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Apple and Intel

mdpontin 16 6.0k Scotland
18 Jan 2006 5:04AM

Quote:In a strange turn of tune, they are now claiming the CoreDuo powered iMacs are twice to three times as fast as their G5 equivilents

What's so strange about that? The latest dual core processor is faster than a single core one introduced a few years ago? Shouldn't be all that surprising.

The new Core Duo iMac is already shipping. The 15" MacBook Pro starts shipping in February. They now expect to have their entire range (which includes the iBook, Mac mini, Power Mac and XServe) moved over to Intel processors by the end of this year - an advance on their predictions last July.

However, there are still concerns for professional users. Apple's pro software range isn't currently available in Universal Binary form, although they have announced that they should be available in March. Also Adobe Photoshop can only be run under the 'Rosetta' translation technology at present on the Intel Macs - adequate for most casual users, but not really fast enough for professional requirements. That isn't likely to change until CS3 is released.

davidb 18 73 United Kingdom
22 Jan 2006 12:49AM
I am really pleased I rerad this thread! I am (or was) looking to upgrade from PS7 to CS2 and at the same time move across to a Mac purely for image work.

Reading this, would your advice be to hold off on this decision until CS3, and go for an intel processor driven mac with CS3 to get the best speed?

If I do this, will Adobe be likely to upgrade 7 to CS3, or is it too many versions out? Any ideas when CS3 will be ready?

I am happy to upgrade 7 to CS2 on the PC and then re-upgrade later if necessary...

Decisions, decisions!!

Thanks for any advice

strawman 16 22.1k 16 United Kingdom
22 Jan 2006 5:13AM
David, why move from the PC?
davidb 18 73 United Kingdom
22 Jan 2006 5:19AM
A good question...

I want another system in the house - we also have a small home business that uses up a lot of the current PC time and resources. I like the aesthetic appeal of the Mac. I hear that graphics/photoshop run better on Macs.

So in general, I need a second computer, and if I am going to get one, I thought a Mac for the image processing was sensible? Or is that a myth - because a PC would certainly be cheaper, though I can afford the Mac....
strawman 16 22.1k 16 United Kingdom
22 Jan 2006 5:30AM
David, there was a site gave benchmarks running photoshop, cannot remember where it is, but it sort of bounced backwards and forwards as to which is best (Sort of like the Nikon Canon stuff). If you want to learn how to use two OS's in parallel then go for it. It is true that in the past MAC's had the upper hand, and photoshop has its origins there, but these days it is more a historic link.

Check your license agreements but if you get a laptop you often can use the same license on the desktop and portable, as long as you only use one at a time. This could be of use to you.
davidb 18 73 United Kingdom
22 Jan 2006 6:26AM
Thanks Strawman,

You have made me think now. Easy to get into a single way of thinking because it is the thing to do. Will check it out, and see. Maybe a PC is a better way to go.

Sometimes think with decisions like this there is no right answer anyway - as you say, just like the Canon/Nikon debate!

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