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Annoying TV Ads

capto Plus
10 7.1k 32 United Kingdom
5 Mar 2020 1:19PM
The list is probably never ending. As a Santander customer who will have his savings interest rate cut soon, the shed loads of money spent on Ant & Dec adverts is really enraging me at the moment. Santander will be hearing from me soon.
What ads get you reaching for the mute button?
SlowSong Plus
14 10.4k 30 England
5 Mar 2020 2:28PM
Equity Release advert to the tune of Diggin' a Hole - with smiley dancers. I swear, my face looks like I've sucked a lemon every time it comes on.
Dave_Canon 16 2.1k United Kingdom
5 Mar 2020 2:44PM
I avoid watching TV live so I can skip adverts. Of course if most of you do not continue to look at the adverts, the advertisers will move, give up or somehow force us to watch them. In any case on the few occasions I watch anything live, the adverts just flow past as I ignore them.

5 Mar 2020 2:51PM
The continual adverts for 'investing for your funeral' and 'investing for your life'! They are driving me into my grave!!!

And one I saw for the first time yesterday for KFC - 'finger lickin' good' - actually think it is most inappropriate when the message is 'Don't put your fingers in your mouth'. It is a series of people doing just that.
Willpower 11 520 United Kingdom
5 Mar 2020 4:03PM
I record the programmes I want to watch and then fast forward through the adverts.
chase Plus
17 2.4k 641 England
5 Mar 2020 4:26PM

Quote:What ads get you reaching for the mute button?

All of them, especially funeral ones, equity release,Sun Life etc etc..
I was really surprised at the KFC one too !
thewilliam2 5 1.6k United Kingdom
5 Mar 2020 5:51PM
Many ads are "clever" when we see them for the first time, tolerable for the second time and tedious thereafter.

I positively enjoy the M&S food ads because the lighting is just superb but then I did assist in a studio where we shot food so I recognise when it's been done well. And they're even better for being short.
Jestertheclown 13 8.7k 255 England
5 Mar 2020 8:26PM

Quote: 'finger lickin' good'

That must be as old as I am!

I though that KFC had dropped that years ago.
5 Mar 2020 8:41PM
it is a new advert - not a rerun of the old one.
Jestertheclown 13 8.7k 255 England
5 Mar 2020 8:59PM
I don't mean the advert; I've never seen it (and probably never will). I'm referring to the "finger lickin' good" catchphrase.
hobbo Plus
11 1.8k 4 England
6 Mar 2020 7:12AM
Anything to do with funerals, ezy cremations 😬....any has-been celeb, selling end of life insurance.... make every one happy.... but not won’t be there..... pushing up daisies ....PAH !

That bloody wine, from the devil’s cellar..... wouldn’t it be far too hot to touch?

BINGO !!!!! Adverts

The very worst currently.... strangely on bbc tv.... the advert for sports relief ..... some wazzuck dishing out shorts and tee shirts....

altitude50 18 22.9k United Kingdom
6 Mar 2020 8:04AM
Normally, I rarely watch commercial tv live, but if I do I normally use the breaks to make a coffee or go to the bathroom.
It is difficult to understand the minds of some of the people who think up the idea for some of these adverts, then to work out why they are actually accepted to be made.
A lot of them seem to be based on some sort of violent event in or around a nice clean home or fluffy stuffed toys like an extremely grotesque grey thing with very long arms. Or a penguin, I have no idea what they are selling.

The adverts made by organisations that will buy your car for cash are pretty bad too.

The one that really gives me the creeps is the breakdown service ad. with the child in the back seat singing.

The KFC advert was probably made months ago when it was sort of OK.
The ad that amused me the first time it appeared was the little girl and the submarine, but it soon gets boring.
Likewise some of the spectacle adverts, cat in vets & sheep shearing,
Big Bri 21 16.7k United Kingdom
6 Mar 2020 9:01AM
Do people still watch adverts ? Wow.
Techno Plus
14 6.7k 8 England
6 Mar 2020 9:38AM
I've been busy doing some decorating, so I have had Smooth radio on (718) ...Your not spared from the annoying adverts on this platform either, one I find more curious than irritating, is buying a secondhand car online, delivered to your door included in the price, without ever seeing it, I that find bizarre, what happened to the fun of Tyre kicking, and winding up car salesmen on a Sunday morning, I remember those days with great fondness.Wink
justin c 18 5.2k 36 England
6 Mar 2020 9:50AM
Off topic slightly, but I find the adverts on local radio stations extremely annoying, so much so that I now find the stations unlistenable. They seem incapable of playing more than two songs in a row (if you're lucky) without constantly playing the same adverts again and again, all day every day. In fact, come to think of it, the songs are virtually the same every single day as well.

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