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Advice needed please

creative_sara 16 647
20 Oct 2004 2:41PM
I took some photo's last Saturday at kids party (shown couple of them on here). I spent hours editing 5 as I wanted my work to be shown as a great standard not just a 'snap'. A few of the mothers at the party said they would buy some even if it covered costs and bit extra I'd be happy, but now the mother of the party wants to see all the images and I don't think is too fussed about the odd carry bag in the background which I'd spend a long time editing out.

So my question is do you think I should just send as taken but then I won't be seen (in my opinion as taking very good shots) or do you think I should spend much longer working on them to potentially get very little financial reward?
20 Oct 2004 2:47PM
You could look at this as a PR exercise, there is potential to gain quite a bit of custom so I would be tempted to do the best you could with them, dont hand over full size prints though, take along a template of images for them to view.
sabretalon 16 1.9k United Kingdom
20 Oct 2004 2:52PM
If using photoshop just create a contact sheet with the images on.

I would then take a copy of one of the images you have worked on, explaining that in certain situations it is not always possible to control the background, so you like to spend some time working on your images to remove some of the background mess. If they like them as is then charge at a lower rate but if they would like you to remove items then charge more for it, maybe 50 to 100% more because of your time editing.

Don't send, wherever possible take them you could come away with an order.
creative_sara 16 647
20 Oct 2004 3:18PM
Thanks guys. Well I showed the mum of the party the 5 I'd edited for which she flicked through very quickly and said yeah nice but can I see a contact sheet of all of them. I was left feelin rather dishearted after all the effort although I did like the work and am becoming rather a perfectionist. I'm of your mind K that it is a PR excercise. So I guess I could select say best 10 or so meaning only 5 more to edit. After all it's my name on the line so to speak.
strawman 16 22.1k 16 United Kingdom
20 Oct 2004 4:00PM
I can sympathise. I did some for a kids football team (free) and I had to shoot the indoor under artificial lights, because the heavens opened. I don't have pro flash kit and to be honest they were not good. I wanted to re-shoot them but they said no no we will just use them. Well I gave in, they took them and moaned afterwards to a friend. Then they had the cheek to moan to me about the photo's I took for another team being so much better. Arrgh

The moral. If your not happy don't let them go to a third party.
snapbandit 16 2.3k 3 Northern Ireland
20 Oct 2004 4:17PM
Occasionally I get contacted by the parents of some of the youth Moto-X riders I photograph, to see if I have a pic of their youngun' (I don't usually put every photo up on my limited webspace) If I find I have a pic but it's not good and could not be rescued I have no hesitation in saying no.

letting any sub-standard work out into the 'wild', even for free, can only lower peoples opinions of your abilities, more people will complain about photos (as in 'my cousin who is 9 could have took a better one'!!)than will pass on praise!

If I cannot be happy with at least a 10x8 print I wouldn't even give it away.

It's far easier to ruin a good reputation than rescue a bad one!

Having said all that , as I've only sold 2 prints this whole year my reputation may already preceed me!!

Joe B
creative_sara 16 647
20 Oct 2004 6:20PM
Thank you both I think I will just send 10ish of my edited pic's as you say it is my reputation and I have to feel happy with my work.

Thanks for your time.
chasney 17 139 United Kingdom
20 Oct 2004 7:56PM
hi creative sara and everybody, this is my first post after viewing site on and off for a while, lack if time!

anyway, have found myself in same position after working hard at a party and have devised a strategy to increase appreciation. What I now do is work on one of key pics, email low res when happy with it as a taster pic, then arrange to show rest. To enhance experience of party, normally put together a montage using key pics and additional eg balloons - that usually goes down well and they come back to me and point out the favourite ones which i can then spend more time on.

Hope this helps
creative_sara 16 647
20 Oct 2004 8:21PM
Thanks for comment Charles,

Love the idea of balloons not worked out how to do montage yet so much to learn Smile
chasney 17 139 United Kingdom
23 Oct 2004 6:06PM
have a look at fotofusion, montage friendly software
pmalcolm 16 47 United Kingdom
3 Nov 2004 6:27PM
do you know where I can buy fotofusion in the UK, I'm having trouble finding this piece of software

debbiehardy 16 363 United Kingdom
3 Nov 2004 10:47PM
Hi Sara,

years ago when my 6 feet tall daughter was a little one, I took photos at playgroup, one Christmas.

I made 6" x 4" prints, put them in a simple 'flip' album and left them at playgroup with some order forms.

I sold at least one of each child. I also got some orders for portraits.

In this digital age, what about emailing low - res images to the Mum from the party? That way she can see them, but has to buy her faves!

Also, if you work on the low - res image to remove distractions, it won't take as long as if you work on the full size file. Any that people want to buy, you can then work on the full size pic.

Hope this helps...

chasney 17 139 United Kingdom
3 Nov 2004 11:49PM
for fotofusion, you need to download from lumapix.com

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