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A7ii still worth the upgrade?

Kilcaff Avatar
Kilcaff 19 51 England
11 Apr 2019 8:27AM

I'm wanting a bit of advice.
I recently bought an 80D as an upgrade to a very aging 400D and it has now developed a fault.
I've taken it back to the shop and they've offered a repair or a replacement for a different camera.

I've taken this as a sign to address a nagging in the back of my mind in that I really want to go lighter and smaller and therefore mirrorless.

I was looking at the Sony a7ii as I have 4 or 5 EF lens' and so could use these with an adapter.

I am also very tempted by the Fuji X-T2, but this would be a swap out of the complete system, which is not an entire deal breaker but my wallet won't be too chuffed!

Both the above options would mean putting around £200 to the replacement since I got the 80D on black friday.

So I'm looking for any thoughts or experiences with these cameras recently, is the a7ii a good upgrade at that price in 2019, likewise for the X-T2? Anybody done the full canon to fuji swap and how did you find it?

Or perhaps just sticking with a repaired 80D is the better option?
Tianshi_angie Avatar
11 Apr 2019 9:24AM
I've just bought the A7 - the first Sony mirrorless in that range (because it was half price on Amazon). I bought it for the same reason you are having doubts - weight. I am very pleased indeed with it. I used a Sony DSLR and the differences in weight have made a difference to my inclination to take a camera out with me. In terms of photography I think it is an improvement, bearing in mind that I am only an enthusiastic amateur.
Kilcaff Avatar
Kilcaff 19 51 England
11 Apr 2019 9:26AM
Thanks Tianshi_angie I've just been having that exact discussion with a pro photographer friend at work. The inclination to be out with the camera more is definitely what's pushing me to mirrorless.
joshwa Avatar
joshwa Plus
13 927 1 United Kingdom
11 Apr 2019 10:26AM
The Canon EOS 80D weighs 730g, the A7 II, 599g, and the Fuji X-T2 507g.

The weight difference isn't that large, however, the size difference is more noticeable.

You can use Canon lenses on Fujifilm with an adapter as well, with an adapter like the Vitrox EF-FX1 you get AF, and lens control from the camera.

In fact you can get an adapter to adapt Canon lenses to work on almost any mirrorless camera system, so don't feel that you are limited to just Sony...
Kilcaff Avatar
Kilcaff 19 51 England
11 Apr 2019 10:33AM
Cheers joshwa

I think I was lumping weight in with size but yes the size is a big factor. When out and about I'm much more keen on reducing my kit size and having a camera easier to access.
joshwa Avatar
joshwa Plus
13 927 1 United Kingdom
11 Apr 2019 10:41AM
Eventually once you've decided on a camera body, you'll most likely want to invest in lenses that fit natively on your camera (so that you're not using an adapter), so it's worth having a look at what lenses are available for each system, and whether they offer the same kind of lenses you currently use.

Whilst you can use adapters, the performance (in terms of focus speeds), and compatibility isn't always going to give you the best experience*. For example, you're going to get a better experience using a Fujifilm 50mm lens on a Fujifilm camera body, rather than a Canon 50mm lens with an adapter on a Fujifilm / Sony body (*generally speaking).

You'll also get a smaller (overall) system by going with an APS-C or Micro Four Thirds mirrorless system, than a Full-Frame mirrorless camera.

Have a look at some of the lenses available for each system in our lens guides:

Kilcaff Avatar
Kilcaff 19 51 England
11 Apr 2019 1:04PM
Cheers for the info.
Looking at my lens collection some are getting shabby now but the 3 mainstays are a nifty 50, 24-70 f4 l and 70-300 sigma APO DG.
Given it's not an extensive collection I'd definitely look at going native on the potential new system but I'd need to factor in cost and time in replacing the lens selection.
My most pressing issue is getting something that I can use for my upcoming newborn (any week now!) and now the 80D has failed me I think I'm down to looking at a replacement with a converter for immediate use. I could push a little further if I head the Fuji route and get an x-t2 with a 18/55 kit lens and then a converter to start it all off and perhaps similar with the sony.
Kilcaff Avatar
Kilcaff 19 51 England
14 Apr 2019 6:48PM
Just as an update I went ahead and got the Fuji X-T2 and by lord I love it!
Getting the entire day's kit of the camera and 2 prime lenses along with the usual blower, wipes and lens-pen's in my hiking daypack was an air-punching moment!
I trekked about the local deer park for a couple of hours with the camera stuck to my chest on the Peak Design camera clip v3 (which is fantastic) and it was just a pleasure to use.
Got a mint 23mm second hand for a good discount too so ended up with the 23mm and 35mm to cover a huge chunk of my planned shooting.
I've also decided to rent the 80mm macro once the baby is born to take some video and stills, as it looks a beast.
saltireblue Avatar
saltireblue Plus
13 14.5k 89 Norway
14 Apr 2019 7:36PM

Quote:Getting the entire day's kit of the camera and 2 prime lenses along with the usual blower, wipes and lens-pen's in my hiking daypack was an air-punching moment!

Good, isn't it?
I have the X-T3 with battery grip and with 18-55 attached, plus 10-24, 35mm f/1.4 and the 50-140 plus spare cards and all the other small stuff in a sling bag half the size and weight of my previous Canon gear.
It makes going out for a full days photography fun again!


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