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Anybody used these 2X extenders?

cheddar-caveman 16 1.2k England
25 Aug 2015 8:59AM
Has anybody tried these

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Evertonian 6 729 England
25 Aug 2015 10:17AM
No but I do use a 1.4X Sigma to use on my 70-200 f2.8 lens.

The main problem apart from quality of the optics is the loss of light, If my memory serves me correctly 2X means 1 stop less. So with one fitted a f5.6 lens becomes an f8 lens.
mikehit 10 8.0k 13 United Kingdom
25 Aug 2015 10:33AM
1.4 tc is one stop, 2x is 2 stops so with the latter you will lose AF with an f5.6 lens but retain it with a f4 lens.

saltireblue Plus
9 10.1k 43 Norway
25 Aug 2015 10:35AM
The 70-200 2.8 will become 5.6 with a 2x converter.
sherlob Plus
13 3.1k 129 United Kingdom
25 Aug 2015 10:53AM
I'm a tad confused. Given your recent forum posts about unsatisfactory set up - why would you risk using a non-L series teleconverter?
mikehit 10 8.0k 13 United Kingdom
25 Aug 2015 11:01AM
There are suggestions that the Yongnuo glass is a pretty good knock-off of the Canon equivalents so I think it is a reasonable question, especially as the Yongnuo tc is mischievously painted white!

One thing that getting the Canon 1.4x taught me is that it is not all about image quality (though that helps!) - I also have the Tamron and Kenko equivalents and the Canon tc is quicker and more accurate to focus than the other two when attached to my 100-400.

2x tcs are very difficult to get right and from what I read the Canon 2x MkIII finally has an image quality where you are not significantly compromising image quality. Given the difficulties Canon have had getting this far I am not sure I would place too much faith in a third party 2x tc - I think I would stick with a 1.4x and crop if necessary or get the Canon.
cheddar-caveman 16 1.2k England
25 Aug 2015 11:17AM
I only asked if anybody had used this, not what its effect would be of which I am aware!
Thanks mikehit for a useful post, my thoughts exactly. I've read up on Yngnouo and they seem a pretty reputable company and possibly a challenge to Cannon in other fields, their flash systems for example.
When one is a pensioner with very limited spare money, one has to look at all angles to achieve what one desires. I would LOVE to do away with all the "add-ons" and buy a decent 500 or 600mm prime but we're talking the best part of a years income for me so not an option Sad
25 Aug 2015 8:03PM
I have a 1.4x Sigma converter on my 70-200 f/2.8 Sigma lens. It is really only used when absolutely necessary as the image quality does suffer a little using it. Yongnuo does make good value for money equipment. I have the YN 14-EX ring flash and its pretty good so i don't see why the teleconverter should be of much inferior quality. Having said that, i would play safe and get a 1.4x rather than a 2x.
cheddar-caveman 16 1.2k England
25 Aug 2015 9:43PM
Hi Umberto_v. I already have a Canon 1.4 which gives very good results when used with my 300mm f4 prime. I appreciate one loses a bit of clarity using extenders but as I said, with limited money one can only go where one can afford to.
I have contacted Jessops near here and they have a 2X Mklll which they hire and they are letting me try it with the 300mm to see what sort of image the combination produces. I like the idea of 600mm but I'm not expecting great results!
LenShepherd 11 4.1k United Kingdom
26 Aug 2015 5:06PM
No - and I would not want to experiment.
If the item is despatched from outside EEC (not the same as ordered from in the EEC) VAT is unlikely to have been paid, increasing the VAT paid price by 20%.
Some of this type of product have solid rods as electric contacts which, unlike spring loaded contacts, might damage lens or body contacts.
cheddar-caveman 16 1.2k England
26 Aug 2015 6:32PM
Good point LenS.Sad
MGJ 11 372 6
26 Aug 2015 6:58PM
But it isn't 600 mm. Its expanded 300 or whatever.

The LENS back projects an image of given size at any focal length. (full frame 1/2 frame APSC doesn't matter). All you can do is magnify it to create the IMPRESSION of closing up. It only LOOKS bigger because with an APSC camera the SAME sized IMAGE is projected onto a smaller sensor. You then decide whether the increased gain from projecting it onto more megapixels is worth it, or whether you are better off recording at unconverted size and enlarging digitally. Don't know - there is a very respected body of opinion which says you are better off enlarging digitally because you don't introduce additional aberrations and loss of contrast by chucking additional layers of glass. All the TC does is take what is give by the lens at say 400m and effectively enlarges the image and then you overlap the sensor so you get a crop.

Probably there are several factors at work, but surely if one wants to use a TC, you are best off using the professional grade one one designed for that glass, rather than a generic. Ask Youngno UK for the tech specs and get the resolution figures. One might be surprised, but probably not. Either way, at least you will have a proper engineering type answer, and facts, rather than opinion. (Including mine)

I've used exactly the combination you are talking about, and there are huge disadvantages in having the (Canon)TC on the lens. Especially with rapidly moving objects. And without doubt, you get better results using the 100-400L series 2, unTC'ed on the 5D3, than you do on the 70D. (with or without a TC). Personally I don't use my TC any more, either camera, but I did buy it, along with the lens at a discount from Simply electronics who did an excellent job.(Cameras and lenses these days are so good that the chance of needing warranty repairs is not great. And you can save so much that even if you do, and have to pay, its still cheaper than buying full price in the UK. Which seems to have worked for me)

But the real truth is that you bought the wrong body - because the finished product magnification remains the same - because the LENS projects an image of given size whatever camera you hang on the back of it. Everything else - TC sensor size etc starts life playing with that image, and there is nothing one can do about it.

Or chop the 400 in and buy the Sigma 150-600. Because thats a REAL 600

One might misquote or misapply one of those famous dictums that are in use in motor racing. Going fast costs money. How fast can you afford to go. Its that simple. Sorry. Wink
mikehit 10 8.0k 13 United Kingdom
26 Aug 2015 8:19PM

But the real truth is that you bought the wrong body - because the finished product magnification remains the same - because the LENS projects an image of given size whatever camera you hang on the back of it.

Which body should he have bought?
This compares the quality pixels of the 5D3 with the higher number but lower quality pixels of the 7D2. There is no real difference. Apart from the fact the 7D2 costs close on 1,000 less
Philh04 Plus
14 2.1k United Kingdom
27 Aug 2015 2:58PM
What a confusing reply from MGJ... add a 2x extender and yes a 300mm lens becomes a 600mm lens, the image projected onto the recording medium will be approximately the same size with either a 600mm prime or a 300mm prime extended 2x...

Body/sensor size/pixel density really makes no difference whatsoever.... I often use the 100-400 mark 2 and will add a 1.4 extender, the only difference is I use a 1D Mark IV, the 7d Mark II to all intents and purposes has an equal if not better focusing system... I have never had any problem with this combo and would rather stick to the 1.4 than attempt using a 2x with a zoom....
NEWMANP 11 1.6k 574 United Kingdom
27 Aug 2015 4:31PM
its all a bit subjective but i can compare using my Nikon 300 mm f4 with a x 1.4 TC nikkor and the results are outstanding and significantly better at pretty much any aperture than using a sigma 150-500 at the same focal length . however whilst the quality loss is negligible at x 1.4, it is quite poor with a 1.7 TC and much worse with a X 2.Nikon TC.
Using X 1.7 tc OR X 2 tc will reduce contrast, reduce sharpness and increase aberrations but in many cases be slightly better than blowing up in Photoshop

if you want some length, the sigma 150-500 can be purchased second hand for less than the price of a Nikon x 2 TC (say 350 s/h) and is much better than using a x 2 converter. stop it down to F8 and its not so bad at all.


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