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Apple want your feedback!

tj Plus
15 2.0k England
19 Feb 2010 1:02PM
Hi everyone,

Apple are interested in your views on Aperture 3...

Have you tried it yet?

Have you tried Brushes?
Do you think this could replace the need for Photoshop for minor image editing?

Do you notice any discernible performance difference with 64bit when running it on a Snow Leopard equipped Mac?

What's your favourite feature?

If you haven't come across the product yet Mac users can download a free trial here: Aperture 3 free trial or upgrade and buy here: Buy Aperture 3

Apple will be keeping an eye on your views / comments so this is a real opportunity to have your say.



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JJGEE 13 7.1k 18 England
19 Feb 2010 1:40PM

Quote:Apple are interested in your views on Aperture 3...

Why ?

If it were a "Beta" release then I could understand, or perhaps they have discovered it is only a "Beta" quality after all !
Pete Plus
16 18.8k 97 England
19 Feb 2010 2:07PM
Serious comments / suggestions please.
According to our browsing stats we have many Apple users (about 15% or 105k visitors)...I guess few are using Aperture then? Or is the subject not exciting enough to get involved in?
We will be reviewing Aperture 3 and it would be good to get your feedback so far. Also any aspects you want us to focus on in the review. Comparisons with other software etc.
Most mags focus on Photoshop. We want to be a little more widely focused.
mdpontin 13 6.0k Scotland
19 Feb 2010 2:07PM
Or perhaps they're genuinely interested in whether their customers feel they're heading in the right direction with Aperture? Just a thought.

Edit: Just saw your update, Pete. I'm an Aperture user, and as it happens I'm also looking to move away from Photoshop. I've upgraded to Aperture 3, so will certainly pass on any observations I come up with, good or bad.

BangBang 9 51 United Kingdom
19 Feb 2010 2:16PM
I went to our local Apple store to see if Aperture was worth the upgrade for me, I asked for a demo from one of their creative team who was very helpful then the fun began.
In total the application crashed three times when using brushes once when converting to B&W
beach ball of death appeared twice at that point I decided it was not for me. The assistant did explain that it was all new to him.

I had a look on the [link=discussions.apple.com/category.jspa?categoryID=184]apple discussions board[/link] and found he is not alone with problems with aperture 3.
It's a shame as when it worked ok it seemed to be very good.
Apple should use Iphoto as an entry level program and allow aperture to go head to head with Photoshop.
tj Plus
15 2.0k England
19 Feb 2010 2:33PM
Thanks for the constructive comments so far guys... keep 'em coming.

And Doug, it would be great to get your feedback once you've had a play.

JJGEE 13 7.1k 18 England
19 Feb 2010 3:52PM

Quote:Serious comments / suggestions please.

OK Fair comment.

But it is unusual for Apple to ask for feedback in this way, they normally point in their own direction i.e. website / forums.

Quote:Do you think this could replace the need for Photoshop for minor image editing?

Definitely but only if you have a suitable Mac computer & OS, that is why products such as Adobe's Elements & Lightroom are arguably more popular because they are cross platform.

As for ePHOTOzine's review of products the obvious comparison would be with Lightroom 3 but that is only currently in a " not feature rich / optimized" Beta release.
mdpontin 13 6.0k Scotland
19 Feb 2010 4:18PM
It may be unusual - I wouldn't like to say for sure, although I can't recall an example of them doing this - but unusual or not, they obviously feel that it's something they want/need in this case.

The question of cross-platform availability (or the lack of it) is certainly valid, although I would argue that it's a minor point. It's software written exclusively for the Mac, therefore the fact that it's not available for Windows or Linux isn't a demerit since the target market already have Macs (or are intending to buy a Mac). It has no bearing on whether or not Aperture 3 could be seen as a Photoshop replacement for those users.

Aperture and Lightroom were first launched at roughly the same time as each other, and as far as I'm aware they only truly compete with each other. Again, that competition only applies to the Mac platform - on Windows, Lightroom has the market to itself. It's hardly surprising that Lightroom vastly outsells Aperture given that Aperture is not available for Windows, but as I understand it, Lightroom on the Mac also significantly outsells Aperture. My guess is that this is why Apple has taken the step of asking for user feedback at this point. It's important for them to find the best way for them to compete with Adobe on this. Maybe it's adding more Photoshop-like tools. Maybe it's finding something that customers want that neither Lightroom nor Aperture currently offers. Are there particular problems with Aperture that put it at a disadvantage to Lightroom? These and other questions will definitely be of interest to Apple in deciding the way forward for the product.

The good news for Aperture users, I suggest, is that Apple seem determined not to just sit back and let Adobe run away with the market.

User_Removed 11 2.1k 7 England
19 Feb 2010 4:51PM
I was surprised to find that Acrobat Pro Extended was only for PCs!
joolsb 13 27.1k 38 Switzerland
19 Feb 2010 6:04PM

Quote:Anyway let's not move too much off topic.

You started it with your trolling. Which seems to be your basic MO for any thread where Macs are mentioned.
20 Feb 2010 8:29PM


I'm an Aperture user, and as it happens I'm also looking to move away from Photoshop. I've upgraded to Aperture 3, so will certainly pass on any observations I come up with, good or bad.


Also Aperture user , But yet to upgrade to 3... so very interested in the fed back on the upgrade,
( been using since july, since purchasing the i mac & Snow leopard OS X, etc ),
Found the brushes & retouch a superb feature.. So any improvement an advanced feature's welcomed . and find it's basically all needed if doing pure photography..

But if looking to be more creative through Digital Art Technic's or need of layer 's etc.. Then l run (( well learning )) Cs4.
Two combined work well .. but as an apple user would of been better if aperture had the same features and programme abilities as Cs 4 for that creative level .
tj Plus
15 2.0k England
22 Feb 2010 6:21PM
Thanks again for your constructive input so far... keep it coming... Smile
woodrow 11 153 Scotland
22 Feb 2010 11:02PM

have loaded a trial version of Apeture 3; i think that Lightroom may have a bit of catching up to do here, there are a number of features that are really easy to use, brushes are good and the ability to do a lot of manipulation with the raw file is a key move - avoiding the work in photoshop.

my issues are the longer time to process images (when compared to LR) - and yes i have 4GB RAM on an Imac Intel Core Duo; and perhaps my own reluctance to change from the LR/PS workflow which I am no accustomed to. I would not switch to Apeture, and lose the benefits of Photoshop, Adobe will catch up and get my vote.

I note that Apple increased price of Apeture 3 (compared to 2), does this reflect their image of prestige/top end of market?

Be interested to see features on LR3

tj Plus
15 2.0k England
23 Feb 2010 12:50AM
Thanks for your feedback Paul.

I spoke with my friends at Apple this morning and they are keeping an eye on this forum, so thanks everyone else who has also provided constructive feedback... big brother is watching Wink
JJGEE 13 7.1k 18 England
24 Feb 2010 10:22PM
I assume Apple has already received a lot of feedback as they have now released an update version 3.0.1 !

Seems rather quick though, so perhaps some of the problems were known before the release of 3.0 but the fix too late to include at that time ?

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