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Apple Mac Power Book G4.

chalkhillblue 10 164 2 United Kingdom
15 Feb 2009 9:39AM
I have purchased an Apple Mac G4 Power Book running 768 mb memory and Mac OS X 10.4.11, it came with no discs or manuals, the battery is very good and the screen is in very good condition, also I was informed it has recently had a new hard drive fitted. After some initial research and downloading the user manual it seems several applications are missing I found a couple in the trash, its seems to me the best course of action is to purchase a new OS and to carry out a complete format and reinstall. I shall be using it in connection with photography but not heavy photshop type work, should I stay with the Tiger OS or move up to Panther.
As this is my first venture into using a Mac I would very much appreciate any help or advice as I would love to get this machine back into proper working order.

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mad-dogs 17 2.2k England
15 Feb 2009 10:23AM
Probably worth getting Leopard for 'Time Machine' which is a useful back up facility.
chalkhillblue 10 164 2 United Kingdom
15 Feb 2009 10:44AM
Thank you for your reply Dave. May I add to my original post, has anyone advice as to any book/manual to assist me in this venture.
chalkhillblue 10 164 2 United Kingdom
15 Feb 2009 11:31AM
Thank you Chris, seems an upgrade to 2gb memory is also required.
strawman 15 22.1k 16 United Kingdom
15 Feb 2009 11:56AM
David I would look to see if you can get system disks for the version of OS it says it has. If the applications you are missing came with OS-X is it not possible to download them from apple through one of their support sites as you have the OS....
wasper 13 533 1 Ireland
15 Feb 2009 1:05PM
I would keep the machine at 10.4 OS as per Chris' advise. If you can upgrade the memory that be better.
I never use manuals. The Mac is very intuitive & easy to learn.
chalkhillblue 10 164 2 United Kingdom
15 Feb 2009 1:20PM
Thank you strawman and wasper for your advice, I have checked on line and the 10.4 os is still available for approx 80.00. The reason I was asking Re: manuals/books was for guidance on format and fresh installation.
strawman 15 22.1k 16 United Kingdom
15 Feb 2009 3:42PM
I would contact apple support, as Chris states, you have a license already so there is no need to buy another. I would have thought you could just do the equivalent of a windows re-install. Up to 10 or so would be a fair charge.
stolzy 13 3.8k 7
15 Feb 2009 3:44PM
If you have a legal licence, they will send you a replacement disk - no reason why you should pay for another complete OS
chalkhillblue 10 164 2 United Kingdom
15 Feb 2009 4:54PM
Thank you Chris, Strawman and stolzy for your replies, unfortunately there is no sticker on the base of the laptop so it seems I have no option but to purchase a replacement.
Thanks again for taking the time to reply.
strawman 15 22.1k 16 United Kingdom
15 Feb 2009 5:07PM
OK a question for those who know MAC. Is there a way of getting the machine to display its license code so David can show to Apple he has a valid install and get the service disk??

If you right click computer in windows and look at the properties you can see it so what is the OS-X equivalent?
stolzy 13 3.8k 7
15 Feb 2009 5:16PM
Mac OS X doesn't have a licence code as such. When you install it just installs, you don't need to enter a product key or jump through hoops.
Apple will replace a faulty disk at nominal cost - its happened to me twice where disks got scratched beyond use - but they expect you to send the old disk back.
The mac equivalent is "About this Mac" but it doesn't give you any info about the specific copy in Mac OS installed
User_Removed 14 4.9k England
15 Feb 2009 5:29PM
What happens when you use Software Update..........
I run A G4 10.4.11 on an old Dual mirror door Desk top.
steveb 15 343 United Kingdom
15 Feb 2009 6:27PM
What speed G4 Powerbook did you buy? The minimum spec for Leopard is 867 MHz. Leopard runs nicely on 1.5 GHz and 1.67 GHz models with 2 GB ram. It runs 'adequately', just, on my Powerbook G4 12" 1.33 GHz maxed to 1.25 GB ram. On an older Apple computer if the original CD/DVD's are lost as with yours, Apple will not replace them. All Apple sells now is Leopard. Tiger may be a better option depending on the processor speed, but beware what you are buying. You will need a retail copy that will install on any PPC Mac, not Tiger as supplied with another Mac, the installers are machine specific. Tiger and Leopard retail DVD's only come with the iTunes iLife application, iPhoto, iMovie etc are sold separately as iLife 09, and this has speed and processor limitations for some apps.

Hope all goes well as it's living dangerously without an OS installer.
chalkhillblue 10 164 2 United Kingdom
15 Feb 2009 7:16PM
Thanks for all the replies.
Steve the spec is Apple Power Book G4, 1.67 ghz, 15/17 in screen,
120 GB hard drive, CPU type Power PC G4 (2.1), machine model Power
Book 3.3.

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