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Apologise for my language

ArtyArt 8 338 2 United Kingdom
16 Oct 2015 7:25AM
This post will probably get deleted, but I'm really pissed off. Got home late last night after finishing a customers kitchen off, so decided to leave tools on van as we were leaving at 7 the following morning. Just have my tea around 9 when my youngest son came in and said that someone was around the van we both went out to find one person carrying a tool case towards a ford estate car, another trying to get the mitre saw into the back of the car. We gave chase as they drove off grabbing the saw which was hanging out the back door. They then spread off. Phone police now waiting for crime scene officer as they left something behind that belongs to them. They managed to get most of our tools before my son spotted them.

Lesson learnt don't leave tools in van no matter what time you get home.

Hopefully the insurance will pay up if not, we may well have to fold our business due to the amount of equipment stolen.

Will probably get slated for the next bit, but at this moment in time I don't give a dam. I don't think the deterrent is severe enough. If they get caught cut a f****** finger off, if they get caught again cut another one off they will soon get the message. Or better still as they do in another country cut their f****** hand off.

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dlm71 4 221 2 United Kingdom
16 Oct 2015 7:54AM
Gutted for you! My sentiments exactly! That's the problem with the UK now! The "Do Gooders Brigade" put their penny's worth in and make serious crimes look menial so people are going to go out and commit crimes as they know they will get away with a slap on the wrist and if they do get put into jail they end up coming out with a degree?? You've got me on one now!!
Nigeyboy 11 927 United Kingdom
16 Oct 2015 7:56AM
So sorry to hear what's happened mate! Thieves are the scum of the Earth - taking what hard working people have worked and paid for. Even worse that its your livelihood as well.

I really hope insurance sorts it out for you - all the best.

altitude50 15 16.9k United Kingdom
16 Oct 2015 8:02AM
Just as well you didn't follow them in your van! You might have forgotten to fasten your seatbelt!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Sad
AlanJ 6 1.0k England
16 Oct 2015 9:33AM
Get down to the next car boot sale in your area. That's where all the tools and items stolen from garden sheds end up.
Sadly, even if the insurance cough up there will be a long wait.
bluesandtwos 10 411 1 England
16 Oct 2015 11:23AM
I'm so sorry for you, a craftsman losing his tools is the worst.

Unfortunately until the idiots running this asylum take on board that with little chance of getting caught and virtually no punishment if you do, there is just no deterrent and it will carry on getting worse and worse. And if you take a shotgun and defend what you have worked hard for..........
altitude50 15 16.9k United Kingdom
16 Oct 2015 11:35AM
If I remember correctly, if a person becomes bankrupt or owes a very large amount of money even the bailiffs are not allowed to take the tools of the person's trade.

The 'punishment' for some of the horrible things that are happening in this country are completely insufficient to deter the crimes. The sole object of the 'justice' system seems to be to keep these criminals permanently in circulation.
Hope things work out all right for you!
16 Oct 2015 6:35PM
Anyone trying to take my tools I would cut off his hands never mind waiting for the police to hand out the punishment.
Sorry officer he slipped as he climbed out of my van and caught his wrist on the sharp tools he was borrowing...
jembo 16 139 United Kingdom
16 Oct 2015 8:55PM
Hope you got the number plate. Or part of it.
16 Oct 2015 9:35PM

Hope you got the number plate. Or part of it.

Probably also stolen....

If you'd taken up the chase without your seat belt, it might have guaranteed faster attention from "blue flashing lights"..

Really sorry to hear of your plight..nothing to add to previous the finger-loss idea though....barstewards...
Tynnwrlluniau Plus
10 112 38 Wales
16 Oct 2015 11:14PM
You have my sympathy, Ian. Vent your spleen - that's good, but don't let these 'damaged' individuals drag you down, m8. It's so mindless and infuriating. Hope they get caught soon and that the insurance pays out promptly as I understand that they have stolen, not mere assets, but also your means to make a living.
chris.maddock 18 3.7k United Kingdom
17 Oct 2015 10:01AM

Hope you got the number plate. Or part of it.

Probably also stolen....

If you'd taken up the chase without your seat belt, it might have guaranteed faster attention from "blue flashing lights"..

Yeah, but the scrotes would still have got away whilst plod was dealing with the more heinous crime of not wearing a seat belt.

18 Oct 2015 10:14AM
So sorry to hear this. Hope it works out for you.

Also very troubling to read that a lot of people feel that justice is not being done in many cases, a sad reflection on our society. One that needs fixing urgently. Much the same situation here in France. Law and Order issues are persuading an alarming number of people to support the Front National. Not a good sign.

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