A little help in choosing new camera

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davyk 9 2 Scotland
20 Dec 2018 12:41AM

First post in a while if not ever.

About 5-7 years ago I started out in photography by buying a second hand camera, and slowly I have been getting a little bit better, so I think it is time for me to get my first brand new camera. Currently I have a Canon, but interested in your actual help, so it might not need to be a Canon.

My Kit:
Canon EOS 50D with the 18-55mm kit lense.
Canon 70-300mm IS lense.
Canon 18-135mm IS lense (my favourite)
4 Canon batteries and battery charger.

What I like to photograph:
Night shots

What I would like to have:
swivel screen (easier to see shots depending on how low the tripod/camera is)
bluetooth/wifi (to do remote shooting from phone/transfer of images)
If Canon is recommended (then preferably fits my current lenses)

Budget available:
I know Canon can do a pay up scheme, so something like this would be great
from £1000-£1500

Genuinely interested to find out what you guys would buy, and the reasons why... This will give me a better idea of what I could get as my new camera.


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JackAllTog Plus
14 6.4k 58 United Kingdom
20 Dec 2018 9:58AM
Hi Davy,

So a 6Dmk2 is just inside your budget and has a swivel screen, Wifi and Bluetooth, Its not too much bigger than you current camera and you would be used to using it.
(I've a MK1 and think its great)
but your 18-55m and 18-135 are i beleive EF-s lenses so would not work well on a FF camera.

However the 6dMK1 is only £900 new and that would leave you with £600 - perhaps towards a 17-40mm lens for you landscapes to replace your 18-55mm.
Trading in your old camera may add a few hundred pounds to your budget.

The other question is - what do you feel is missing from the images you get from your current camera?
sherlob Avatar
sherlob Plus
17 3.3k 133 United Kingdom
20 Dec 2018 10:56AM
I agree with Jack that a step up to full frame is a good idea given your choice of subject. You mention night photography, I therefore think you need to consider noise performance also. I don't know, but I suspect you'll get better noise performance with the 6D MkII than the MkI, but don't rule out some of the Sony A7's in this regard (with an adaptor your lenses will still work).

I also think Jack makes a good point regarding lenses, however I wouldn't advise buying the 17-40mm L anymore. Whilst this is a great lens which is built like a tank, it just doesn't cut it with the higher resolution bodies that are currently available. It would be fine for either 6D, but if you decide to upgrade in a couple of years you will likely run into problems. The 16-35mm L F4 is a great alternative.
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MalcolmS Plus
18 1.2k 13 England
20 Dec 2018 1:50PM
[EF-s lenses so would not work well on a FF camera]

Perhaps a little of an understatement, they won't work at all.
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MalcolmS Plus
18 1.2k 13 England
20 Dec 2018 1:54PM
You don't need to go full frame, the 80D is a very good camera and will utilise your current lenses. It has a swivel screen and bluetooth if my memory serves.
randomrubble Avatar
randomrubble 19 3.1k 12 United Kingdom
20 Dec 2018 5:11PM
It does seem that, with your budget, it might best to stick with APS-C Canon. A 77D would give a big sensor performance boost for a relatively low price, then you might consider spending the saving on an EF-S 10-18mm or 10-22mm ultra-wide. Either would offer many creative opportunities in your landscape work.
sherlob Avatar
sherlob Plus
17 3.3k 133 United Kingdom
20 Dec 2018 6:49PM
Good point about EF-S. Any EF lens would be ok though (70-300).

davyk Avatar
davyk 9 2 Scotland
27 Dec 2018 5:20PM
Cheers everyone.

Still not decided, but going to take my time on it.
Mick_Clayton Avatar
Mick_Clayton 15 52 United Kingdom
28 Dec 2018 10:21AM
Best thing you can do is to go into a shop and see how they feel in your hands. Go with the one that feels right for you.
philtaylorphoto Avatar
philtaylorphoto 22 334 2
30 Dec 2018 8:22PM
Well, you have quite a bit of lens investing to do if you go full frame.

During the summer I bought a second hand 5D Mk2 and grip simply so that I could use an old 15mm Canon fisheye that had languished in a cupboard for 15 years. It was a move that paid off, as the first job shot on it went 1/2 page in the Daily Express (yes it was a silly weather story). Of course, I needed some mid range and wide angle lenses to go in it, so a second hand 24-105 f4, and a 17-40 f4 L came along. I know that people moan about the 17-40, but I've found it perfectly OK, as have a few national papers who used the shots off it.

However, I've had the same success with my existing APS-C system, that I had upgraded from a 40D 3 years back. The first addition was a built like a tank 7D, fast AF, plenty of megapixels and decent noise up too 800 ISO. Great action camera in daylight. It usually carries a 17-50 f2.8 Sigma EX lens that worls well in all weathers, tack sharp, and of course is an awful lot cheaper than a 28-70 f2.8 Canon L. For most simple PR jobs it's the first camera out of the bag.

In 2017, I added a 7D Mk2, bought new. Weatherproofing wise, it's basically a baby 1DX, it shares the same focus system, and has the back toggle that allows you to shift the size of focus zone clusters at a touch. The motor drive is blisteringly fast if you ever need it. Now, it doesn't have an articulated screen- but for reasons of durability many pro cameras don't. However, a new one will come with a wi-fi card that gives it wi-fi connectivity to a tablet/phone, so that you can view and remote control it. It also gives you the ability to wire pictures straight from your camera, which in my line of photography is an advantage.

Ah, but here's the good news, the 7D Mk2 has magically dropped in price new, and has a cashback offer as a new Mk3 is imminent.

Personally, I wouldn't worry about buying a low shutter count camera second hand. I'm amazed that some cameras have a lower shutter count on them than I get through in a day.

If it has to be full frame, maybe consider a 2nd hand 5D Mk3, but avoid the Mk2, as the AF is miserable
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Paul Morgan 22 19.9k 6 England
30 Dec 2018 9:55PM
The sky`s the limit really.

You could buy into Sony, Fuji, M4/3 etc and still have the capabilities to use those old Canon lenses.

I no longer have any canon lenses, those went years ago but I recently picked up a Fuji Mirrorless with kit lens and a 35mm f1.2, cost was well under £400 and then added a 55mm f1.4 for £75, it does wifi/remote shooting from phones etc as well.

Shop around and there should be loads of good deals from all the brands I mentioned.
randomrubble Avatar
randomrubble 19 3.1k 12 United Kingdom
4 Jan 2019 1:40PM

Quote:I'm amazed that some cameras have a lower shutter count on them than I get through in a day.

LOL. When doing interiors, like below, anything over 100 shots is a long day's shooting!



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