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5th Annual West of Ireland-Doolin meet 25-29 March

Goggz 14 2.3k 72 Wales
6 Mar 2011 7:43PM
Aye, and none of the rubbish mind!!

Booking ferry tomorrow night I hope... internet aerial is now fixed Grin
fauxtography 16 6.6k 36
8 Mar 2011 10:54AM
Slight change of plan Stephen, it'll just be me heading over for this one.
fauxtography 16 6.6k 36
8 Mar 2011 1:15PM
Well, not just me obviously, i think others are coming too Wink
irishman 17 1.1k 2 Ireland
13 Mar 2011 12:51PM
Are we there yet!! Grin
Tooth 16 5.8k 227 Ireland
13 Mar 2011 9:41PM
ok, just Mark and Martin then Smile

I've had a few pull-outs so I'll put up a list tomorrow

but for now off the top of my head with apologies for anyone I've missed..

Pete (Goggz)
Mark S
Chris Roberts
Nick Hilton (no word for a while)

13 sleeps...
Nick Hilton (no word for a while)
Goggz 14 2.3k 72 Wales
14 Mar 2011 10:12PM

Quote:Nick Hilton (no word for a while)

I know, he hasn't replied to my message either, but I only sent it a few hours ago Wink

Can't wait now!! Grin
fauxtography 16 6.6k 36
14 Mar 2011 11:33PM

Quote:I've had a few pull-outs...

well you are a dentist after all.... Wink

Are you and Goggz double teaming the newbies and scaring them then? You'll be telling them the tales about Mari or Chris next!
Goggz 14 2.3k 72 Wales
15 Mar 2011 10:45PM

Quote:I've had a few pull-outs...

well you are a dentist after all....

Groan, where's the anaesthetic??? Ah, yes! {sound of cork popping} Smile

Quote:Are you and Goggz double teaming the newbies and scaring them then? You'll be telling them the tales about Mari or Chris next!
Better not, that's virgin on the loquacious, but don't ask me which is which! Wink

Sorry to say, but Nick won't be coming this time. I did try to persuade him, but apparently he has a prior engagement (work). So, by the time he does get over he'll be Auld Nick Tongue
irishman 17 1.1k 2 Ireland
16 Mar 2011 10:11AM
By my counting that makes 9 so far, come on folks don't be shy, we're not all that bad! Smile
Tooth 16 5.8k 227 Ireland
16 Mar 2011 1:18PM

Quote:{sound of cork popping}

Cork may be popping, but Clare will be buzzing and banging Wink Smile

ANy more, c'mon, you wll you will you will, don't be shy

(and yes, we are all that bad, that's the point Smile
Mari 17 1.8k United Kingdom
17 Mar 2011 10:28PM
Well i'm sulking because you left me off the list twice Stephen Tongue

I'll just have to be twice as noisy Wink

Are we there yet.... better book the ferry I suppose !
Tooth 16 5.8k 227 Ireland
19 Mar 2011 5:08PM
OK peeps, listen up...I'll not be putting this on Booktubeface-r or any of that Tongue I've checked with maeve and the second house is definitely not available this year. That means there's just Maeve's house (the detached one nearest the pub) for nine people. Shouldn't be a problem as long as people don't mind a bit of squeezing in, and bring along a couple of airbeds etc. Of course anyone who doesn't want to join the squeeze there's a B+B just up the road.

Good news about the cave - they're hapy to give us a private tour after hours (six ish) on Saturday or Sunday. They have a fewe stipulations about what kind of lights we'd be using being as it's a fragile ecosystem etc. Could someone who knows more about that kind of thing let me know what would be envisaged. I'm presuming it's just a few torches and flashlights. She mentioned preferring LED lights. I think it's mainly about things not generating heat and there shouldn't be much of a problem but I told her I'd ask someone more in the know and get back to her in a couple of days with a more definitive answer. So, any thoughts on that??

By the way I also mentioned that we'd be amenable to letting them have one or two (if any) decent shots for their own marketing..though that would be up to individuals of course

So it looks like we're down to the old faithfuls...

Mark S

If anyone else is interested at the last minute, please let us know - a bit of fresh blood would be nice to try some bizarre initiation rituals on Wink - but seriously the more the merrier and Doolin is packed with accommodation

So, let me know about the cave please, and the countdown has started...six sleeps to go.

Go on, go on,

you will you will

Are we there yet?

an bhfuil muid ansin fos?

Se chodladh..

Ar aghaidh linn go Dulainn

go dti an chead deireadh seachtaine eile

Slan go foill

Stiofan an Fiacail
Goggz 14 2.3k 72 Wales
20 Mar 2011 6:52AM
Great! Can't wait!Grin

If heat is the problem, shouldn't we go in one by one... well wrapped

Or the more verbose should be gagged praps... {looks at Katy} Wink

Seriously, I wonder if it's more the light energy output, which is what some of these stately homes are worried about. Too much light fades the curtains sort of thing, in which case flashguns would prolly be out... but I'll bring some anyway, and a few light stands. I've also got a few LED lights - one is fairly powerful too.
20 Mar 2011 9:36AM
Was hoping to pull a rabbit outa the hat at the last minute but unfortunately I'll not be able to make this one , gutted isn't the word , Sad wishing you all a very enjoyable and most excellent meet , I've no doubt you'll all have a ball , take care everyone and remember don't drink Guinness sensibly Smile
Tooth 16 5.8k 227 Ireland
20 Mar 2011 1:15PM
Go on stranger, do the rabbit thing, not too late yet, you will you will....

anyone else any more toughts re the lights in the cave?

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