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450D vs 500D - Need advice please

_Helena_ 14 596 1 United States
7 Feb 2010 3:25AM
Hi everyone =)

I'm buying a new camera and I'd like to hear what people have to say about these two models. I've read several reviews, and I'm specifically interested to know if it would be worth the extra money to buy the 500 over the 450? I'm not very interested in the movie feature, so that would not be a factor in my choice. Thanks for your help.

7 Feb 2010 9:38AM
Hi Helena, I thought this might be of some help to you . If you can afford the 500d I would spend a little more on the 50d. You need time to seek out the best prices on the net

Regards Richard
Hazelmouse 14 379 United Kingdom
7 Feb 2010 1:04PM
Hi Helena

I use a 500D having previously had a 400D.
One of the gains for me was spot metering - not sure if it is on the 450D.

I would have liked a 40D or 50D. The problem is I have small, damaged hands and cannot hold them. The grip is too large and they are too heavy. So perhaps worth checking this point before considering further.
And remember so much depends on the quality of the lens that you use.
_Helena_ 14 596 1 United States
7 Feb 2010 10:59PM
Thanks for your comments, and Richard I'll be sure to check out those links and research the 50D. But like Hazelmouse, I too have small hands and the deciding factor for me when I initially chose Canon over Nikon was that while both are compareable, the grip on the Canon was just perfect and felt so comfortable in my itty bitty fingers haha!!

Then there's also the issue of all my existing lenses converting to a new camera body... and I'm not sure about the 50D but I'll look into that too. Thanks alot Smile

Cristian 16 950 1
8 Feb 2010 12:03AM
I upgraded to a 50D just before Christmas and am very impresed by it.

Alot of reviews focus on the fact that it wasn't a very big improvement on the 40D. Which basically suggests that if you have a 40D, then don't bother to upgrade. I upgraded from a 300D and saw a massive impreovement in camera spec & ability.

I would say the 50D is larger than the 450D/500D, so I'd suggest trying one out for size.
_Helena_ 14 596 1 United States
8 Feb 2010 3:21AM
I am checking out the 50D and there really isn't much price difference and as far as I can tell, they almost appear to be the same camera except for body size?

Are you able to bracket lower than -2 on either the 500D or the 50D? Say for example -3, -2, -1 etc in groups of 3? I am looking for these specs on both of these cameras but I'm probably not terming it right so I'm coming up with nothing. Although maybe there is nothing haha. Anyone know? Thanks again!
funkeldink 17 1.6k 1 Australia
8 Feb 2010 3:25AM
i use 50d // great cam ... but HD video on the 500d .. the thought of shooting video with different lens excites me .. but for me i will get the 5d m2 for that ,, but then i face the dilema of the full frame with my regular lens' ...
_Helena_ 14 596 1 United States
8 Feb 2010 3:34AM
That's cool, and I'd be all for that if I was wanting to shoot video. But the only vids I shoot are family videos and my little 5mp Canon S2IS Powershot does a pretty adequate job of that (believe it or not lol)..

I'd just like to get the most camera for my money with this purchase so now I'm really leaning towards the 50D..I'm going to have to hold it to see if it's workable, but I'm really liking what I'm hearing about it! =)
funkeldink 17 1.6k 1 Australia
8 Feb 2010 4:01AM
its great
_Helena_ 14 596 1 United States
8 Feb 2010 4:09AM
Have you done any bracketing with it?
8 Feb 2010 9:14AM
Hi Helena, sorry to throw a spanner in the works talking about the 50d. I must admit alot of women use the smaller slr's ie 400d,450d and I never think about women having smaller hands. Here is a link which you might already know about. Not sure where you live but this is a brilliant shop with great advice and good prices. I have spent hours in there.

Regards Richard
psiman 17 574 Wales
8 Feb 2010 12:18PM
My wife only has small hands but when we went shopping for her last camera, she spent 10 minutes playing with the 40D then picked up a 450D and immediately dismissed it as the 40D just felt so much more solid, better built and easier to use.

Coast 13 1.6k 292 United Kingdom
8 Feb 2010 6:15PM
The 550D announced and looks like this is worth a look.

_Helena_ 14 596 1 United States
8 Feb 2010 11:27PM
The choices!! I'm going to have a think on this.. Thanks
DrGrafenberg 11 34
8 Feb 2010 11:50PM
One thing to bear in mind (I read this somewhere) if you get the 500D make sure your memory card is CLASS 6 or your video will be "slow" maybe someone here can confirm this?
Also forget macro with this unless you intend buying a macro lens

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