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A complaint about competitions

I like this site very much, but I have a big complaint to do about the competitions.
I find really unfair the exclusion of the "overseas members" from the prizes. What's the real reason? Please don't write again the old lie "Unfortunately, due to restrictions from the sponsor, only UK entries are eligible...", because it's impossible that ALL the sponsors want such restriction, even those who... don't exist yet! I mean, the May competition "lines" doesn't have a sponsor yet, but it's already known that whoever he will be, he will hate the "overseas" world, as specified in the competition rules.
This situation should not worry me very much, because for me it would be already a great success to be just shortlisted, but the exclusion "a priori" from every prize is frustrating and not stimulating at all.
Pete, is there any chance to convince the "sponsors" to eliminate this unfair restriction in the future?

Claudio the bassist
Pete Plus
19 18.8k 97 England
2 May 2005 2:17PM
Rules are copied and pasted from one comp to another. When the sponsor is agreed, usually before the comp goes live, we edit to suit. Most are UK companies who can only supply to UK customers. We cannot prevent this. We have had competitions where prizes can be delivered worldwide, but unfortunately not many and it's out of our hands. I've said when this concern has been raised, so many times before, that you can enter and still have equal chance of winning, it's just that you'd need to have a UK delivery address to accept a prize. If not it passes on to the second place winner.
agoreira 17 6.0k Wales
2 May 2005 2:37PM
Works both ways I imagine. If I won a competition in Italy or Australia, would they send me the prize, I very much doubt it! I use a Spanish photographic forum, and there the rules are the same, you have to be a Spanish national, living in Spain. It's the sponsors that make the rules, not a lot you can do about it, apart from as Pete says,find a UK address.
ejtumman 16 2.8k England
2 May 2005 2:39PM
What if the overseas winner agreed to pay postage with insurance?

The UK sponser could then send it to the epz house, and the team forward it on ;o)
rletham 16 890 United Kingdom
2 May 2005 2:41PM
What about a rethink on entering EC winners for competitions judged by you Pete, any second thoughts about banning them from entry? After all, you have already judged them once and given them the thumbs up that they are images to your liking and then to see them turn up in the shortlist and higher just becomes silly. Its like Elvis holding a cooking contest and not banning hamburgers and fried peanut butter sandwiches :o)
ejtumman 16 2.8k England
2 May 2005 2:43PM
and to follow on from Rabs comment.....

....stop giving EC's to competition winners!! LOL

Helmet on, ready for the battering
rletham 16 890 United Kingdom
2 May 2005 2:58PM
Thought I would pop back to see if there was a reply. I'll bet Pete's composing a six paragraph justification as to the merits of allowing ECs into the competition.

Save yourself some time dude. Just say, "Yeah, alright. It seems fair enough." It will save you some time ;o)
MarkyMarc 15 498 Canada
2 May 2005 3:03PM
Maybe a 'consolation' prize for a winning overseas entry that isn't eligible for a prize due to sponsor restrictions could be an e2 membership?
covey 15 1.7k Ireland
2 May 2005 3:09PM
I can understand the restriction, where the sponser is a UK company only. But surely, where the sponser is a Global organisation, as they so like to be called, there should be no problem in delivery wordwide through their various channels.

MarkyMarc 15 498 Canada
2 May 2005 3:16PM
There's probably a lot more to it than merely postage, I'm sure that the sponsors have certain amounts of goods allocated for certain markets and regions that can legally be given away. If you were overseas it would be like getting a 'grey market' prize.
covey 15 1.7k Ireland
2 May 2005 3:18PM
Mark, internal invoicing, should be no problem to any company.

User_Removed 15 4.3k 2 United Kingdom
2 May 2005 11:37PM
I'd be quite happy to post on any prize won by an overseas entrant as long as they pay postage.
User_Removed 18 7.3k 6 United Kingdom
2 May 2005 11:45PM
I am surprised that a company operating in the EU CAN restrict who it supplies competition prizes to.

I understand that our National Lottery for instance, will award prizes to EU nationals but not to others (a US Serviceman in East of England won a large prize a couple of years back and was not able to claim it) and on that basis, I would imagine that a EU prize winner will be entitled in law to claim any prize they won (if they got to know about it - oh cynical me!)

Barrie Smile
agoreira 17 6.0k Wales
3 May 2005 12:13AM
"I am surprised that a company operating in the EU CAN restrict who it supplies competition prizes to."

As I said previously, we're not alone in that. When I look at Spanish photography magazines, for competitions, it's made perfectly clear that you need to be resident in Spain. Mind you, even if it were a rule, we'd be the only country applying it, the rest do what they like! As a lot of of the prizes given here are electrical, I imagine the subject of warranties /guaranteee would also cause a problem to the companies concerned. I personally think that if a company is kind enough to donate a prize, they should be able to dictate terms as to who is eligible, and who is not.
conrad 16 10.9k 116
3 May 2005 12:22AM
As has also been suggested before, if a resident of another country than the UK would win the competition, it probably wouldnt be difficult to find someone on this forum who was willing to let the winner use his or her address for posting the prize, and then the winner and the recipient of the package could work out the cost of sending it on.

And some people have helpful friends in the UK, like I do. Works, too.


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