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Amateur asking for help please

Docgpalmer New Member 10 United Kingdom
24 Mar 2021 2:32PM
Hi everyone
I have a D3000 with a 55-200 lens and want to do some long range photography of wildlife (birds in my trees, etc).
Iím no expert and prefer to shoot a picture on automatic (whether thatís me being lazy or just confused if I had to do this manually!). So I know I need a better zoom and was thinking of a 400 or 500 lens which are compatible, automatic & wouldnít break the bank. So really after your experience on where to buy from (China and Germany for some reason seem to be the cheapest but not Nikon and never heard of the make).
Even second hand ones for my purpose would be fine.
Thank you in advance if you can offer some ideas
Chrism8 14 977 28 England
24 Mar 2021 2:40PM
An idea of your budget would be good so recommendations can be more precise Smile
Docgpalmer New Member 10 United Kingdom
24 Mar 2021 2:59PM
The camera cost me £250 last year so I dont mind up to another £170 (without my missus killing me!!). Second hand is fine as long as I know what Iím supposed to be looking for. Thanks and hope that helps?
Chrism8 14 977 28 England
24 Mar 2021 7:20PM
Your going to struggle to find a 400mm and above lens for your budget, a 2x converter with your current lens would give for 400mm but with a loss of image quality and a light loss as well.

You might consider working with what you have whilst you build the budget further
Docgpalmer New Member 10 United Kingdom
24 Mar 2021 7:33PM
I saw this on eBay https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/303927786724 not sure if compatible with my d3000 though?
25 Mar 2021 9:38AM
Hi Doc,

That won't focus automatically on your Nikon D3000, you'd be better off with a Nikon DX lens, such as the Nikon AF-P DX NIKKOR 70-300mm f/4.5-6.3G ED VR. These are available for £185 buy now on ebay, but maybe they'll accept a lower offer.

Hope this helps!
Docgpalmer New Member 10 United Kingdom
25 Mar 2021 10:07AM
Thanks all 🥰
Jestertheclown 12 8.4k 253 England
25 Mar 2021 12:06PM

Quote:you'd be better off with a Nikon DX lens, such as the Nikon AF-P DX NIKKOR 70-300mm f/4.5-6.3G ED VR.

I think you'll find that the D3000 isn't capable of using AF-P lenses.

You'll need lenses with the AF-S prefix.
25 Mar 2021 3:10PM
Ah, so not only is the Nikon D3000 not compatible with old lenses (due to not having a focusing screw), it's also not compatible with new lenses... Sad
Docgpalmer New Member 10 United Kingdom
25 Mar 2021 3:40PM
Not compatible with af-p or e type lens apparently. Just af-s
27 Mar 2021 5:22PM
Have a look here https://www.lensora.com/camera.asp?slr=nikon-d3000 a complete list of all compatable lenses to your camera.
LenShepherd 13 4.3k United Kingdom
28 Mar 2021 8:11AM
I am sorry to say you do not have enough money to buy equipment to do what you would like.
Why not think about a plan B?
If you have a garden you should be able to get a small portable bird hide for your budget.
After sitting quietly in a bird hide for about 10 minutes the birds should come close enough to you for you to get decent photography with the equipment you have.

Docgpalmer New Member 10 United Kingdom
28 Mar 2021 10:46AM
Hi len.
I have actually thought of that as an option and even busing a portable bird feeder I can move closer to my window.

Also saw this on eBay https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/114735555573 which I was going to bid on as that compatible and gives me a 300mm zoom. So fingers crossed.
Jestertheclown 12 8.4k 253 England
28 Mar 2021 12:05PM
I'd intended to respond to your earlier post but didn't have access to a computer.
I was going to suggest that very lens but that you should look here.
I know that that's stretching your budget a little but MPB come highly recommended and their version of "good" means the lens will be in really good condition.
Also, it'll come with a warranty; I can't recall for how long, which you won't get from eBay.
I've been photographing birds in my garden for years and back in the day, I used one of those lenses, with great success, on a Nikon D3100.
As for getting a hide, I'd save my money. It's a bit more complicated than sticking it in he garden and you'll be waiting considerably longer than ten minutes.
I used to have a nine inch wall adjacent to my lounge window; sadly, it's recently fallen over (!) but I used it as a feeding station. Once they were used to the idea, the birds would feed just a metre or so from my open window, where I'd be with my camera.
They soon learnt that I wasn't a threat.
In also have two bird feeders hanging from fence posts, also adjacent to my window and I get plenty of shots from those too.
Obviously, you'll need to come up with your own version of my wall but with a little ingenuity and some patience, there's no reason that you won't enjoy the same success that I have.
Your rather basic kit won't be a hindrance.




The shot of the pigeon was taken with my D90 but they were all taken using that lens.

Docgpalmer New Member 10 United Kingdom
28 Mar 2021 12:10PM
Great advice Jester. I checked mpb and same camera was £249 so ďifĒ I can get the eBay one for around 190£ Iíll be happy and PayPal will protect me. If not, as you say bring the birds closer to the door!

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