Adding a pencil line border to multi aperture shots in a main document

bulldozer 13 100 England
8 Jan 2009 11:36PM
Hi all,

Hope someone can help me. I've created an 80x80cm document in Photoshop CS3 and within that I have nine 20x20 apertures for photos to fit in. I created the 9 apertures using the rectangle tool and then copying and pasting them row by row to ensure they all line up in a grid pattern.

I've been able to insert the pictures into the relevant apertures on the main document by using the move tool, ensuring the shots fit in behind the aperture using the 'screen' mode and resizing them where necessary so my subjects fit each aperture.

I want to add a border around each of the 9 apertures but I can't do this using the Edit / Stroke command as the apertures seem to be classed as a 'shape' in the Layer pallette and that option is greyed out when I try and do this. I can use the Edit / Stroke command when I select the layer I added (of the photo) but because this is actually larger than the final aperture on the main document, the stroke line is not visible.

Can someone shed some light on how I can do this - hopefully it's really simple but I just can't figure it out at the moment!

Sorry for the long post but wanted to give as much info as possible. Any help appreciated. Thanks in advance,

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Anthony 18 5.6k 17 United Kingdom
8 Jan 2009 11:45PM
could you add the edit/stroke pinstrip to the individual images in their own layer, then move them across onto the background?

Otherwise, not sure,

bulldozer 13 100 England
8 Jan 2009 11:54PM
I can do that to the original images but because the apertures in the final document are in effect cropping the original photos, you can't see the stroke pinstripe in the final multi aperture shot. Thanks for the suggestion though.
BEVZED 12 1.1k United Kingdom
9 Jan 2009 12:10AM
When you have the box outlined do you 'paste into' as opposed to 'paste' which then resizes the entire image instead of crop? ( I think!)
JBA 11 341 1 United Kingdom
9 Jan 2009 10:02AM
Not quite sure what you mean but perhaps you would be better off with your aperatures being effectively holes cut into your top layer to reveal the pics below, cropping them if needed by the holes being smaller than your pics. . . The lines could be done by making each hole a selection and then expanding the selection a few pixels, then using the edit/stroke method, one at a time, on a layer above. . .
Any help?
Boyd 16 11.2k 11 Wales
9 Jan 2009 10:18AM
Rasterize the shapes, then you can stroke them in.

Your method is a long winded way of doing it though.
bulldozer 13 100 England
9 Jan 2009 12:13PM
Thanks for all the help and comments so far. I'll give them a try later on.

Photogene 13 176 Wales
9 Jan 2009 5:50PM
Perhaps guiding you through how I usually do this may be of some help. I create a new 80x80cm document set to white or black. I then go up to view/show/grid. I change my foreground colour to something that's not the same colour as my new document, I select the rectangle tool from the tools palette, and then go to photoshop's option bar at the top, and make sure that the shape layers icon is selected to the right of the rectangle tool icon, i then click on the small black triangle/geometry options next to the custom shapes icon, and input a fixed size of 20cm by 20cm. Now I draw my first shape into the new document and align it in the grid where I want it. Then I grab the move tool from the tools palette, and while holding down the alt key on my keyboard, I click on the first shape I've made and drag a duplicate to place next to it, I repeat this alt/click and drag until I have nine shapes. Now I go to the layers palette and right click on the last layer, which should be the only one selected at this time, and choose select similar layers. Then with all the other layers slected, I right click on one of them and select rasterize layers. Now I can add a stroke to the shapes, I click on layer one to select it, and then right click on the thumbnail of this layer and choose select pixels, then I go up to edit/stroke and input my stroke width, and I also make sure that the location is set to outside, I'll explain why later. Now I open up the images I want to paste into the shapes, and with my first one selected, I go up to select/all, then up to edit/copy. I then go back to the new document, and with my layer one still selected, I go up to edit/paste into. If I need to resize the pasted picture to fit the shape, i call up the free transform tool, ctrl and T and resize, I'm not worried at this point about going over the stroke I've made while resizing, because earlier I set the location of the stroke to outside, which means the pasted image will fall behind it and won't cross over it. I repeat the pasting of my other images in the same way into the other shapes, and I'm finished.
bulldozer 13 100 England
9 Jan 2009 11:56PM

Thanks so much for the detailed instructions. I've just had a chance to try them out starting from scratch and it looks like I'd nearly got it myself anyway. My problem was that I hadn't rasterized the apertures i'd created in the main document.

Thanks to everyone else for their helpful comments and suggestions too. Much appreciated.


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