PM
Edgar there is version 3.7.8 of Capture on and I am told it handles the 40D RAW files. Version 4 works well with 40D files.

Also if you do get a 40D and want to use DPP, download the latest version from the Canon web site it corrects for lens distortion etc. Worth a play Smile

As for adobe RAW, my latest computer came with elements Version 6 and it opens the 40D RAW files, so I guess CS3 will be ok.
49er 15 564
11 Feb 2008 8:58AM
Thanks John.
I have been working on the Capture One 4 version which at first was giving me really grainy results, but with a bit of messing around I think I have reatly improved the results, but there appears to be a bit more grain and colour difference than the CE Le version.
I will try both the 40d supplied software and the Capture 4..

I am grateful to all for your help..

strawman 17 22.2k 16 United Kingdom
11 Feb 2008 10:17AM
I have never been able to run the 40D through the new and old version of C1. I notice I do a lot less sharpening post RAW processing, so I wonder if the new defaults for sharpening/noise are different.

what I did like about C1 V4 was the ability to control the Colour noise as well as grain. I find I do not like colour noise, but find converting it to more of a grain acceptable. Plus you can fine tune the noise reduction where DPP only gives you 3 settings.

The levels tool in C1 V4 is also good, I am amazed at how much detail you can pull out of highlights and shadows with low ISO photo's.

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