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"Artist" using site for ref material

18 Jan 2011 6:58PM
Grin Hi, all!! I'm a watercolorist (by hobby, not profession) and will be using this site for ref material. Learning more about photography would be a plus!! Thanks to all for the beautiful posted pics.

Cordially, Joy
JackAllTog Plus
12 6.3k 58 United Kingdom
18 Jan 2011 7:16PM
Hi Joy, welcome to epz. There are some amazing landscape photographers on this site. It may be interesting to hear how a painter artist views a scene an whether togs see it the same way.
Paintman Plus
14 1.5k 180 United Kingdom
18 Jan 2011 7:37PM
I think you'll have to get the photographers permission to be able to use their work for your painting reference. They, after all, own the copyright to their photos. I think there has been a forum question a couple of years ago about someone using photos for painting from.

If you do get to paint from someone's photo then it might be very obvious that it's been taken from a photographic source. The lens distortion from very wide angle lenses and the compression of perspective from telephoto lenses will be quite obvious to the viewer. The best lens length for photographic reference will be in the 35mm to 60mm, depending on the crop factor of the camera.
18 Jan 2011 8:48PM
You certainly do not have permission to use my pictures for reference. I joined a photography forum, not an artists' reference forum.
spaceman 17 5.3k 3 Wales
18 Jan 2011 9:11PM
Using something for reference is not the same thing as copying. Besides, Joy is a hobbyist, not a professional - it wouldn't be doing any harm if she were copying.
Jestertheclown 12 8.4k 253 England
18 Jan 2011 9:54PM
For what it's worth Joy, you can use mine by all means although I'd appreciate it if you'd let me know that you're going to.

Might be nice if you were to upload a photo of the finished article too.

gary_d 13 576 13 Wales
18 Jan 2011 10:43PM
You are very welcome to take a look at mine Joy but as Jester said I would appricieate it if you left me know.

Regards. - gary
lobsterboy Plus
17 14.9k 13 United Kingdom
18 Jan 2011 10:46PM

Quote:You are very welcome to take a look at mine Joy but as Jester said I would appreciate it if you left me know.

Same here. The current Mrs Lobster (and others in her painting group) often paints from my photos....really annoying when she improves on them.
Pete 20 18.8k 97 England
18 Jan 2011 10:56PM
You can use any of mine too as long as it's just for your own benefit and not for resale.
I'd also like to see the finished result.
An even better idea is to buy yourself a camera (you may already have one) and take the pictures yourself. We'll help you improve. You can post your shots in the critique gallery to get help and advice. If you take the shots yourself its often better because you know what the outcome of the painted work will be and can plan that in when taking the shots.
keithh 17 25.8k 33 Wallis And Futuna
19 Jan 2011 7:29AM

Quote:You certainly do not have permission to use my pictures for reference. I joined a photography forum, not an artists' reference forum.

I personally don't see the harm in it.

I'd have to be convinced to be upset if someone copied a photo I had taken as a watercolour and then sold it. Maybe it's just me but I just couldn't be bothered to get worked up about it. I'd like to see the end result - heck I might even buy it!
csurry 19 9.2k 92
19 Jan 2011 8:14AM
I started a forum thread about this topic some months ago when an artist contacted me to use my works as references. There was, however, a significant difference to what Joy is doing.

The artist I am in contact with needed larger copies of the files to get more detail and having seen his work I can appreciate why this would be, he needed to understand how the fur/skin, etc., of the animal actually lay in a given position. We have come to an arrangement that he acknowledges my photography whilst exhbiting the works and so long as they are not for gain I allow the use. However, should he become the next David Shephard then we have an agreement in place to arrange a fee for both parties from any resulting sale.

Therefore simply using a 1000px image for reference has no impact on the majority of users and I am sure in the past we have all used images in books and the like to practice drawing items.

The fact that Joy was quite so open in the forums without realising that some may be upset was perhaps naiive, but I suspect there are many others already doing this that did not even have the courtesy to acknowledge the fact.
whipspeed 16 4.2k 22 United Kingdom
19 Jan 2011 3:40PM
I would imagine that there are a few artists looking at photography websites. Some recent wildlife paintings I've seen do look very like photographs. I saw one recently of a bird of prey in heather that looked like a shot from this site. Images 4th image down.
Which artist is looking at yours Cheryl?
whipspeed 16 4.2k 22 United Kingdom
19 Jan 2011 4:30PM
Forgot to add, I'd probably be rather pleased if someone painted an image of mine. Like Keith, I'd probably buy it, maybe with a little discount Smile
I've actually got a small painting of a whippet by the artist I linked to, his work is amazingly detailed.
csurry 19 9.2k 92
19 Jan 2011 9:36PM
I don't think anyone would have heard of him and he doesn't yet have a website to see any of his work (Tony Edwards). He sent me a jpeg of one of his paintings which was of an orangutan. It was simply stunning with so much detail, I have shown some others the image and all have been impressed. I actually felt quite good that an artist who can chose what to include or exclude from a shot liked the composition of some of my shots as it is in general a different view of the world. The images I have sent so far I am sure will work very well as paintings and I actually look forward to seeing the result when finished.
fudgy 10 48 United Kingdom
20 Jan 2011 12:28AM
joy I would be flattered if you ever wanted to use my pics..

feel free

I would also like to see what you turn our pics into .

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