Amy Winehouse found dead age 27


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Tooth 15 5.8k 227 Ireland
25 Jul 2011 1:16AM
This is doing my head in, I was going to go to bed but can't hold it in any more. like don't have a personal allowance of it. It doesn't run out if you don't use it by a certain date. If two bad things happen on one day, it's not like an EPZ upload.. you can still have compassion for both. That compassion and those feelings may be of a totally different kind. Same as love... the love I have for my wife is different to that I have for my family, or my close friends, or the human race in general. But there's no overdraft limit on it, and in fact the more you give it out the more you have to give.

So, phew, that bit's over... this was a thread about one bad thing, and has turned into a thread about how it's not fair 'cos there's a worse thing... SO START ANOTHER THREAD Tongue Smile (sorry, I know there is one..)

Amy Winehouse IMHO... an artful creative genius whose talent was due in no small part to her inner demons, and yet, ironically but frightfully predictably, the thing that gave her that talent was the very thing that probably finished her off. In twenty or forty years, her music will be listened to not because she died at 27, but because it was searingly soulful and truthful. The unfortunate reality is that it was probably so because of the hopelessness she felt within herself.

My heart truly bleeds for her dad who saw it coming and publicly stated so, but was helpless to prevent it..

The Norwegians... yes, 90ish mainly young lives wiped out in an instant. How can anyone possibly come to terms with that?? but really is it quite so simple that 90 deaths are 90 times worse than one? I think maths breaks down at this point. Will we be remembering this in 20 years?? Probably not except on history programmes, and of course no-one apart from those immediately connected will remember any of the names, because they were all by the nature of things, ordinary un-famous people.

The Norwegian deaths have been described on here as "senseless murder"...oh, yes, and "innocent lives" as well. Well of course they were... have you ever heard of guilty lives taken away by reasoned murder?? Of course no, you say, but what's going on here about Amy W.???

So, get your heads round this... both events were very very different, but both were (IMHO) tragic, but in different ways. Tragic events deserve compassion, so instead of saying "this deserves more than this, nyaah nyaah etc," why not just have compassion for both... cos as I said before, the pot of compassion is bottomless...

Night all Smile


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Carabosse 16 41.4k 270 England
25 Jul 2011 1:33AM
Well put Stephen. Says it all so far as I am concerned. Smile
StrayCat 16 19.1k 3 Canada
25 Jul 2011 1:58AM
Very eloquent Stephen.
SophieHart 9 136 United Kingdom
25 Jul 2011 3:32AM
Stephen has summed this up very well with an intelligent statement. So much so I feel there is nothing for anyone else to say. So maybe a good place to close the thread.