Are you still reading newspapers and watching tv news

youmightlikethis Avatar
22 May 2020 4:23PM
in this lockdown are you reading newspapers and watching news
Jestertheclown Avatar
Jestertheclown 14 8.8k 255 England
22 May 2020 4:35PM
I look at a few newspapers online.

As for TV news; no, I almost never watch anything on TV.

None of which is caused by, or to do with, the lockdown.
Dave_Canon Avatar
Dave_Canon 17 2.2k United Kingdom
22 May 2020 7:56PM
As little as possible.
SlowSong Avatar
SlowSong Plus
15 11.1k 30 England
22 May 2020 8:06PM
Yes, I watch and read all media. Otherwise i wouldn't know what was going on.
Tianshi_angie Avatar
22 May 2020 8:24PM
The Coronavirus has changed my habits. I used to watch the news morning and evening but I am now so despairing and upset with the continual negativity of the news that I no longer watch it at all. I am so concerned by the real trauma that so many people are suffering it was making me feel desperate and despairing. I think I am a realist and really do not think that the illness, distress and despair will begin to get any better until the middle of next year. I want to watch things that can balance that feeling. I don't want to bury my head in the sand but I do want to remember laughing and singing and being happy - and the news is none of those things. So I avoid it. I have the coronavirus world figures as a tab on my PC and look at those daily - not that they have given me any hope of recovery - but at least I know and can make my own decisions about whether or not I think I am safe if I go out. (So far I don't).
DaveRyder Avatar
DaveRyder Plus
9 7.2k 22 United Kingdom
22 May 2020 8:37PM
I deliberately limit my reading/viewing of the virus news.
For that topic, the 5pm presentation of Sky News solely. I then generally avoid most other TV news as it seems to be solely virus related.

I read a number of news site. Two local, the Hartlepool Mail and Teesside Gazette and oh yes the Daily Mail online.. but also and CNN for financials.

Lets not forget Garth on here. Smile

JackAllTog Avatar
JackAllTog Plus
14 6.4k 58 United Kingdom
22 May 2020 10:40PM
I used to watch BBC breakfast before work and read the free commuter papers, now working from home i avoid the single issue subject i cannot control and walk round the garden with a cup of tea. More relaxing.
I get 5 mins of so of BBC website update instead.
hobbo Avatar
hobbo Plus
12 1.8k 4 England
23 May 2020 2:07AM
Less and less, especially output from the bbc radio, or, TV.... so, negative, so biased, so....."oh arenít we clever style of presenting......having the microphone gives them so much power.

The rest of the media?

I donít care what the kardashians, the whilloubyís or the Morganís are doing, or whether millionaire pro sports is going to restart....

My hobbies, crafts plus family and friends contact keep me going.

Carabosse Avatar
Carabosse Plus
20 44.3k 270 England
23 May 2020 2:17AM

Quote:Are you still reading newspapers and watching tv news

Not at all. It is amazing how little I miss it. Smile
hobbo Avatar
hobbo Plus
12 1.8k 4 England
23 May 2020 6:44AM
BBC sport is prattling on about the fans who have paid out hundreds of pounds for season tickets, but as cancellations take hold many want their legal refunds.
They featured a couple of pensionable age.... then it struck me.....

Why do people of limited means pay hard earned cash to watch millionaires play ball ?

Watch a local club, with local players yes.... but to watch the rich, owned by the super-rich no.....

Will they see the light?

answersonapostcard Avatar
23 May 2020 6:58AM
BBC Breakfast before work, seems to be at least trying to get the balance right. Donít watch GMB on ITV, mainly because of Piers Morgan, and Channel
4 news. I visit a lot of news sites just to try and get a varied viewpoint but one I donít go to anymore to do that is the Daily Mail. Use Twitter a lot and follow some interesting people, itís a great source of information but can also be abused, as it seems to be this morning with the news of Dominic Cummings.
Itís harder to get to the truth these days.
bluesandtwos Avatar
bluesandtwos 13 544 1 England
23 May 2020 10:16AM
No, just too depressing. When they start balancing bad news with the good then I might, but probably not.
I havent bought a newspaper in many decades and got rid of the one eyed lodger years ago ( my parents did much the same when they were alive) but if I am in someones house and they have the news on I feel compelled to watch it.
I catch the odd bit of news if I have the radio on, but usually I prefer to play music from my own playlists, not somebody elses choice.
I look almost daily at a site called Futurism which has a lot of the good stuff that's going on in the world, but really I work on the principal that if something is that important I am sure someone will delight in telling me! Grin
SlowSong Avatar
SlowSong Plus
15 11.1k 30 England
23 May 2020 11:18AM
I love to sit and read a paper, usually skipping the first ten-or-so pages, and I do avoid most of the TV news. I catch the odd local TV news but don't watch the full programmes. I find it harder to avoid the radio as my husband has to have it on all the time, whilst I like to sit and read quietly, so when he leaves a room (leaving the radio on), I have to traipse around and turn the things off. I don't listen to music, I'm not that keen on it TBH.
mrswoolybill Avatar
mrswoolybill Plus
16 4.6k 2635 United Kingdom
23 May 2020 12:13PM
Our main source of information is Radio 4, the One o'clock News and PM. In the absence of dramatic or heart-warming imagery, radio news is forced to rely on solid information and serious commentary.

News 24 may go on when there is a developing story. Apart from that we never, ever, watch daytime television. Life is too short... I can honestly say that I have never seen or heard Piers Morgan and wouldn't know him if I met him in the street. I don't think my awareness of the world has suffered, I suspect that my blood pressure may have benefited.

I try to watch the BBC Six o'clock News for analysis of the daily government briefing, followed by Look North which is doing a very good job for the region.

I regard the media's job as being to inform and to ask questions on our behalf. The BBC is very good at the first bit, but when it comes to asking questions its journalists tend to allow politicians to duck and change the subject, which they do shamelessly. The press, or the better bits of it, are better at pushing for answers.

I keep an eye on the Independent and Observer / Guardian websites (John Crace's parliamentary sketches are required reading in this household), also occasionally the Mail to see how far it will go in questioning government policy. That is becoming quite interesting... I gave up on the Times when Murdoch planted his big dirty boot on it, the Telegraph is now the Daily Boris. I will confess to looking at the trash tabloids' sites, particularly the Express and Sun, out of sheer morbid curiosity. Surely they cannot stoop any lower? Oh yes, look, they can...

But reading a real newspaper is a different experience, as much for pleasure as information. We buy the local weekly, to try to do our bit in supporting it - everyone complains about it but we'd miss it if it disappeared. The Observer on Sunday, and a copy of the Guardian comes back with the weekly shopping. Add together the political and economic analysis, the arts coverage, the food pages, and there's good reading material there for the week.
dark_lord Avatar
dark_lord Plus
19 3.0k 836 England
23 May 2020 12:23PM
A bit of TV news to keep up with what's current and to stay informed. I usually listen to the radio, not for news per se, it's something I've always done, as you can listen while you're doing something else.

I agree with what Ken Bruce said a few weeks back that he looked at the news then didn't want to be concerned (as it's much the same throughout the day) unless there was a majot development.

It must be ten years ago that I last bought a newspaper. I often grabbed a Metro when possible but that hasn't been the case much in recent times (not virus related, just how things have gone over the last couple of years if I haven't used a bus or train). Now it's mostly online.


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