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Approaching people for street photo's

rowarrior 13 4.4k 9 Scotland
21 Dec 2009 12:06AM

Quote:The link provided above about Benoit Paille is well worth checking out. Very impressive. Thanks

Yes, that was interesting, thanks Marc
22 Dec 2009 4:47PM

Quote:How have others handled people when the got 'caught' taking the photo?

I usually carry a small portfolio with me and if challenged I explain what I do, show them my portfolio, and also the pictures I had taken and offer to delete them if the're not happy. Never had anyone demand I delete them and actually on one occasion made a bit of money by them wanting to buy copies!!!
keith selmes 18 7.4k 1 United Kingdom
22 Dec 2009 4:56PM

Quote:Candid shots suggest that the subjects are aware of the photographer, but disregard their presence. Look up Henri Cartier Bresson.
If I remember rightly, he hid behind a fence for the famous man jumping a puddle photo. He also used an assistant - or accomplice - to distract the subject so they didn't notice the photographer. And at least once had to run for it when an angry farmer relaised what was happening and chased him. I guess that might answer the OP question - leg it fast Smile.

It is quite workable, if people theoretically know about the photographer but become absorbed in other things and don't notice the actual photography taking place. Just as good to my mind as when they don't officially know there is a camera around.

The worst thing is when they notice the camera and pose.
Almost always ruins it.
User_Removed 12 1.4k England
22 Dec 2009 4:59PM

Quote: How have others handled people when the got 'caught' taking the photo?

Upon discovery the situation and the shot changes your "leg it" to "stick it" ratio.

I like to keep mine at about 5:1.
Paul Morgan 20 19.5k 6 England
22 Dec 2009 10:06PM

Quote:How have others handled people when the got 'caught' taking the photo?

A smile and a wave is usually enough Smile
salja03 14 12 United Kingdom
24 Dec 2009 8:37AM
Folks, thankyou all for the great feedback and dialog (I have been away for the last couple days, so I have only just caught up). I have some really great ideas from this (I think!) and those links were great. Thankyou all !

MeanGreeny 16 3.7k England
24 Dec 2009 6:09PM
For a contrasting method to your long range sniping try it Bruce Gilden style: YouTube Link

redsnappa 19 2.8k United Kingdom
26 Dec 2009 12:32PM
Benoit Paille work is superb but in my opinion they are portraits rather than street photography
Prominence 11 1
30 Dec 2009 3:53AM
Don't you need to have a release to print it or sell it for stock photography. Does anyone get the permission signed by the person?
keith selmes 18 7.4k 1 United Kingdom
30 Dec 2009 9:26AM
You don't really need a release for editorial or gallery art use. However it may be advisable to have one as a safeguard, and some agencies will expect one as it increases the range of use and hence the range clients and price. Some people do therefore routinely get a release form signed. It keeps your options open for future use.
In some countries I understand people hand over a token payment, and the form states that payment was received. I think it was a Canadian who supplied that information. He was giving people a dollar for their signature I think.

There were a couple of high profile cases a few years ago where photographers had difficult legal cases because they hadn't taken that precaution. They might win the case but its hassle they didn't need.
ade_mcfade 17 15.2k 216 England
30 Dec 2009 10:50AM
I've done a few shoots with the camera around my neck and remote release in my pocket (here's one).


Av exposure
Centre weighted metering
F8 for reasonable DOF
Manual focus at somewhere between 1m and infinity (it's not a big move on a 17-40 to get from 1m to infinity)

It is hit and miss, you need a brightish day for the best results - gets you enough shutter speed to avoid motion blur.

I tend to do it when out shopping rather than going out specially to do it
canonfan46 12 1.1k United Kingdom
1 Jan 2010 1:58PM
Hi all,
As a beginner, I have been trying to study DOF in detail for the first time recently.
Ade, with the shot you linked to, you stated that you manually focused half way between 1m and infinity to get the best DOF.

Sorry if the following is stupid but I have been reading about using hyperfocal distance for max DOF.
I looked up the chart for your set up...17mm @ f8.
With full frame 5D, the hyperfocal distance is 1m. (1.6x crop = 1.6m)

It suggests setting the focus at just over half the HFD would give the max DOF but this would mean focus at .6m. (1m on 1.6x)

Does this make sense to you or do I need to read it again.
canonfan46 12 1.1k United Kingdom
1 Jan 2010 2:07PM
sorry, ignore that, it was just a learner getting confused again........really confused..........
certx 14 415 1 United States
11 Jan 2010 1:14AM

Quote:The link provided above about Benoit Paille is well worth checking out. Very impressive. Thanks

Nice stuff... even though it really amounted to a leica rangefinder ad. But still good interesting stuff
Carabosse 18 41.8k 270 England
11 Jan 2010 3:04AM
I really want to get back into candid photography and find the idea of the Olympus E-P2 rather enticing, for this purpose. Wink

But what a price! By the time you've added a couple of lenses it is well into 4 figures.... and no built-in flash, so that's another expense. Sad

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