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Adobe going subscription only.

SosFM 9 85 1 United Kingdom
8 May 2013 12:55PM
This is definitely going to have the smaller companies who have sat under the Adobe shadow for a long time rubbing their hands together, and good for them I say. Yes the industry pro's will remain with Adobe but the enthusiasts and small time independent pro's will go elsewhere. Lets hope that LR and Elements do remain available as single purchase but if they get swallowed up as well the small people will just go elsewhere. I got rid of CS3 off my PC. I use LR for just about everything now and would be happy to change to an underdog. Adobe have ruled the roost for too long and become fat and bloated off it. Personally I dont like the idea of cloud computing, I like to know where "my stuff" is. This will allow innovation from smaller companies and although it might not put the nail in the Adobe coffin it will loose them their status in the market.

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mlewis 13 1.5k United Kingdom
8 May 2013 1:01PM

Quote:Everyone seems to be looking at all the negatives but there are positives as well. If you don’t use Photoshop on a daily basis why pay £600+ for the full product when you can just purchase a licence for just one month. It gives amateurs a chance to use the top product without shelling out a fortune, all you have to do is save your photo editing up till you have enough to make it worth purchasing a months licence.

The problem is if you do this when your sub runs out you cannot use the software any more so potentially you have files that you cannot open/edit. You would have to make sure that you complete all editing with your sub period and make sure you save all the finished files as flattened tifs so other software could open them if necessary. If you are disciplined then this could work out for you.

But you have to have a years contract - its monthly payments but a years committment so dont think that would work

You can sign up for month to month or yearly contracts.
hobbs 14 1.3k United Kingdom
8 May 2013 1:09PM
If anyone wants a Mac alternative it's worth looking at pixelmator they've got it listed on promo price at the moment on their website at $14.99. I switched to it from photoshop as for the amount I used it I couldn't justify the price. I've found pixelmator easy to learn and they keep adding some nice upgrades.
saltireblue Plus
7 7.9k 33 Norway
8 May 2013 1:22PM
There's now a petition to stop the mandatory change to Cloud
keithh Plus
14 25.4k 33 Wallis And Futuna
8 May 2013 1:27PM

Quote:Customers have to come to terms with the end of perpetually licensed software," IDC analyst Al Hilwa told the Associated Press.

And Adobe might have to come to terms with the fact that other design software is availablr.
JackAllTog Plus
9 5.0k 58 United Kingdom
8 May 2013 1:29PM

Quote:There's now a petition to stop the mandatory change to Cloud

Well its one voice to Adobe to respond to a vast and varied userbase. Also another voice to competitors that there is a real demand for a good tool to use.
Signed, even if I've never petitioned a private company before Smile
Consulo 13 840 10 Scotland
8 May 2013 1:31PM
Well if there is a cut-off or June for being the final time that you can buy CS6 as a physical product, then I guess this iteration of PS - CS5 - will be my last (unless the situation changes, of course) as I can't afford to upgrade at this moment in time.

A point I read elsewhere, that I've just raised with adobe on their facebook page, is slightly concerning. Adobe have been keen to say that existing customers of bought-outright software can continue to use the software to their heart's content and not move over to the CC. However, if Microsoft or Apple release an OS update, are Adobe going to continue to make sure that older versions will still work on these new OS's? Granted, it would take a pretty major architectural change to completely brick the programme, but it would be terrible if this is employed as a way of forcing people on to the CC.
arhb Plus
10 3.4k 68 United Kingdom
8 May 2013 1:32PM
There are areas that are developing within photoshop that interest me, being select/refine edge and the content aware functions,
and I imagine that other programs will have trouble matching the capabilities of adobe in these areas of image manitulation, for a while at least.

Other than that, being able to create multi layer images using simple functions such as clone/heal and dodge/burn, solid/gradient colour and adjustment layers,
which have been part of the tool set since cs#0, means I'll be happy for a long time yet.
mikehit 8 8.0k 13 United Kingdom
8 May 2013 1:40PM

Quote:Personally I dont like the idea of cloud computing, I like to know where "my stuff" is

Your files and the application stay on your hard drive

Quote:The problem is if you do this when your sub runs out you cannot use the software any more so potentially you have files that you cannot open/edit.

Apparently you can have access to a 'free' version which enables you to access them, but you just can't edit them.

This is the link sausage posted earlier

I'm still not convinced by the idea though - but then again I don't have CS, only LR and PSE.
Nick_w Plus
10 4.3k 99 England
8 May 2013 1:42PM
I hope Pete and the mods don't mind (if you do just remove I won't be offended).

But I thought the following link would be interesting, it puts out Adobes position, basically amateurs / enthusiasts will have to put up with Lightroom and Elements we don't care.


I would look elsewhere, if other software had the advanced editing features PS has - tho I don't really want or have the time to learn a completely new workflow. (Besides CS5 does me fine).
Cacus 13 139
8 May 2013 2:17PM
When it boils down to it you, me and everyone who uses Adobe products will dictate if the subs scheme will work. And I think the trouble is too may people will just accept it. (Like they have with SIMCITY'S always on DRM! that was big news in the game world a few months back, and people knew it was comming).

Will this stop piracy.. NO Some cleaver chaps will patch the software so it thinks you have a subscription.

Personally I think the problem for Adobe is that many people don't Jump on every single upgrade. I work in pre-press and we are still on CS5 and to be fair if we could have run CS3 on the 'new' macs without problems then we'd have continued with that. Also the odd thing is do you need the features most of the time. Since PS 7 say, what are you doing that you couldn't have done then? With regards illustrator I could be running on Adobe 88 and still produce the same artwork I do today. It just won't run on my latest mac.

It seems ironic that 'we' demand upgrades and new features (that we may never use) and Adobe is now offering a way to get a constant stream (as I understand there'll be no 'major' upgrades to CC as it will be continous small updates). On the other hand Apple have been slagged off for not upgrading Aperture to version 4 when lightroom is on version 5.

There are other options and you can use more than one app to get the effect your after maybe now is the time we all looked.

I know I and the company I work for will.
lemmy 10 2.7k United Kingdom
8 May 2013 2:27PM

Quote:but it would be terrible if this is employed as a way of forcing people on to the CC

Apple have been using that ploy for years, changing the OS and forcing upgrades to software as a result. Adobe are just as aggressive as Apple and both are the most powerful corporations of their type. Modern businesses like these are ruthless. Their customers to them are 'the little people' who pay their taxes and can be exploited as they wish, since they always come back for more.

When Adobe have all those subscriptions, they will hike them up as they please. What will anyone do about it?

An example. Does anyone remember the protests and howls at Adobe's European pricing policy? It raged on and on. Result? Price today at amazon.com $625. Price at amazon.co.uk £610.

I don't know if they will do the same with subscriptions but if they expect the British to pay £200 more than the USA to buy Photoshop, I presume they will charge 50% more for subscriptions too. Why do they do this? Because they can.
8 May 2013 3:51PM

Quote:Will this stop piracy.. NO Some cleaver chaps will patch the software so it thinks you have a subscription.

It’s not about stopping piracy. How would software that runs on your computer be any less prone to piracy than the same software running on your computer? Both of them ‘phone home’ regularly. The only difference is the billing system – and add-on cloud extras that Adobe is using to encourage adoption of the subscription model.

No, this is about greed, i.e. appeasing shareholders whose only interest in owning the company’s shares is a quick return on investment. The ownership structure actively encourages this sort of behaviour, which is why all companies of this type end up looking the same after a few years, even if they start with nobler goals (e.g. Google and its “Don’t be evil” slogan).


Quote:Does anyone remember the protests and howls at Adobe's European pricing policy? It raged on and on. Result? Price today at amazon.com $625. Price at amazon.co.uk £610.

And €894 on Amazon.fr, which equates to £758 or $1174. I only have Photoshop CS6 because I got a rare offer from Adobe at less than half that price.

I wonder what will happen to Adobe’s market share in developing countries where subscriptions just don’t work at all, due to lower incomes and more precarious employment. Apple is reportedly in dire need of a lower-cost iPhone for countries like Brazil and China, where all customers buy their phones outright rather than by monthly payments subsidised by their network operator. Since these countries are growing far faster than Europe and America, they will become more important in the future. It’s odd to see Adobe essentially writing them off with this move to subscriptions. Perhaps it’s just more proof of the short-term thinking that dominates corporate governance these days.
MrDennis 9 261 Wales
8 May 2013 5:59PM
The Biggest Problem I see is this-----You, Me, buys Photoshop for one month via the Cloud. For that one month you, me, might use it every day for 3 weeks, so we lose a weeks payment. You, Me, buys the next monthly cloud and fall ill so can't use it. Cash gone in the cloud that could of gone on Electric bill etc. We Lost out. Those living in the countryside have SlooooooW internet, intermittant internet, get frustrated.
Those who use Photoshop and do NOT have internet (loads out there) lose out terribly.

But Adobe not worried about the above because there be too many Pro photogs in the world who are Rich enough to pay via the Cloud, and that is enough cash to keep Adobe going...If that was not the case then Adobe would of gone BUSt a long time ago because of Pirated software. So Pirating is just an Excuse to go Cloud. They charge enough for pirates not to worry them unduly..

I'll stick with PSCS5 and when my 7D breaks, If possible I'll get it repaired or buy second hand because I now retired and do NOT need any New Updated camera. Can't afford one anyway.
Also, as long as I can do the basics to my RAW file, I can always change it to a Tiff to work on. After All, when working in Lightroom on a RAW, it then opens it in photoshop, it opens as a Tiff Edit anyway. It is only Photoshop cRaw that opens it as a RAW in Photoshop.
So, Bye Bye Adobe Cloud.
StrayCat 14 19.1k 3 Canada
8 May 2013 6:02PM
I think it must be their way of trying to make it seem a little cheaper. The price has always been a large stumbling block for many. I know I wouldn't pay even half of what they charge for the full program. I've always thought their pricing policies were suspect, and why should they change now. Adobe Club, or whatever it's called, has been around for a number of years as a means for pros to share ideas, and techniques, etc., it might have something to do with that.

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