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Are Canon losing their way in the DSLR market?

redsnappa 15 2.0k United Kingdom
5 May 2013 2:53PM
Are Canon losing their way in the DSLR market?
Itís just while their competitors are forging ahead and releasing dslrís with better and better sensors eg. Nikons 800D Canonís recent releases have been a bit of a damp squid as Canon has chosen to equip their last SEVEN new DSLRS (550D, 600D, 650D, 700D, 100D, 7D, and 60D) with the very same 18MP sensor.

It seems as if Canon have bought in a job lot of these 18MP sensors and will not release a camera with a new sensor until theyíve shifted the all they bought. While canon are hesitating in bringing new sensors to their camera the likes of Nikon are enjoying the extra sales that come from being proactive in bringing newer better technology to customers.

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robthecamman 6 1.7k United Kingdom
5 May 2013 3:38PM
maybe youshould go show them how to do it Smile
kodachrome 6 702
5 May 2013 4:19PM
I don't necessarily agree that moving up from 18mp is going to give you much improvement in performance. Canon already have a great reputation for superb image quality, so why change it. Canon still out sell Nikon on the world market, if you check sales stats.
Canon are certainly not backward in bringing out new DSLR's, and it seems only yesterday we were all reading about the 550D and how great it was.
gary_d 10 576 13 Wales
5 May 2013 4:30PM
For a start you are not comparing like with like as the 800D is a full frame camera and the Canons you mention are crop sensers, you are right that the 800D is 36MB and the Canon 5D3 is 23MB but maybe we need to stop the brain washing numbers game that goes on.
5 May 2013 5:25PM
Canon are being walloped by Nikon.

The Sony Exmoor sensors are powering ahead with the D800 and D600 whereas Canon are stuck on 22mp.
People will say 21mp is enough but I've tried a D800 and the image quality and dynamic range is amazing and leaves Canon for dead.

Nikon's feature set is also superior eg, built in flash triggering systems included in most of their cameras so no need to buy external and expensive TTL flashes.

Canon's recent upgrade to the 24-70LII at almost double the original price yet with no IS and the overpricing of the 5D3 shows a general trend of screwing it's customer base.

I'm a long time Canon user and I suspect many others like myself are worried at their lack innovation. The 5D3 is good but it is only an incremental upgrade with features taken from the 1DX that should've been in the 5D2 in the first place.

In the past Canon have been setting the pace but now they are resting on their laurels.

They still make many unique and great lenses that Nikon don't have and to jump ship would kill me financially.

I know the latest and greatest isn't for everybody and it certainly doesn't mean better photos, but it would be nice if Canon could have an equivalent to the D800 in the pipeline.
LenShepherd 10 3.6k United Kingdom
5 May 2013 7:44PM
I remember a time not so very long ago when Nikon was considered to be behind Canon.
That still did not stop a lot of photographers continuing to use Nikon.
Some, who say they are sensor experts, say Canon will be behind on sensor technology until a new Canon sensor production line comes on stream.
If true I expect it will not prevent many photographers (though not all of them) continuing to use Canon.
I think it true Nikon has increased it's share of new DSLR camera sales over the last 2 to 3 years.
Whether every purchaser has the skill to match the camera they currently own is another topic Grin
Graysta 13 1.1k England
5 May 2013 8:31PM
I doubt very much that Canon are loosing their way. As a Nikon user I would say Nikon has found their way. But I suspect that there will not be a bad camera in Canon's current model portfolio.
And as for being stuck on 22mp I remember us all hailing 12mp. I have a D800 and It's awesome - needs awesome processing power also ( which i am fortunate to have in my Mac) but the standard print size throw's out at 20ins x30 ins. I am sure we all print at that (NOT).
And Nikon's flagship D4 is only 17mp.
Maybe Canon are not drawn into the megapixel race they once owned as Nikon where not then but created the D3 at only 12.1 mp but blew the whole world away with it's low light performance.

The next step may be Canon's or is their another manufacturer lining up foe pole position? Wink
5 May 2013 9:05PM
Canon has to deal with over-saturated market and sharp drop in customer's buying capacity at the same time. Being good in this situation is dangerous - as your competitors have more room for improvement and can exploit the "new!" factor. Having nothing revolutionary under the belt, Canon has to accelerate evolution - that's how I see them getting into the market a "new!" EOSXXXd model every year. That does not diminish Canon's capacity to make great cameras, though...
Steppenwolf 6 1.2k
6 May 2013 7:49AM
Sony seem to have got a big lead in sensor technology in the last few years - they've invested vast amounts in this area. Canon also seem to be having trouble with their in-sensor PDAF. No doubt they'll catch up in the near future.
llareggub 7 825 United Kingdom
6 May 2013 8:19AM
I think it is more a case of other manufacturers catching up and taking a big step forward rather than Canon losing their way, as with most technological advances there will be ebbs and flows in development terms. I am sure that the question will be the same in 5 years time just with a different manufacturer being the subject of the question.
mikehit 8 8.0k 13 United Kingdom
6 May 2013 10:01AM

Quote:I'm a long time Canon user and I suspect many others like myself are worried at their lack innovation. The 5D3 is good but it is only an incremental upgrade with features taken from the 1DX that should've been in the 5D2 in the first place.

Jeez! take a significant improvement in how they restructure their product range for their better and denigrate it as 'should have been done earlier'. The 5D3 is effectively a 1D camera without the rugged build and that is serious change to the way Canon have done thing sin the past.

Yes, the Nikon D800 has 36MP, but that is at the end of the market populated by photographers who know what they are doing and they will make a solid decision on why they buy the camera they do. At the bread-and-butter end of the market that keeps both companies in business, Nikon is much closer to Canon.

One other point I have seen made is that Nikon D800 (for example) has better dynamic range at the lower ISOs compared to its Canon equivalent, but at higher ISOs (the oft-touted difference in Canon v Nikon) the Canon moves ahead. I don't know how true this is but 'swings and roundabouts' spring to mind.
kodachrome 6 702
6 May 2013 10:09AM
Yes, Sony seem to be the leading sensor maker and have been chosen by Nikon, Pentax and a couple of other camera manufacturers. However, some recent Nikon cameras are now using Toshiba sensors. I'm not privy to the reasons.
Sony in my view are making great strides in the DSLR [SLT] market and have in my view made some pretty good cameras that are ahead in spec and performance to the opposition. I use their small and light but easy to hold A-37, and in all honesty its far easier to use than many Canikons and the IQ is just as good if not sometimes better.
The whole DSLR market is in a state of flux as more and more people just rely on mobile [cell] phones for the majority of their picture taking [ now the largest photographic group in the world ]. This is no doubt hurting the camera industry which in all honesty are finding it difficult to adapt to an ever changing market. This is probably where the compacts and M4T system cameras are going to gain in popularity over the DSLR.
It will be very interesting in deed to see what discussions are taking place in 5 years time and on what subjects.
thewilliam 9 6.1k
6 May 2013 10:27AM
Near the start of my working life, I was taught to multi-source every component. I guess that Nikon is doing the same.
barnowl 12 697
6 May 2013 11:52AM
I think that Canon have some gaps in their range. The dropping of the Mk IV when the 1Dx came out being a case in point. Great though the 1dx is the 1.3 crop of the Mk IV trod the path of a nice compromise between FF and crop sensor.

Im really hoping that they do something to redress the loss of the MkIV. Whilst the 7D is a fine camera it doesnt hold a candle to the MkIV, not that it should given the price differential, and the loss of the MK IV leaves a gaping hole in the range for people who want the build quality and features of the 1 series but cannot afford to buy the latest 600, 800mm lenses.
Steppenwolf 6 1.2k
6 May 2013 2:47PM

Quote:Sony in my view are making great strides in the DSLR [SLT] market and have in my view made some pretty good cameras that are ahead in spec and performance to the opposition.

The rumours are that Sony think they've got the in-sensor PDAF working well enough to start dropping the pellicle mirror (and the separate AF sensor) - at least in the APS-C cameras. So the days of the SLT are numbered, which was pretty obvious I guess.

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