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Advise on what photo imaging software to buy

Jestertheclown 12 8.4k 253 England
20 Feb 2010 1:58PM

Quote:Full Photoshop has many facilities that even professional snappers never use. I bought it because it's the industry standard and I depend on it for my living. Later versions often have useful features: I use CS2, upgraded fron version 7, and I wouldn't want to go back.

Interesting remarks there.

I too use CS2 and although I've got other software on here, it's nearly always CS2 that I turn to.

I've always thought of CS2 as being the quintessential version of Photoshop. It does everything I need and as you say, far more and it seems to be many peoples first choice.

I often read a comment on here in which someone will say "I did this using CS2". It seems to get mentioned more often than CS3 and I hardly ever hear anyone mention CS4.

Is this because those that have it don't feel the need to upgrade or is it because we don't think the newer versions are that much better?

Or is it simply that no-one's prepared to pay Adobe's outrageously extortionate prices?

Jestertheclown 12 8.4k 253 England
20 Feb 2010 2:21PM
@Saxon Marsh.


That link takes you to a download that, when opened, immediately tries to install something called: Microsoft. NET Framework Client Profile which is a beta and part of .NET Framework 4 which is itself a Beta2.
(I tried linking to this but it won't work, you'll need to look it up. Sorry).

It's probably perfectly OK but I never touch anything with a Beta tag on it. That tells me it's an unknown quantity, so I canceled the download before I even saw mentioned.

ellis rowell 16 2.0k United Kingdom
20 Feb 2010 2:41PM

Quote:You could try this, its free and quite powerful, and simple to use


Not much use for my system, I'll have to stick with The Gimp. A small price to pay for being free of virus problems.
Jestertheclown 12 8.4k 253 England
20 Feb 2010 3:02PM

Quote:A small price to pay for being free of virus problems.


We all know how free your system is of problems.
You keep telling us.
My (XP) system is equally free of problems.
That's simply because I look after it.
I do, however, have the option of using many, many things that you don't whilst remaining problem free.

Obviously, you're very happy with what you've got which is fine but I feel that your view of things is somewhat blinkered to say the least and your last comment was just a touch patronising.

User_Removed 11 718 9 England
20 Feb 2010 3:16PM
There is photofiltre a free editing program that is very basic but great for a total beginner, and great if your using a netbook for occasional edits but soon you will want something with more features but as a first time editing software its pretty easy and intuitive to you.

Tried GIMP but didnt like all those windows, made my head hurt, but its horses for courses really, my father swears by Paintshop Pro but i never liked it much, too used to Adobe photodhop packages myself. But the photofiltre is great for those with limited disc space.
thewilliam 12 6.1k
20 Feb 2010 3:18PM
If your budget can't reach the full-blown Photoshop, always shoot RAW and keep the file somewhere safe, so you can revisit the image if you do decide to spalsh out.

And you only ever work on a copy of your file, don't you?
Jestertheclown 12 8.4k 253 England
20 Feb 2010 3:18PM

I'll second that.

I keep photofiltre lurking in the background for those occasions you want something a bit different. (Or you've got an hour to kill)!

SimplySimon 11 281 England
20 Feb 2010 3:23PM
Also try Hornil Stylepix,a free and powerful image editor. Simon
Jestertheclown 12 8.4k 253 England
20 Feb 2010 4:58PM

Quote:Also try Hornil Stylepix,a free and powerful image editor. Simon

I just have.
Good, isn't it. Certainly a match for GIMP and much easier to use.
I've yet to find out how to download the portable version though. Once I do, I shall replace the GIMP Portable app. I carry about with me.

Jestertheclown 12 8.4k 253 England
20 Feb 2010 7:39PM
Update on above.

I've found and installed the portable version of Stylepix and it works just fine.

The download though comes in the form of a 7z compressed folder and I had to download a 7z app. to get into it. (I got it free from Cnet downloads).

That's not as bad as it sounds though as the 7z format is (apparently) better at what it does than WinZip and if these files are to become commonplace we'll all need one soon anyway so I'll let it sit in the background.

JamesGarfield 11 915 4 United Kingdom
20 Feb 2010 7:51PM
I use Corel Photo X2 pro and love it, Pro X3 is out now and will eventually upgrade to that. I tried the latest version of Photoshop (trial download) but I found it really complicated to navigate and use and it's quite expensive.
TP 11 57 2 United Kingdom
20 Feb 2010 8:31PM
I love CS4! i find the menus a lot easier to use than CS2, but i could never afford to buy the full cs4 package luckily im still a student Smile
this is a free online photo editor, probably wont be your preferred editor but it has a lot of very nice features and tools for a free online app. [link=pixlr][/link]
Toonman 13 1.4k 2 England
21 Feb 2010 8:14AM
Careful with Hornil stylepix. When uninstalled it took out my Picasa and Dxo files. Had to reinstall!
Jestertheclown 12 8.4k 253 England
21 Feb 2010 1:33PM
Hi Adam,
I've just uninstalled it from here without any problems.
I did it using "Revo Uninstaller" though as opposed to "Micro$oft's remove programmes" thing so that might be why.
Perhaps the portable version is the way to go.
Even if you use it from your PC (as opposed to a USB key or something) it's not actually installed as a programme and so shouldn't affect anything else.
Rorymac Plus
12 78 1 United Kingdom
21 Feb 2010 1:49PM
hi Adam
no one seems to have mentioned "lightromm". you can down load the new beta version for free at "adobe labs". and se it free till the full version is released.
I use lightromm for everything, and rearly have to use another editing tool, if i need anything other than that i use nikon,nx...... itis a nikon product but you can export your files from lightroom as tiffs and work on them. it is so much easier than photoshop to use, and you can download a free trial also. i think photoshop is to complicated and hard to learn. I must be a bit of a tecno phobe. i do think that elements would do everything you wanted till you advance further. just a few things to think about, hope it helps


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