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Aperture - how did they make it so slooooowww

stolzy 15 3.8k 7
23 May 2007 7:51PM
Installed aperture for the first time and its so slow as to be almost unusable.
Simple manipulations like moving a project to a new folder takes 10-15 seconds. It also slows other apps running on the machine to a crawl as well - can't believe its supposed to be like this.
When its displaying grid and full size pictures its hard to tell if the machine has crashed.
23 May 2007 10:51PM
Have no knowledge of "Aperture" but as a modern program I'll bet it needs sufficient RAM and a speedy processor - it's surely not been "designed" to run slow..!
Is it worth bringing up 'Task Manager' - 'Performance' to run in the corner and show you, when you click on an action, if the CPU is called on to run at or near 100% ?
A recent poster had a similar query and in response to various answers confessed to only having 256 of RAM...(just enough for XP never mind another program..!)
I recntly had a problem straight after logging on with I.E. everything froze for a good 10 minutes and the 'Performance' monitor' started me on the trail of what process was keeping it so busy. Turned out to be three instances of "spyware" in me hoovered out and speed is could it be a RAM problem..?
mdpontin 17 6.0k Scotland
23 May 2007 11:10PM
Aperture does require a relatively high spec machine, as it's a bit resource-hungry.

What kind of Mac do you have, John?

stolzy 15 3.8k 7
24 May 2007 5:55AM
Brand spanking new Mac Pro 2 x 2.66, 5Gb RAM - I would have though this was enough iron even for this Wink
The biggest problem is not that it is so slow (which is a problem) but that it kills the machine to the extent that is is impossible to even open a browser at the same time. When thumbnails are being generated it can take 10-15 mins for a click on the browser to generate any activity.
wasper 15 533 1 Ireland
24 May 2007 7:01AM

Quote:Brand spanking new Mac Pro 2 x 2.66, 5Gb RAM
This is more than suffiient to run CS3 as well. I have a macbook with 2gb memory & have no problem.
Just for argument's sake; when you go to about this mac menu. Does is it see 5gb RAM?
stolzy 15 3.8k 7
24 May 2007 7:06AM

Quote: Does is it see 5gb RAM?

Yes. I also have a 2Gb MacBook and I tried Aperture on it, but gave up because it was so slow.
As I say, he biggest problem is that if aperture is running (even minimised) the whole machine grinds almost to a stop. Trying to start Firefox takes minutes rather than the second or two if aperture is not running
mdpontin 17 6.0k Scotland
24 May 2007 9:53AM
I've not heard of Aperture being anything like that slow, John, particularly not with a spec like you describe. It's true that it's a bit resource-hungry, and doesn't do as much in the background as, say, Lightroom, but it certainly shouldn't kill your machine. Have you tried running Activity Monitor to see what else is going on?

Edit: what version of Aperture is it? There were huge improvements made between 1.0 and 1.5, and I think 1.5.2 has been tweaked a bit more.

I've got the 30-day trial of Aperture 1.5, and I'm running it on an iMac G5 2GHz with 2GB of RAM. I'm not seeing any serious performance problems, although admittedly I'm working with a very small library.

javam 16 1.1k 19 United Kingdom
24 May 2007 10:13AM
It was really slow on my iMac, but that is only a G5 with 1GB of ram.

Is it perhaps trying to create thumbnails of all your photos and if so how many pictures have you imported?

You may just have to leave it running overnight to complete the initial import.
stolzy 15 3.8k 7
24 May 2007 10:15AM
Aperture version is 1.5.3
I have a moderately large library (around 7000 pictures), but I don't think that's excessive - it'll get a lot larger before I've finished.
Typical example of the performance - I imported 150 pictures from a hard disk, the iport took about 20 mins (seems reasonable), but the preparation of the thumbnails took around an hour (during this time the computer is completely unusable). After the thumbnails were finished I double clicked on the new (as yet unamed) project to rename it - spinning ball for 30 secs before I got the cursor back.
javam 16 1.1k 19 United Kingdom
24 May 2007 10:21AM
I would contact Apple and see if they have any ideas.

However by my calculations if it took 20 minutes to index 150 pictures it will need 15 hours to index all 7000 so question is have you left it 15 hours to index everything or is it still doing them in the background?

Either way sounds like the same problem I had with both Aperture and Lightroom so I don't use either.
stolzy 15 3.8k 7
24 May 2007 10:48AM

Quote:question is have you left it 15 hours to index everything or is it still doing them in the background?

Yes, its finished creating the thumbnails (I left it overnight) and the task list is empty.
Superficial 14 147
24 May 2007 12:57PM
It sounds like there's definitely something wrong somewhere. I forced Aperture to run on my aging Powerbook G4 (it was below the minimum specs) and it worked OK. A bit slow, but not the extent you're describing. Your computer should whiz through it - I played with Aperture on one of the mac pros in the Apple Store (manchester) and it worked brilliantly.
stolzy 15 3.8k 7
24 May 2007 7:51PM

Quote:I would contact Apple and see if they have any ideas.

A tempting idea, but having dealt with apple technical support and Applecare frequently in the past, I have little hope of getting through to anyone likely to help with more than 'Have you tried reinstalling Mac OS X'
mdpontin 17 6.0k Scotland
24 May 2007 8:29PM
How about a local dealer/reseller then? You should be able to find your nearest through the Apple UK site if you're not sure where to find one.

I've never had any dealings with Apple Support one way or the other, but apparently they generally come out at or near the top in surveys. Perhaps that's not saying much though.

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