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Air Show Lens

Ian-Jones 17 133 2 United Kingdom
25 Jul 2012 1:29PM
Sorry, I forgot to include this link on lenses et al.
Johno450 9 24 1 United Kingdom
29 Oct 2012 5:12AM

Quote:Even a 1.4 takes it up to 340mm,

A 1.4x extender/converter on a 200mm lens gives you 280mm

I agree. What we are talking about here is extending the range on the camera he has got, not comparing to performance on a totally different format.

Quote:Even a 1.4 takes it up to 340mm

I use a 7D with a 70-200mm f2.8 IS II ... I think you will find with the 1.4x converter it will give you 280mm... then add on the 1.6 crop factor of the 7D and you will get an effective 448mm at f4...

All in all the 70-200mm f2.8 IS II and Mk III 1.4x converter is a good combo.... it gives you flexibility... but with all things.... its 'horses for courses' good luck though with whichever route you take.

javam 16 1.1k 19 United Kingdom
29 Oct 2012 11:50AM
448mm effective will be too short for most single aircraft.

With the 100-400 on my 7D I have 640mm effective and I still have to crop down the resultant image most of the time.

Add a 2x to the kit bag and it would be an ok option. I used the 70-200IS with a 2x at an airshow and although noticeable soft compared to the 100-400 and very noticable compared to the 400mm f5.6 prime it was still acceptable.
Johno450 9 24 1 United Kingdom
29 Oct 2012 9:52PM

Quote:448mm effective will be too short for most single aircraft

Well I've used that combo (7D + 70-200mm f2.8 IS II +1.4x MkIII converter) quite successfully at air events.. (check my folio... Red Arrows and Lynx) with the 7D you have good resolution...so you can crop quite dramatically on your shots.

I must admit though I have now added a 300mm f2.8 IS II prime into my lens line up... so will be trying some more air shows at some point...

The 2x converter is good.... although you need the light and AF will suffer.... okay if you are doing fairly slow moving objects with a slower shutter speed... using either a monopod or tripod. If you want to track faster moving subjects at a higher shutter speed you start to suffer if you have f5.6 to play with... its all down to that uncertain good old UK light Sad its usually rubbish when you need it most at that crucial shot time Sad the aircraft don't hang around to pose Smile

javam 16 1.1k 19 United Kingdom
5 Nov 2012 1:41PM
I did say for single aircraft. Your Red Arrows shots are groups. The lynx shot looks good, but not sure how much you have cropped or how much closer it was to you than they are at the air shows I go to.

The less you have to crop the better of course and some of the places my images are being used now they need a minimum of 3000px on the long edge so significant cropping would be a major issue.

As for 5.6 causing the AF problems, sorry, but if that is the case you have a problem with your 7D. pretty much all my air show shots have been taken either with the 400mm f5.6 prime, the 100-400 (at 400) or the 70-200 with a 2x on and I have not had any AF performance issues.

Take a look at my PF and see if you think I am hitting issues with that as a maximum aperture Wink.

The F-15 shots in particular from last year were taken in seriously overcast conditions with the 100-400 and it was coming in from the right at speed before pulling up, no problem locking on or maintaining focus.
29 Nov 2012 3:55PM
I found this
explains about airshow photography
philstaff 12 51 United Kingdom
4 Feb 2013 4:28PM
I use the Tamron 70 300 and have had some tidy shots but find some of the time the plane is just out of shot Im considering a bridge camera as a back up but not sure if a bridge camera will be fast enough to track the plane and focus correctly. Any feed back would be good.

Regards Ian
javam 16 1.1k 19 United Kingdom
4 Feb 2013 5:25PM
I have not tried a bridge camera for a few years, but I suspect it is doubtful, but will ultimately depend on the autofocus system.

Making generalisations without first hand experience is always risky, so I am prepared to be shot down, but I would suggest no camera which relies only on contrast detection autofocus will be much good at an airshow.

EPZ arranged for me to try a Panasonic G3 at an airshow in 2011 to see how a current (at the time) MFT coped with action and it didn't. I managed less keepers with it than I did with the Pentax *istD I had in 2004 and I always considered that extremely pedestrian.
brian1208 17 11.8k 12 United Kingdom
4 Feb 2013 5:41PM

Quote:but I would suggest no camera which relies only on contrast detection autofocus will be much good at an airshow.

I shot the Bournemouth Show last year using the olympus EM-5 + 75-300 and got as many keepers + some better shots than from the previous 3 years using my canon kit (7D + 70-300LIS + 5Dmk2)

It requires a slightly different technique but is capable of outstanding results (much to my delight as I was dreading using it for the first show Smile )

there are a few pics here and there is a blog about it on the website too

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