Apple and Intel

onewildworld 18 696 4 United Kingdom
11 Jan 2006 1:15AM
Apple have announced that Intel based laptops and New iMacs will be shipping in February. All details on the Apple website with prices.

Well, that's only a few months ahead of expectations!

Finally, all the MacHeads will be able to use a fast computer! (Maybe Aperture will run smoothly now.....)

redsnappa 18 2.0k United Kingdom
11 Jan 2006 1:24AM

Quote:Steve Jobs, unveiled the Intel-based iMacs, promising that they would be as much as two to three times faster than their predecessors (

Windows users already knew Intel hardware was faster than the PowerPC hardware what the news?
joolsb 15 27.1k 38 Switzerland
11 Jan 2006 1:32AM
Boring. Old news.

I'm just a tad brassed off because I now have to shell out for iLife (much of which I really don't want) just to get my hands on iWeb. Would have thought Jobs could have had the decency to offer it to .Mac subscribers as a free download. Homepage is ok but the templates are a bit rubbish.
mark a. 16 920 United Kingdom
11 Jan 2006 1:59AM
I think the iMac is ready now - it's the MacBook that's Feb onwards.

Unfortunately my iBook is only a year old and still going strong, so I can't justify an upgrade just yet. But I think a MacBook might be on the cards in the future. Stupid name, though.

Maybe I'm just a weirdo, but I think my favourite feature is the magnetic power cord. My iBook has had a few cord-related near-misses in the past.
LAF 17 1.7k
11 Jan 2006 2:43AM
Don't think there'll be massive improvements in desktop processing power, not beyond Moores law at least. But replacing those stoneage G4s in the laptops will be a god-send.

User_Removed 16 3.3k Russian Federation
11 Jan 2006 3:21AM
Forgive my ignorance - I can just about use a Mac, but I'm ignorant of the system architecture...

So, until recently it was impossible to install a version of Mac OS onto a PC because of differences in architecture, yes? Just recently it's become possible to botch a copy of OS X onto an intel-based machine using emulators, etc...

Presumably, therefore, Apple will have to have a different/updated version of OS? Either one which also includes support for Intel architecture, or a separate version purely for x86?

So my point, that I've just about arrived at, is that at some point in the future, I'll be able to buy a copy of OS X (or whatever version) and install it on one of my Intel PC's?
mark a. 16 920 United Kingdom
11 Jan 2006 3:30AM
I think officially no - Mac OS X will only be able to be run on Macs, no matter whether it's PowerPC or Intel chips.

But I seem to recall that the way that Apple have implemented this restriction is fairly basic so it's just a "simple" (if you're a IT expert, presumably) hack to get it to work on normal PCs. Which may or may not be part of Apple's strategy going forward, depending on which rumours you believe.
onewildworld 18 696 4 United Kingdom
11 Jan 2006 3:34AM
In theory, yes. In practice (if you like writing your own drivers andare very techie), yes. In reality. Unlikely. It seems Apple are still trying to keep you out of the inside of your Mac so the drivers for non-apple approved products will be limited. That said, the 3rd party manufacturers may well decide it is possible/profitable now on full Intel architecture. Who knows?
What it will show is that PC architecture is better than Apple PowerPC architecture, but as someone who uses Macs and PCs interchangeably, MacOSX is a nicer place to work for some programmes (not all) in IMO. (Although I still think my Athlon XP4400 X2 PC running windows XP64bit will be faster than the new Macs.) It'll be interesting to see what they do with the New Intel towers - dual processor dual core a la current G5 range?
rheyes 16 74 United Kingdom
11 Jan 2006 3:58AM
This made me smile.
redsnappa 18 2.0k United Kingdom
11 Jan 2006 9:19AM
What is funny is that that link does not work on the G4 Mac in our schools Art department but work on the PC's.
User_Removed 15 4.9k England
11 Jan 2006 10:19AM
Works on my Mac..... and it is funny ;0
Andy80F 17 328 United Kingdom
11 Jan 2006 1:21PM
Works on my Mac too, wonder if we'll see that ad on the TV
strawman 16 22.1k 16 United Kingdom
11 Jan 2006 2:32PM
Now that is good it generated an IE error on reaching the intel logo bit. clever very clever.
cathal 16 492 4 United Kingdom
11 Jan 2006 4:11PM
Apple were, to a very large degree, forced down this road. As the PowerPC chip is used in games consoles, they soon ceased to be the number one customer for the chip, and were no longer able to drive the design direction forward. Apple had a dilema... their notebooks were becoming uncompetitive, and on a cost basis alone could not get down to the budget end of the market. That's the student end, and it's a massive market that they need to be part of.

Apple needed a new chip... and Intel was the way forward. There is a lot more to the design of the computer than just the chip, so there will be real differences between the two platforms. But they are academic as the desktop is the battle ground.

Apple have taken a lot of measures to prevent OS/X running on your PC. Maybe it could be hacked... but the Intel chips should drive Apple prices lower still, and I know which way I would go if I had total free choice in the issue...

LAF 17 1.7k
18 Jan 2006 3:15AM
Well, Apple now have intel powered iBooks and iMacs out on the market now. In a strange turn of tune, they are now claiming the CoreDuo powered iMacs are twice to three times as fast as their G5 equivilents. As for the iBook POWER, it wipes the floor with the old G4, but then we could've guessed that. An in depth independent review will make interesting reading.


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