Any here got Capture One Express v7?

Big Bri 18 16.5k United Kingdom
10 Jun 2013 10:05PM
I just upgraded to v7, so I can use it to process files from my 6D.

First impressions?
Deep dislike.

Firstly, it didn't seem to see any images in my folders, I had to import to the catalog.

This took about 12 hours (for about 65,000 photos)

Seems very slow, uses a lot of memory,

but worse....
where's the flipping PROCESS tab ?? I mean, where has it gone ?

I used to be able to hit a button and stuff just went in the queue to get processed, now it seems I have to open a bloody Export dialog for every file I want to process? I am missing something obvious here ?


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scottishphototours 15 2.6k 2
10 Jun 2013 11:18PM
I feel your pain... have used Capture One since it came out and I have to say that this is the worst version of the whole lot. The whole "import to the catalog" and "output via an export dialog" is a load of crap.

I hope someone from Phase One reads this. It really is a load of crap and the person that came up with it should be shot...certainly wouldn't be upgrading to the pro version based on this experience!
KathyW 15 1.8k 12 Norfolk Island
11 Jun 2013 12:48AM
Oh dear... has to be said, it is horrible. I have also used capture one since time began, or it seems like it, but the latest incarnation is diabolical. The pro version (which I have) is no better. It is painfully slow, even pulling your toenails out doesn't lighten the boredom (and being from Norfolk, I have more toes than most)

With version 7 it has gone from being a program that had a few quirks and was a bit unstable to being an absolute nightmare. The updates didn't help much, just made it crash slightly more often. Trying to get rid of the ******* thing is fun too. Expect to spend many a happy hour winkling the thing out from the depths of your PC... and from the Phase One forums one can assume that the Mac version is no better.

Now having to learn to love Lightroom... Tongue I am very sad... used to love the way Capture One spat out my pics. Sad
keith selmes 15 7.4k 1 United Kingdom
11 Jun 2013 1:00AM
I wish I'd trialled it properly before upgrading. I would have waited. I was getting on OK with 6.

I believe it really does have an improved raw conversion, but it's a cpu thrasher and it has added a lot of complication that I don't think is going to give me any benefit.

From the descriptions, I had expected the catalogue facilities would be very useful, but actually they're just a pain.

Quote:I hope someone from Phase One reads this
If you post in their forum, they probably will. Or contact tech support.

Quote:where's the flipping PROCESS tab ?? I mean, where has it gone ?
don't ... I'm trying to stay calm ... don't start me ...
11 Jun 2013 8:50AM
And there was me thinking it was about time I updated. Thanks guys - I'll stick with v6!
Big Bri 18 16.5k United Kingdom
11 Jun 2013 8:56AM
Ah, not just me then. I see the Pro version still has the Output and Batch options, they obviously decided it was important, so lets make people pay more for that feature.
franken Plus
16 4.9k 4 United Kingdom
11 Jun 2013 9:33AM
I'll stick with 6!

indemnity 10 334
11 Jun 2013 10:06AM
Love it, v7 pro. However you really need to get to grips with how sessions and catalogues work and what they can do. Been using this since v4 which was not the best back then.

If you get the opportunity to attend one of their free seminars, it is well worth it. The regular tips and tutorials from the 'image professor' are excellent, this is where you'll find the features and how to use them explained.

I must admit there are numerous features and menus that are not at first apparent, I only discovered some of them by attending a seminar in Manchester.

The improvement to layers, gradients, auto mask, fill mask etc. quite exceptional. Levels adjustments work in a totally different way to previous editions.

On first use, without knowing what it could do and how it worked it, I was disappointed too. It's not something you can just muddle through and master in a couple of hours.
Big Bri 18 16.5k United Kingdom
11 Jun 2013 10:13AM
I don't think you understand my issue. I don't want to pay 200 quid to get back a feature that I had in C1 Express v6. They removed it.
KathyW 15 1.8k 12 Norfolk Island
11 Jun 2013 10:25AM
200 quid is a lot of money to pay for a pretty blue screen and worn out fingertips from drumming them on the desk while waiting for v7 pro to import 30 images...
keith selmes 15 7.4k 1 United Kingdom
11 Jun 2013 12:55PM

Quote: It's not something you can just muddle through and master in a couple of hours.
That's my problem - I intended doing it later in the year, should've stuck to plan. Wasn't expecting this much hassle.
cameracat 15 8.6k 61 Norfolk Island
11 Jun 2013 1:20PM

Quote:Love it, v7 pro. However you really need to get to grips with how sessions and catalogues work

I have half a suspicion that you are taking a serious bung from Phase One, Either that or you have not read the many forum posts on Capture One V7 Pro & Express, Clearly posted on Phase ones own user forums.....!!!

As has been mentioned by others, Up to version 6 things kinda worked, A tad flaky perhaps, But at least it was useable....Just about...Assuming you had a state of the art mega computer, That is.

Version 7 Pro is a pile of rubbish, Very serious rubbish to, In that it not only fails to deliver on any level, It seriously screws any computer it is installed on, It has problems with memory, Problems with graphic card drivers, And I'm not talking budget items here, We use a mix of very high spec graphic cards from Nvidia & ATI, Namely " Quadro & FirePro " models, Machines running SSD's with 16 & 32 Gigabytes of high speed ram, CPU's ranging from Quad core through to Octo Core with speeds ranging from 3.5Ghz to in excess of 4Ghz......!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ETC .....

So why does Capture One V7 Pro run like a pile of pooh! Why is it so slow, Why does it cause " Blue Screens " on machines that where running perfectly before it was installed....WHY...???

There is only one nice thing I can say about this joke of a software, That is when it works the RAW translation of files from Nikon & Canon cameras is quite nice straight out of the box.

Blue screens aside, Its way to slow though, One or 2 files at a time....Maybe! But it is like watching paint dry Or grass grow when things get serious.....!!!

Can't be bothered with trying to get a refund, I'm boiled of as it is, So being P'ed around with that procedure would only add fuel to the fire........................................

Uninstalling the horrible thing is of no use, Sure it cures the blue screens and other maladies, But it leaves fragments " Hooked " into your operating system ( Mac Or Windows makes no odds ) These crippling hooks prevent you from returning to Version 6, Well you can try but the left overs from 7 manage to cripple version 6 also, Not only that these fragments hooked in nice and deep impact on other software's to some extent, Some need to be re-installed to fix the problems caused by uninstalling Capture One V7.

No suggestions required regarding posting this on Phase One forums, It has been done and done by many others, I am fairly sure Phase One are aware of the issues, But telling savvy users to " Just Update Their Graphic Card Drivers " is a tad pathetic, Does not make any difference anyhow.....!!!

So if I where any of you, I would avoid this software for now, The only way they are going to sweeten this experience is by producing a version that works properly, Maybe version 8 perhaps, But us poor sods who have experienced this version will want a " FREE " copy.

Quote:If you get the opportunity to attend one of their free seminars, it is well worth it

WHAT ! You mean they are doing seminars on software writing.......Wow!!!!!!

Quote:The regular tips and tutorials from the 'image professor' are excellent

What! Like how to uninstall V7 and fix all the problems with it.....Get away....Grin

Lightroom here we come.......Wink
KathyW 15 1.8k 12 Norfolk Island
11 Jun 2013 1:44PM

Quote: It's not something you can just muddle through and master in a couple of hours.

Nope, because it will take a couple of hours to just import the files from one day's shooting... Then about four hours for the software to prepare the files for preview... zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz Tongue
indemnity 10 334
11 Jun 2013 2:39PM
Mr cameracat... Sorry to disappoint you, but I have no connection with Phase One, and have no issues with blue screens or anything else you assert.

The software works fine for me on an 8 core 32gb and graphics card. I don't frequent forums so know of none of the failings you mention.

The software is provided free if you have a PhaseOne/Mamiya digital back, I have nothing but praise for it. It hasn't affected the performance or reliability of other editing software either.

You are obviously experiencing issues and appear to be a tad tetchy over the whole issue. If I was experiencing problems such as stated, I wouldn't hesitate to take it up with the company.
theorderingone 15 2.4k
11 Jun 2013 3:50PM
I've no experience of the express version, so can't help with the process tab unfortunately.

With the pro version, I found disabling OpenCL in preferences sped the program up massively. I don't miss the feature, so it's a satisfactory solution for me.

Might be worth a try for those of you experiencing speed issues? Neither of my PCs are particularly powerful by latest standards and it (Pro version) runs fine now with that disabled.

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