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Amlwch Copperfest & Viking Festival July 27-29th 2012

Goggz 14 2.3k 72 Wales
13 Apr 2012 5:26PM
Hola folks!

There's a big music festival called Copperfest being held in Amlwch at the top right corner of Anglesey from 27th to 29th July.

It's a "free" event, but you'll probably have to buy beer at some point Wink

Now the really good news is that the Ydalir Vikings from Manchester are also going to hold their Viking Festival on the same weekend, in collaboration with Copperfest, at Amlwch. Lots of opportunities for people, portrait, fighting and boat-burning photography, depending on how much you've drank... and when you drank it!

We had a good time there when it was last held in 2009.

If we can gather enough people to fill a longboat or a Mississippi paddle steamer, then we might be able to get accomodation somewhere "together" Smile

I won't be starting a group/meet page at all, as it is a waste of time. Sad

We can simply use some tags to ensure we see each others photos
Goggz 14 2.3k 72 Wales
13 Apr 2012 5:48PM
I need to make it clear the Vikings are there 28th - 29th, not the full three days of Copperfest.

Also started a thread on Basefook just to keep Tooth happy Wink
13 Apr 2012 7:08PM
summer in wales, beer, music and vikings.. its either a recipe for disaster or a damn good party !

Tooth 16 5.8k 227 Ireland
13 Apr 2012 8:57PM
Yes yes, meme.

Pete, please do a meet page - there's still some use in them...

and the more people use them the more they can complain about them when things go wrong.

It'll be good to group some new people, so I hope you'll get a good meet of them going..

Stephen Smile

(I'm sure I'm not the only person in the world who thinks Basefook is S***e)..
Pete 20 18.8k 97 England
13 Apr 2012 9:01PM

Quote:I won't be starting a group/meet page at all, as it is a waste of time.

As soon as the guys get some free dev time we're going to revisit groups / meetings and probably open up the chat room to discuss so we can get to the bottom of why you can't use it any more. It should "in theory" do everything it did before but much more. It may be a bit of a tweak from us and a small learning curve for you and then we end up with something we're all happy with.

Sorry, slight hijack there!
Tooth 16 5.8k 227 Ireland
13 Apr 2012 10:35PM
(More hijack)...that would be great Pete (big Pete Wink ) - there are so many people who were entirely happy with the old way of meet pages..consider Pete (Goggz) is one of the most prolific EPZ meet-goers (meaning he's a goer to meets, not at meets Tongue ) and here he is moving most of it onto basefook cos it works better - got to be something wrong there.

Anyway, where were we..oh yeah Vikings..

this should whet people's appetite..

Goggz 14 2.3k 72 Wales
14 Apr 2012 1:12AM
(Self-hijack) @ Pete - but you said something along the lines of "be patient and all will be fantastic" about a year or more ago. Nothing happened!! I'm fed up of being patient!

I don't see the point of opening up chat rooms when you've had all the gripes and suggestions for ages but done nothing about it. There was STUFF ALL wrong with the old system, but 'cos it wasn't broke, you had to fix it...

Quote:It should "in theory" do everything it did before but much more.
Yes, in fairness it does much more - confuses, annoys, isolates and frustrates a LOT more!

Groups are people with a common interest, like Canon or flash, or film... Meets are people with sometimes disparate interests but a desire to meet up and experience an event. I'll say no more on the subject.

Sorry Tooth I refuse to open a grope/moet page on this. They don't work! We've complained long enough and nothing useful has come of it. I reckon we can do without. If everyone who attends tags their photos "Copperfest 2012" we'll see them no hassle... same as it was back in 2009!
TelStar 16 116 United Kingdom
4 May 2012 7:18PM
Hi Pete,

Interested and watching this space Wink

Goggz 14 2.3k 72 Wales
5 May 2012 1:00AM
Hello Tel* Hope all is well with you and Mojo Grin
It would be great to see you both, so fingers crossed you can make it!

Cheers, G
Goggz 14 2.3k 72 Wales
29 Jun 2012 12:24AM
OK, perhaps it would be a good idea to test out the new Meet/Event facility on the Groups bit, so I'll do a meet page and see how it goes.

Getting closer... Grin
Tooth 16 5.8k 227 Ireland
29 Jun 2012 1:43AM
Yaay nice one Pete, go for it.

]m 'na eto? Wink Tongue
JJGEE 16 7.9k 18 England
29 Jun 2012 8:52AM

Quote:good idea to test out the new Meet/Event facility on the Groups bit,

And you did not have to create a Group to put the "meet" / "event" in Smile

That is one of the features that we, the members in general, wanted re-instated Wink
Goggz 14 2.3k 72 Wales
29 Jun 2012 7:03PM
Yes Jeff, that is a pleasant surprise. I'm really glad it has been made much simpler. Now all we have to do is see if we can upload stuff via that page so all can see it without us losing track of things.

So a qualified Smile so far.
Goggz 14 2.3k 72 Wales
29 Jun 2012 7:15PM
OK, the EVENT page is here so please get you name down as soon as possible because we are limiting numbers to about 1000 Wink
TelStar 16 116 United Kingdom
2 Jul 2012 11:00PM
Tried to put our names down, Pete, but summat went wrong! Sad


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