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An Anonymous Gallery?

ketch 10 770 50 Turks And Caicos Islands
13 Jun 2008 1:53PM
I think it would also encourage us to look at our own style much more closely - so two really useful things. We rarely consider autership here on EpZ but it is important. Occasionaly you do get the 'recogised you from the thumbnail' but that's about it.

Then you have the opportunity to gather some clean unsullied critique (I agree this is similar to the pro critique gallery in many ways).

Then you could have the fun of unveiling after say ten/twenty days. This would be enormously helpful if you were trying to develop your own style. Once your name is unveiled then you get the chance to add your own comments and answer any questions left by viewers.

Personaly I think there could be enormous value - I would love to develop a distinctive style and being able to post to an anonymous galley woul dbe really useful (and fun).



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Slaterm 11 496 1 United Kingdom
13 Jun 2008 1:56PM
the system works fine - lets change it! Wink
DaveU Plus
11 1.4k 125 England
13 Jun 2008 1:57PM
How would posting to an anonymous gallery help you develop a distinctive style Robert?
ketch 10 770 50 Turks And Caicos Islands
13 Jun 2008 2:01PM
Sorry I guess I didn't make myself clear I am not suggesting change anything at all - but just an additional gallery that you can post to anonymously for a specific time. I think if the suggestion was to replace a gallery with this then NO WAY - if it ain't broke don't fix it.

I fear I have lost the discussion probably to voices of reason (the benefits seem to be the sticking point I guess).

Well thanks for kicking the idea around anyway.


wamp 11 276 8 England
13 Jun 2008 2:05PM
That was my point from an earlier post, what kind of feedback would make you look at/change your own style? I would imagine that a style evolves over time, or maybe even not at all

Quote:Then you have the opportunity to gather some clean unsullied critique (I agree this is similar to the pro critique gallery in many ways)

What comments would you expect people to leave that would be any different due to the fact they don't know it's your shot?

I believe that most people on here know whether an image they're posting is good or not and wouldn't need this pointing out whether they're kidding themselves or not. Your worst critique should really be yourself Smile

Cheers, Sean

EDIT: Sorry Robert was tying when you posted and missed your last post - bloody slow pc! Smile
pepperst 10 2.3k 4 Wales
13 Jun 2008 2:07PM

Quote:Your worst critique should really be yourself

I know, I am a right arse! Wink
ketch 10 770 50 Turks And Caicos Islands
13 Jun 2008 2:08PM
Dave - just one last reply then - posting an image unmarked - first would invite clean critique but would inevitably encourage speculation about provenance amongst those viewing the image, That would give me immediate feedback about how distinctive that particular image was (if the speculation was right or close) - over a number of posting I would start to get an idea about how distinctive and recognisable my work was becoming (for good or bad reasons).

Hope this makes sense. Autership is important - its why people will buy a book by Nick Hornby they know that they like it even though they have no idea what is in it. That is exactly why I feel an anonymous gallery could be so useful (it performs the same function in reverse).


DaveU Plus
11 1.4k 125 England
13 Jun 2008 2:25PM
I don't think you should think in terms of winning or losing the discussion Robert. You've raised an interesting topic and people have given their views. Obviously you would find it useful but I guess that if there is'nt a large body of support for the idea then the EPZ team are unlikely to implement it.

I think that in a way, just posting to the regular galleries and getting feedback will allow you to develop a style organically. Sort of evolution in hyper-space. You'll post a small series of pics in a certain style and if they're met with total apathy then you'll tweak the presentation slightly and test the waters with that. And with time a style that you are comfortable with and which is popular on EPZ will develop. But to be honest, it's the image content and not the style of presentation which is key. I could post a truly crap picture in "my style" and it would sink without a trace .... trust me as I have done. Equally I could post a pretty good pic in a neutral style and it would maybe do very well.

But just at the back of my mind is a little worm telling me that EPZ popularity or recognisability does not necessarily mean that you are a "good" photographer or would be equally popular in another internet environment or the real world.

Sorry to rabbit on Wink
ketch 10 770 50 Turks And Caicos Islands
13 Jun 2008 2:42PM
How right you are Dave and on your closing remarks I think we can certainly agree.

Personaly I realy admire those on EpZ who have a clear and recognisable style (this word or autership - I really struggle with but there don't appear to be any alternatives) - that seems to be the very hardest thing of all with photography. And like you say sometimes this just evolves organically. I should add that I am really talking here about treatment of content rather than presentation or delivery. The latter is easy just give everything a 3D bright yellow border with a red pinstrip and add some pithy caption in a wierd typeface. Th eformer is I beleive bloddy difficult for ordinary mortals.

Maybe I am just impatient and thought I had found a way to accelerate style development.

But you do go on to 'hit the nail on the head' when you say that just because you are popular here on EpZ doesnt mean that you are a good photographer - and I suppose that is exactly the issue I was trying (feebly) to grapple with.


Sus 13 3.2k 9 England
13 Jun 2008 11:07PM
I like the idea a lot for myself.

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