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anybody interested in doing wedding pics?

peterjones 18 5.1k 1 United Kingdom
21 Jul 2005 3:11AM
WTG Kevan, that stirred 'em up .... as I have said before emotions don't just come out at weddings.

Seriously though all the above points are relevant and valid.

Have a good wedding season those that are involved and to brides and grooms have a fantastic day.

Kind regards Peter.
peterjones 18 5.1k 1 United Kingdom
21 Jul 2005 10:36AM
Just a PS really, I suppose you pay your money and takes your choice; I suspect many clients don't appreciate all the work that goes on behind the scenes.

There are rumblings of a recession atm, I hear from someone who works for Mercedes Benz that sales are dipping,houses we all know about, some construction companies and their suppliers are feeling the pinch, it may just be that those wedding photographers who are at the "upper" end may feel the pinch unless we are in a recession proof industry...... I think not.

Maybe the day will be saved with lower interest rates?

Maybe the cheapest will have the last laugh ?

rodp 15 1.2k England
21 Jul 2005 1:35PM
There are rumblings of a recession atm, I hear from someone who works for Mercedes Benz that sales are dipping,

Peter, you are obviously well insulated from manufacturing.There is,and has been for quite a while,a major recession.Problem is it is only affecting the trades that the government want dead anyway so it is just covered up.Ask anyone involved in manufacturing,steel or engineering and you will get tales of woe.The trade I am in is suffering badly and the future does not look good,we have to pay minimum wage and are now struggling to find that.
peterjones 18 5.1k 1 United Kingdom
21 Jul 2005 2:02PM
Rod, may I suggest you don't do as I did recently, make an assumption about somebody based upon what you read. I am familiar with lots of things which I don't necessarily choose to reveal online.

Very often one's online persona is very different to one's real life persona ..... Peter.
UserDeleted 17 3.6k
21 Jul 2005 2:10PM

Quote:I see no mention of the 2 premier photographic bodies in the country if you want to find a qualified person to take wedding photographs.

With all due respect to the MPA and the BIPP both I and another individual mentioned the SWPP at the very start of the thread. You may believe that the MPA and BIPP are the premier bodies but it is both disrespectful to the work done by Phil and his team, and the photographers within the organisation to suggest that the SWPP is not at least an equivalent.

I did a lot of research before joining one of the organisations - which could be considered just a "letters after your name" subscription but the work done by the SWPP to bring exceptional photographers to the UK and locals for seminars, and the excellent convention IMHO far outway the efforts of the other bodies. Not only that but the opinion and outlook of the SWPP is far more modern, realistic, and approachable.

peterjones 18 5.1k 1 United Kingdom
21 Jul 2005 2:21PM
Judging by the sheer weight and numbers of professional photographers joining the SWPP the SWPP must be at least equal or even superior to the others. I have to agree that the seminars that I have attended have been inspiring and absolutely brilliant. Jools and Phil Jones have got to be commended for their very hard work

The SWPP is still a very approachable organisation in touch with their members, I have heard (though I am not a member) that in some ways the BIPP and MPA do not share the same kind of rapport with their membership, perhaps someone would like to comment? Again the comment that I have heard that they have become too large? Certainly it is the SWPP that have gained the lion's share of disgruntled Guild members.

Let's just hope the SWPP doesn't get too big !!

Regards Peter.
debbiehardy 16 363 United Kingdom
21 Jul 2005 2:40PM
The SWPP is marvellous. I've had the opportunity to see such people as Andrea Barrett, Bambi Cantrell and Monte Zucker. Each for 40!! They have an annual convention in Coventry in January, where you can attend terrific lectures. Gareth and I learned loads. OK, so I got a bit tipsy on awards night...but that's another story!!
UserDeleted 17 3.6k
21 Jul 2005 2:49PM
Oh Debbie

How I wished I'd stayed for the awards dinner now ! Smile

Already booked for next year for the full 3 days and hotel room on the Sunday night....

debbiehardy 16 363 United Kingdom
21 Jul 2005 3:18PM
LOL!! Gareth and I have booked for the whole 3 days and nights. I will contact you nearer the time if you don't mind? - I'd love to meet up for a drink (just the one for me, lol!)

We had a wonderful time. Are you staying at the Royal Court? They coped well, though by all accounts hadn't had such a large convention ever.

With help from the SWPP and members who've become friends, I've realised a dream I had from being 5 years old (ahem years ago) to be a wedding photographer. Hard work, but worth it!
UserDeleted 17 3.6k
22 Jul 2005 12:15AM

Please do that - I'm in the Royal Court as well - having been "off-site" last time.

debbiehardy 16 363 United Kingdom
22 Jul 2005 8:39AM
Will contact you nearer the time Mike. You won't regret staying, we had a great time!
mikeweeks 15 978 3 England
22 Jul 2005 10:46AM

My reason for not mentioning the SWPP in the same thread as the MPA and the BIPP is because this was an addition to a thread.

The main difference that an outsider would maybe not have understood is that you do not have to be qualified to say that you are a member of the SWPP, where as to use the term MPA or BIPP you must have submitted a panel of work to be assessed to see that you are a proficent photographer. Note: With all three you have to submit work to use the letters of qualification after your name.

This difference does not in my opinion devalue the work that the SWPP is trying to do, i know what they are doing because they keep sending me joining info and e-mails. There are also many photographers that i know that have no qualifications that would put many qualified photographers to shame.


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