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Another website

brm 17 76
5 Sep 2006 10:23AM
It seems traditional for people to announce their websites here, so who am I to be any different!

This is my first 'personal' site for almost 8 years & I'd be grateful if anyone can have a look & see if I've left in any glaring errors e.g. spelling mistakes etc. that makes me look more of a moron than normal.

The address is

Thank you!
deviant 17 3.1k 1 United Kingdom
5 Sep 2006 10:32AM
Really impressive. Like the artwork, clean and clear but with personality. The only navigation niggle I had was the back to menu navigation at bottom of the galleries. Always said back to menu no matter if you where going back to home page or gallery sub menu. Very very minor niggle but had to say something!
brm 17 76
5 Sep 2006 10:36AM
Thanks David, very kind of you to say so Smile

I did think about making the buttons back to the gallery different - but I was feeling lazy at the time & just reused the same button, will add it to my list of things to do though.

Thanks for looking.

SteveCharles 18 2.3k 18 England
5 Sep 2006 10:39AM
Very cute and original, and simple. I like it.

I'm not a fan of sites where the images take ages to fade in, I prefer the selected image to pop straight onto the screen.

brm 17 76
5 Sep 2006 10:47AM
Thanks for taking the time to look steve, I've got to say that I like it when images fade in, rather than just appear - so I guess it's just a personal preference. Thanks for you comments though - very kind Smile

keithh 17 25.8k 33 Wallis And Futuna
5 Sep 2006 10:50AM
I'm sorry - but that has to be the best designed site of that type I've seen in....ever. Works like a treat and looks fantastic.
brm 17 76
5 Sep 2006 10:56AM
Whoohoo! Thanks Keith - that has to be the best comment on any of my work... ever! I just hope it's good enough to get me a job, fingers crossed anyway.

whipspeed 17 4.2k 22 United Kingdom
5 Sep 2006 10:57AM
Simple & original. Great design & works well, very easy to navigate.

Imagine23 15 241 United Kingdom
5 Sep 2006 11:16AM
Wow - wonderful site, love the animation/layout etc. Simple black and white works really well. If I had to find anything to suggest it would be that on the 'about' page the white text in the black boxes could be a little easier to read - perhaps in slightly bigger or bold text? Great site, well done.
lobsterboy Plus
17 15.0k 13 United Kingdom
5 Sep 2006 11:22AM
Damn I can't view it at work - I get:

sites of type Nudity are restricted.

javam 17 1.1k 19 United Kingdom
5 Sep 2006 11:32AM
It is a clean, well laid out well executed flash site and you are to be congratulated on it.

However (and I don't really wish to delve back into the 'to flash or not to flash' debate as it became quite messy) personally I think the total reliance on flash for the operation of this site will reduce your visitor traffic, both potential and actual.

If you can live with that then it is not a problem. If you really want maximum exposure, you should switch to a CSS/HTML based site with flash elements for enhancment rather than functionality.
brm 17 76
5 Sep 2006 11:38AM
Thanks Sarah & Lynn for your comments, much appreciated. I did wonder about the text on the about section, but was more concerned at the time with sorting out the galleries - will have another look at it, although the information is in my CV as well.

Chris - that's a worrying message to get, especially as there's no nudity on there at all :-(

Neil - although I'd agree with you at almost every other time, for this site I think I can get away with it. After all, a designers personal portfolio site is usually their only chance to play Wink I'm aware it'll suffer exposure-wise but that's not really an issue.

Thanks everyone for looking.

ian walker 17 717 United Kingdom
5 Sep 2006 12:13PM
works well, very nicely stuctured
exclusive 16 579 United Kingdom
5 Sep 2006 7:33PM
ditto of all above, up there with the best of them.
javam 17 1.1k 19 United Kingdom
5 Sep 2006 7:43PM
Fair enough Ben, you know the issues and have made an informed decision and I cannot knock that or the quality of what you have produced. It really is a good looking site.

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