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A 'reminder' for film users !

pentaxpete Avatar
pentaxpete 18 745 1 United Kingdom
10 Mar 2021 8:35AM
I develop B&W film for Forum members and a little C41 colour negative at a Pinch and so many times the sender gets terrible results. Very Faint Density, 'Greening Effect' on C41 XP2 400 types and it causes my worry in case it id MY chemicals so I have to do a 'test' on my chemicals to 'put my mind t rest ' !!
1. Please Cold Store your films in a Fridge until you want to use them -- packs of 10 can go in the FREEZER even
2. Please do not leave films in Cameras un-developed for years -- here is the effect known as 'Latent Image Regression' where the atoms of Silver Halides exposed to 'Photons of LIGHT' as a snap is taken 'Decay' and the Silver Grain can no longer be formed by the Developing Agents.
3. if your film is 'Outdated' you must give it MORE EXPOSURE as the Sensitivity declines over years.
4. Colour negative, slide or B&W 'Chromogenic' films suffer from exposure to 'Fumes' in a house over years-- can be from Sprays, Furniture Glue etc etc which will cause 'Greening', a High Fog Level and Loss of Image Density -- so 'Careful Storage ' please !
Attached is a result of Ilford XP2 400 Super ' GREENED'
Snapper Avatar
Snapper 18 4.5k 3 United States Outlying Islands
10 Mar 2021 10:49AM
Useful info Pete. Smile
pablophotographer Avatar
pablophotographer 12 2.2k 450
10 Mar 2021 11:21PM
I bet he is not a frog prince. Never seen any film developed to that effect.
pentaxpete Avatar
pentaxpete 18 745 1 United Kingdom
15 Mar 2021 4:59PM
I scanned the XP2 400 Super as 'Colour' -- usually I reduce the 'Saturation ' to a Monochrome.
pentaxpete Avatar
pentaxpete 18 745 1 United Kingdom
21 Apr 2021 3:31PM
Developer 3 cassettes of Ilford PAN-F plus and Pan F 50 for a member of the Pentax User site with a load of other make film - all in his LOFT for YEARS NOT PROCESSED !! Well -- all the PAN-F were BLANK -- even the factory-fogged Edge Numbers did not develop indicating a severe case of Latent Image Regression . I tried PROMICROl first - Blank-- then RODINAL for I hour -- Blank- then FX-4 Formula for 45 mins -- Blank ! So be careful if using PAN-F to get it processed Promptly


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