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Americans are NOT stupid

kombizz 16 601 1 United States
7 Jan 2017 4:29AM
Folks, you need to watch this short movie and find out why Americans are NOT stupid !
versa310 Plus
10 809 United Kingdom
7 Jan 2017 8:19AM
Oh dear! and Trump is one of them!!!!!
Belleyeteres 10 265 United Kingdom
7 Jan 2017 8:45AM

Quote:Oh dear! and Trump is one of them!!!!!

So is Obama.
robthecamman 9 1.7k United Kingdom
7 Jan 2017 10:01AM
yes and who joined them to go to war
collywobles 17 4.1k 10 United Kingdom
7 Jan 2017 10:23AM
I think you could find the same in the UK if you did a similar survey............ init! Know what ah mean mate, ya know, , like ............. our education system isn't the brightest in the world.......
7 Jan 2017 10:40AM
Our education system is fine,but unappreciated.
saltireblue Plus
11 12.0k 75 Norway
7 Jan 2017 10:55AM
The thing about videos like this is that it is just as easy to go out and make a video that shows the exact opposite result. Ask enough people until you have the amount of correct answers you want to prove your point, then sit down and edit - simples.
Stand outside Walmart and you will probably get the result here. Stand near a university or college campus and get intelligent answers.
collywobles 17 4.1k 10 United Kingdom
7 Jan 2017 12:22PM

Quote:Our education system is fine,but unappreciated.

Really !

[b]UK schools slip down world rankings

OECD study shows that despite comparatively high levels of per-pupil spending, the UK is behind Poland and Norway

The UK is ranked 25th for reading, 28th for maths and 16th for science In 2006, when 57 countries were included in the study, it was placed 17th, 24th and 14th respectively. Poland has stretched ahead of the UK in maths, while Norway is now ranked higher in reading and maths

Top countries in the Pisa study
Hong Kong-China
New Zealand
United States
Chinese Taipei
United Kingdom - Yes we are last!
saltireblue Plus
11 12.0k 75 Norway
7 Jan 2017 12:31PM
The PISA results are disputed though.
Quote from Wiki:

Quote:In 2013, the Times Educational Supplement (TES) published an article, "Is PISA Fundamentally Flawed?" by William Stewart, detailing serious critiques of PISA's conceptual foundations and methods advanced by statisticians at major universities.[37]

In the article, Professor Harvey Goldstein of the University of Bristol was quoted as saying that when the OECD tries to rule out questions suspected of bias, it can have the effect of "smoothing out" key differences between countries. "That is leaving out many of the important things,” he warned. "They simply don't get commented on. What you are looking at is something that happens to be common. But (is it) worth looking at? PISA results are taken at face value as providing some sort of common standard across countries. But as soon as you begin to unpick it, I think that all falls apart."


Quote:Queen's University Belfast mathematician Dr. Hugh Morrison stated that he found the statistical model underlying PISA to contain a fundamental, insoluble mathematical error that renders Pisa rankings "valueless".[38] Goldstein remarked that Dr. Morrison's objection highlights “an important technical issue” if not a “profound conceptual error”. However, Goldstein cautioned that PISA has been "used inappropriately", contending that some of the blame for this "lies with PISA itself. I think it tends to say too much for what it can do and it tends not to publicise the negative or the weaker aspects.” Professors Morrison and Goldstein expressed dismay at the OECD's response to criticism. Morrison said that when he first published his criticisms of PISA in 2004 and also personally queried several of the OECS's "senior people" about them, his points were met with “absolute silence” and have yet to be addressed. “I was amazed at how unforthcoming they were,” he told TES. “That makes me suspicious.” “Pisa steadfastly ignored many of these issues,” he says. “I am still concerned.”[39]
adrian_w 13 3.8k 4 England
7 Jan 2017 12:44PM
They don't even mention Scottish education which has fallen even further behind the UK.
FabioKeiner 8 111 1 Austria
7 Jan 2017 12:55PM
I fear, neither british nor german or austrian average people from the street would show up much better Smile)
that tony blair is an actor - was not so far from the truth!! Smile)
and with regards to the next victims of us-invasions (iran, korea, cuba) they were not so far from truth, neither.
that many believed that the official religion in israel may be islam ? - little wonder, as more than half of the population of israel (plus occupid westbank) are palestinians (and mostly muslim): and that fact may be in the centre of reports from/about israel in the news.
PRC 6 307 United Kingdom
7 Jan 2017 2:11PM

Quote:They don't even mention Scottish education which has fallen even further behind the UK.
But Scotland is part of the UK.
7 Jan 2017 4:10PM
Collywobles. Unappreciated by the students .
robthecamman 9 1.7k United Kingdom
7 Jan 2017 4:16PM
rankings haaa
7 Jan 2017 4:25PM
Fabio ......I disagree with you comment about half the population if Israel being Palestinian.I am sure it is less than 20% and not all Arabs or Palestinian are Muslim, Some are Christain and Jews.
Also` Israel is a Zionist state which believes in Jewish state.Considering this information is mentioned many times in your media, one would expect Americans to answer this question correctly.


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