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Anyone had either of these 5D mark 4 issues?

ade_mcfade Avatar
ade_mcfade 19 15.2k 216 England
10 Mar 2019 11:43AM
A couple of issues started to escalate with my 5D4 and was wondering whether anyone else has had them before I sent the thing for repair...

1 - USB

For 2.5 years I've been connecting the cam via supplied USB cable to my PC to download photos successfully via EOS Utility 3, no issues. I've got the latest firmware on the camera (as of this morning and it's still

now when I connect it, For around 5 seconds it appears to connect correctly (EOSutilty pops up and a computer symbol appears on the camera screen). Then the screen goes blank on the camera, EOS utilty3 says "no connection" and the camera becomes totally unresponsive. There's a slight glow to the back screen - when you remove the USB cable this slight glow disappears. The camera is totally locked - the LCD settings are still visible, no buttons work, no wheels work. You have to remove the battery and replace to get the camera working again.

2 - Err 01

I know this is camera/lens contact - I've cleaned this as advised with a dry cloth on both the camera and all 6 lenses I've tested it with. All lenses work just fine on a 5D3 I have.

It worsened yesterday, I've occasionally seen a 01 and just "wiggled" the lens a little bit to move the contacts a little and we're back in action.

So yesterday on a workshop it was causing issues with 4 different lenses - so it's not the lenses.

With the lens correctly attached, if I lightly "twist" the lens to the left, the camera "usually works" - however, if I apply light pressure to the right - e.g. twisting a polariser, zooming etc. - I get the Err 01

This becomes intolerable using tilt-shift lenses as it almost never worked yesterday.

Live view would briefly work, then switch off.

Quite often, the camera freezes up needing you to switch it off and back on (though no need to pull the battery out).

Both things are very recent - not sure if they're related, but it's a hell of a coincidence.

Has anyone had any success with simple things like factory reset - or is this just a case of sending it to a repair centre?

Thanks in advance

Dave_Canon Avatar
Dave_Canon 17 2.2k United Kingdom
10 Mar 2019 11:53AM
I have had a 5D4 for 2 years but not had any problems. I also connect the camera to my PC to upload images though I upload directly to Lightroom but have not experienced any of the issues you mention. I will be watching this thread to see how this is resolved in case I face similar problems in future. Best of Luck!

ade_mcfade Avatar
ade_mcfade 19 15.2k 216 England
10 Mar 2019 12:06PM
I've had few problems either Dave, a fantastic tool to work with - just noticed a few things like wifi-tethering was cocking up on shoots recently so clients couldn't watch the photos on the laptop... then I now have to put the memory card in the 5D3 to get the bloody files off it (having long ago lost my card reader)

Could do without sending it off if it's a simple fix...
ade_mcfade Avatar
ade_mcfade 19 15.2k 216 England
14 Apr 2019 1:39PM
The Err 01 was fixed by a Johnsons in Scotland, some remapping needed - camera came back looking brand new!

The other was wear and tear on the USB port, £250 to fix, so opted to get a £7 card reader instead

Also got another 5D4 from HDEW - they stand by that 3-year warranty
Dave_Canon Avatar
Dave_Canon 17 2.2k United Kingdom
14 Apr 2019 4:45PM
Glad it is all sorted. Given that I am just an amateur taking competition photographs, I suspect my camera gets a lot less use than yours. Hopefully, I am unlikely to see these issues in the near future.



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