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AA batteries - How long should they last in a digital camera ??

barnesy 18 3
11 Feb 2004 11:21AM
I'm thinking of buying a digital camera and have been told that AA batteries are drained very rapidly. What is the highest spec AA in mAh and the best value battery on the market?
geoffmclark 19 238
11 Feb 2004 11:35AM
Best value would be a NiMH rechargeable of at least 1800mah capacity.
AA are given away by manufacturers as a get you stared supply, so the general view seems to be.
scandave2003 18 380 United Kingdom
11 Feb 2004 11:38AM
Unless you have loads of cash to spare do not use atandard AA batteries. Invest in a couple of sets of rechargeables and a recharger.

These are available from Jessops and most supermarkets. I personally use 1800maH batteries and depnding on how much I use the LCD I can get up to 4 hours shoting from one charge.
FrankThomas 19 2.8k United Kingdom
11 Feb 2004 12:00PM
I use 2100maH and they seem to last quite well so far anyway - normal non rechargable AAs don't last very long at all
glencliffe 19 20 United Kingdom
11 Feb 2004 12:46PM
I also use NiMH rechargeable AA batteries, but I wondered if anyone knows what the lifetime of a set of batteries is? I have had mine for over a year and they still seem to be ok. How much longer will they last?
Firebaby 19 1.2k Faroe Islands
11 Feb 2004 12:50PM
Don't know but should be good for 2000 recharges?
digicammad 19 22.0k 40 United Kingdom
11 Feb 2004 12:52PM
Yep, Nimh AA are the way to go and you can now get 2300maH. As far as how long a lifetime they have, some of mine are getting on for 3 years old and are still going strong. They don't seem to have lost any of their power, but it's hard to tell because my newer ones are more powerful anyway.

My first set were 1600maH and I reckon they are good for about 200-300 shots in 1 day in decent weather.

The good thing about Nickel Metal Hydride batteries is that they are not prone to developing memory like the older type did.

Check the prices on eBay for 2300maH before buying elsewhere. You can normally find some decent bargains on there.

barnesy 18 3
11 Feb 2004 2:20PM
Just checked on eBay - 4x2300 for 5-95 - seems pretty good value with Argos etc selling them for 14-95! Can NiMh batteries be charged by any old charger?
digicammad 19 22.0k 40 United Kingdom
11 Feb 2004 3:00PM
Depends upon what type of charger it is, probably not if it is for NiCad or similar. If it is an old charger, it may be worth getting a new one anyway, otherwise you will be spending half your life waiting for the trickle charge to fully recharge your spangley new powerful batteries.

seabloke 18 844
11 Feb 2004 8:16PM
I use NiMHs to power stuff on the boat, some are several years old.
seabloke 18 844
11 Feb 2004 8:16PM
I use NiMHs to power stuff on the boat, some are several years old.
nikon5700ite 18 1.8k
12 Feb 2004 10:51AM
Although they are more expensive the NiMH is the way to go ... forget Ni-Cads which is an intermediate option you might be tempted with on account of their cheaper price. Trouble with Ni-cads is that if they are not discharged to the correct level before re-charging, they remember that point as their 'finished' point and from then on never give you the capacity they started with, do that a few times and they are virtually useless.

The beauty of the NiMH is that you can take a few shots, come in to the computer and download them, erase the camera memory and top up the battery ready for the next photo safari.

From another group's guru I got the opinion that the cheaper AA NiMH batteries work just as well as the expensive ones.

Another angle is that with Ni-Cads you need a special expensive charger which discharges the batteries to 'base level' before commencing the charge.

Further, when buying a charger see if you can get a 'five hour' model. The average charger is designed to charge batteries over a 14 hour period which is the best way but not very conveinient.

If you are a DIYer and contact me off group I will send you the basic electrical details of building your own charger if you want it. All you need is a 12v car battery charger or similar and a few extra bits.
Just Jas Plus
20 26.4k 1 England
12 Feb 2004 10:59AM
Another point about Nicads - because of their slightly higher internal resistance they run slightly hotter inside the camera, particularly in long shooting sessions. Apart from general overheating of the camera, oxidation and contamination of the camera's battery contacts can occur which is difficult to remove. The contacts of the battery carrier of my Vivitar flash gun is witness to this.

(This advice appears in some digicam manuals)

Just Jas
fletch 18 54
12 Feb 2004 11:29AM
7dayshop have Fast 1-2 Hr charger and 4 AA, 2300 mAh batteries for 27, and packs of 4 AA 2300mAH batteries for 9
Just Jas Plus
20 26.4k 1 England
12 Feb 2004 11:45AM
From 7dayShop I bought a Uniross ultrafast NiMh charger for 13.49 and 1 pack of 8 2100mAh NiMh rechargables for 10.49.

All are working fine.

The charger included both mains and car charger adaptor in the above price.

Can't be bad!

Just Jas

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