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Alison Morgan, Cattyal, RIP

peterjones 19 5.1k 1 United Kingdom
9 Dec 2020 6:27PM
I am not the most ardent follower of epz and I didn’t know Alison but every death is tragic and I sincerely offer my condolences to Alison’’s family and friends at a terrible time.

Do we have a link to her pictures?

May you RIP Alison x
saltireblue Plus
10 11.6k 71 Norway
9 Dec 2020 6:39PM

Quote:Do we have a link to her pictures?

Cattyal's pf.
peterjones 19 5.1k 1 United Kingdom
9 Dec 2020 6:46PM
Very many thanks..... lovely macro and close up images.
saltireblue Plus
10 11.6k 71 Norway
9 Dec 2020 6:53PM

Quote:Very many thanks..... lovely macro and close up images.

Look back a few pages to her bandage and skeleton images...worth the time finding them...
peterjones 19 5.1k 1 United Kingdom
10 Dec 2020 8:41AM
Many thanks.
10 Dec 2020 6:20PM
So very sad, such a talented photographer. My condolences to Allison's family and friends.
janeez Plus
12 1.8k 8 United Kingdom
11 Dec 2020 11:29AM
Oh no that is so very sad. I have been away from EPZ for a while and have just seen this post today. Alison was an amazing photographer and a lovely person. My deepest condolences to all the family and friends who will miss her so much.
11 Dec 2020 11:26PM
Two weeks ago, I had a message through from a friend that Alison had unexpectedly passed away. Like everyone else, I was shocked and saddened to lose both a genuine friend and a gifted artist whose quirky work I much admired. Here’s some of my recollections that I thought I’d share on an unassuming but dynamic photographer, with a true artistic spirit. I was lucky enough to know Al both on and off Epz, having worked in the same office as her in Cheltenham 20 years ago – we became friends through our shared love of photography soon after.

Beyond the office, her growing enthusiasm for her passion shone through – her skill as a photographer was matched by her ability to enhance her work further with software. In the early days, I remember she used the original version of LucisArt to great effect (Whyeth was a popular application for her flower work), also Paintshop Pro before moving on to Photomatix, Topaz, Alienskin, Silver Efex Pro etc. Refreshingly, she wasn’t sniffy about just using something top-end like Photoshop only – as with cameras, it was what anything could do for her to achieve her goal – and over-complication wasn’t her bag!

Camera-wise, she wasn’t tied to any brand – more recently she’d enjoyed working with a few Olympus cameras (EM-1 + 10), but Sony and Fuji etc had all featured over the years. No huge Gear Acquisition Syndrome either – she wasn’t swayed by any hugely expensive (and weighty) cameras, being portable and comfortable on the go was more important - suitable for her days out (and lunchtime walks when in the office), besides she had a stiff neck!

Without doubt, she definitely had the raw talent but had never made the leap to full-time photography (she was happy doing her own thing rather than something with a commercial angle); her concession to herself though had been to reduce her hours down to 4 days a week some years ago so she always had Wednesday to herself, rain or shine. She didn’t drive so normally it was public transport, unless she got a lift somewhere – hence those views from buses etc that appeared now and again on different local Facebook groups, Bliphoto and occasionally Ephotozine. It was a joy to venture out with her and see her immerse herself in photographing whatever took her fancy. She had the vision to turn something that initially might look mundane into something beautiful, after a bit of tweaking of course! Smile

This site remained her favourite and she enjoyed the spirit of quality images being shared in a friendly environment, and where I feel she posted her very best work. And deservedly built up a loyal following as the years went by. Indeed, for the lucky few, she would take the opportunity when we went to ‘Focus’ over the years to meet up face to face and chat. She chose her friends carefully and only mixed when she felt like it – whilst sociable, she didn’t suffer fools gladly or want to waste her time on some event she thought she wasn't going to enjoy.

On sites like this, there are those that appreciate photos and those that contribute photos. Having seen the quality of work being posted, my position remained in the former category while Alison fell into both, especially the latter - and then some. She rose to the challenge of different subjects and competition (and awards, naturally), and this inspired her further to push the quality of her work ever higher over the years. As several people have pointed out, her enthusiasm for photography encouraged others and she was always willing to help others - and also kindly share tips that had worked for her, or that she had researched.

Without probably ever realising that few people could master such a range of subjects as demonstrated in her portfolio – phase after phase, she re-invented herself; the mask, bandage, stockings, surrealism, skeleton, oil on water, infrared, smoke, water drops, Woody, the Daves, still life, flowers/macro, the skull, ants, bees, bugs etc and most recently Ledley – the lovely black cat. She was happier behind the camera than in front, unless in disguise - she got quite inventive in covering her face, particularly in her 'surreal' project phase.

Most people find a niche and then mostly stick to it (mine is local views) but she seemed able to turn her hand, and professionally, to enjoy subject after subject over the years. Although I do remember one exception – weddings. She reluctantly agreed years ago to do some informal shots for a friend but didn’t enjoy (with her on that one!) – with time and light constraints, she didn’t have creative freedom to do the event justice to her standard she stated afterwards. Much more at home in her studio at home (just in a converted bedroom upstairs, nothing fancy but just look at the results!) or out in the field on what she called a ‘bumble’. On a working day, that meant a walk at lunchtime to Pittville Park.

What’s more, she had a very distinctive style to her work that stood out – apart from her talent, skill, and attention to detail, many images included her humour – an element hard to convey in a photograph, but again something she managed almost effortlessly with her artistic flair - this has been picked up by other members in their tributes. Mind you, finding her props took time and effort – she often scoured charity shops and carboots for items that caught her eye and then used to great effect. Her imagination was incredible, if a little dark sometimes.

Beyond her online posts, she hadn’t yet joined me in publishing her work further offline – although she did have an exhibition about 10 years ago that was well received. Looking at her portfolio, there would have been easily enough for a few more exhibitions, a book and then a retrospective!

Sad that her creative time on this planet was cut short before she reached her full potential, her enthusiasm had many years to run – she’ll definitely be missed but her outstanding portfolio is a lovely reminder of what joy she had for life through her eyes, and how generous she was to actually share this view in her work for others to enjoy and appreciate – a pleasure indeed. Farewell bright star!
YaelEd 3 2 United Kingdom
14 Dec 2020 10:31PM
Thanks Chazzer64 - know who you are now!

Yeah, she was a monster for charity shops wasn't she? We used to organise her trips up to Edinburgh with me coming back to Chelters afterwards so she could raid every charity shop in Morningside several times over a week or two, then I could drive her and her haul back down comfortably in the Landy!
She was also very good at raiding all our houses for interesting 'things' that might just make it into a shot one day!

Happy days.
stevie 17 1.2k 2 United Kingdom
16 Dec 2020 6:40AM
Very sad news, an excellent and original photographer. Thoughts with the family.
jeanie Plus
17 6.0k 6 United Kingdom
17 Dec 2020 4:46PM
Very sad news, Alison has been part of the EPZ family for such a long time, she was part of the furniture. My heartfelt condolences to her family.
22 Jan 2021 9:43AM
For various personal reasons I have been away from EPZ for a while. I returned last night to this news and felt the need to add a few (belated) words to all the wonderful, insightful and eloquent comments everyone else has already made.

I never had the pleasure of meeting Alison in person, sadly. But I did get to know her through both of the weekly challenges, to which I was (and will again become) a regular contributor. Alison's images were always a league above mine, and for me, her spirit lives on in the inspiration she gives me (and, clearly, many others). If I can become half as creative and skilled as she was, I will consider that a huge achievement. Such a loss!

These are truly awful times filled with devastating news for so many families. One sometimes wonders how we keep moving forward. But we always have. And we always will. In honour of those who can no longer walk beside us in person, only spirit.

Sending heartfelt condolences to Yael and all her family and friends. May it be some comfort, however small, to know how much she was loved by so many.

Linda. X
Arvorphoto Plus
10 141 5 United Kingdom
22 Jan 2021 12:32PM
I am shocked, RIP Alison. My condolences to you and your family
JackAllTog Plus
11 6.2k 58 United Kingdom
22 Jan 2021 1:22PM
Its a testament to her creativity and openness to share that so many photographs, objects and styles keep popping up in what I associate as her style. And articles and photos pop up with her name underneath them. Its like her legacy is still supporting us. Thank you Alison.
CaptivePhotons 17 1.7k 2 England
22 Jan 2021 6:50PM
Very sad news indeed. Alison was one of a kind. My condolences to family and friends.

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