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Adapted lenses

pathrover Avatar
pathrover 8 60 United Kingdom
11 Jun 2018 11:31AM
I am considering getting an old 50mm prime for my Fuji XT1 to use with an adaptor. I have the kit 18-55mm and 55-200mm lenses and many of my images tend to be closer to the 55mm end of either lens. I plan to try some portrait images so softness isn't necessarily an issue. There are many adaptors for most lens types and I have recently considered a minolta f1.7 and a nikon f2 and there are a lot of old east german pentacon lenses.
These seem like a more interesting option than the modern Chinese imports.

Does anyone have any experience or advice?

Umberto_V Avatar
11 Jun 2018 12:17PM
I had a Pentacon 50mm on an m42 adapter. It gave okay-ish results. Swirly Bokeh was unusual but nice but softness of the image was not. I sold it for a few pounds less than i bought it.
hobbo Avatar
hobbo Plus
12 1.8k 4 England
11 Jun 2018 3:24PM
I often use one of my large collection vintage film lenses on my PANASONIC LUMIX GX8 M 4/3 camera ....they are wonderful once you get the hang of manual focusing in all its forms.

I strongly advise you to switch on....FOCUS PEAKING/FOCUS ASSIST.....These help confirm focus.

Remember too that your Aperture and focus are done manually ......For landscape and general shots ...thelens on Infinity should be ok...

Then go on to YouTube to learn all you can about Hyperfocal Focus , and/or...Zone Focusing....the art of pre-setting focus between your chosen distances.....folk who own most Leica cameras do this all the time.

Take a look through my EPZ Portfolio for examples I’ve posted.

I have also had lots of fun, from using extremely cheap, Chinese made CCTV lenses....these are sold on EBay with a variety of adapters.

I say.....GO FOR IT.......HAVE FUN.


Ross_D Avatar
Ross_D 9 843 1 United Kingdom
11 Jun 2018 6:36PM
I also have a Fuji XT-1 and use an old Canon FD 50mm 1.4 lens with an adaptor . Everything of course is manual but I find that makes a change from the 'auto' everything. I bought the lens in a cancer charity shop
(they were asking £10 but I gave them £20 !) and the adaptor cost around £18 off eBay. Can't find any examples at the moment but the results were (IMO) very good...... sharp and contrasty. I would have thought that if used wide open it would serve as a good portrait lens.
bornstupix2 Avatar
bornstupix2 6 131 1 France
11 Jun 2018 8:42PM
I bought an old Russian Photosniper outfit at a local brocante for 40 euros.....the body was busted and the 300mm has the weird stop down bar meant for the rifle stock fitting although an adaptor fits it on my Nikons no trouble....the star of the buy was the old f2 standard lens which fits my Sony A6000 and the Nikons via my cheap adaptors .....great focus and flare effects....some how a bit more "organic" than filters in Photoshop and fun to use.
pathrover Avatar
pathrover 8 60 United Kingdom
14 Jun 2018 10:30AM
Thanks for the advice.

I am going to go ahead and try. I like the idea of the canon 1.4 (less sure about the photosniper option!!).

Hobbo, I use focus peaking when I use my existing lenses in manual focus and find it very helpful. Fuji has a mono mock split screen as a focussing aid which I find very difficult to use.

Paul Morgan Avatar
Paul Morgan 22 19.9k 6 England
14 Jun 2018 8:34PM
I would not worry to much about the f1.4`s, just get yourself a standard 50, almost any of the popular varieties can be good.

For extra out of focus play get an adapter with a tilt function built in, this are only a few $ more than the plain adapters.

The two 50`s that I use most are the Pentax 50 f2 and Nikons 50mm pancake (cheap) these are nice and compact, size is worth thinking about since you will be adapting these.
altitude50 Avatar
altitude50 19 24.1k United Kingdom
14 Jun 2018 11:50PM
I have found that the 50mm Zeiss Planar works well on my Sony a6000 CSC. There are quite a few Rolleiflex SL35 available on ebay with these lenses. The SL35 bodies made in Singapore do not seem to be very reliable. If they are sold for parts with a lens it is usually alright - buy one, get an adapter for your CSC, dispose of the body and you have a good cheap optic!
Paul Morgan Avatar
Paul Morgan 22 19.9k 6 England
15 Jun 2018 6:20PM
More here about the tilt adapter here, two adaptors in one because you have the choice of standard plain adapter use with the added advantage of tilt.

These are available for pretty much every camera system and pretty much any lens mount.
theonenadeem Avatar
theonenadeem 10 46
15 Jun 2018 9:39PM
There are plenty of good lens out there Cannon, Nikon , Minolta lens.
Personally , I would avoid the K mount and m42 lens.

felixdcat Avatar
felixdcat 9 5 United Kingdom
5 Jul 2019 7:55PM
I think Iím on the Wright forum Iíve just bought a second hand Fuji xpro1 & 18-55 zoom Ďmy g10 packed upí Iíve a cupboard full of EF/EFS lenses the viltrox adapter gets mixed reviews the best saying the results are soft so is there anybody on the forum who knows of an adapter that connects the two that works focus & meter
saltireblue Avatar
saltireblue Plus
13 14.8k 92 Norway
5 Jul 2019 8:12PM


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